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Only half right on the two sides.

Just thought I'd point out that while you have written the view from Resistance's side (that they are slaves to the rich Founders), you failed to point out the Security viewpoint (where if the Resistance escape, they will give away the Ark's location to a very, very hostile outside world). It's not a big thing, but I really do love how neither side is good or evil in this game. =)

Swedish newlyweds enjoy lively honeymoon


Bush and City aren't that different round these here parts...

Depends what you define as Perth and as bush. The fires in Roleystone were in bushland suburb (houses built on larger-than-usual blocks with lots of bush left intact, in keeping with the areas rustic asthetic...) which bordered on a huge area of housing that stretches all the way back to Perth. The fires in a lot of cases were stopped inside of these non-bush suburbs lower down the hill, and over 100 houses were damaged or destroyed. It was bloody lucky they didn't get any worse than they did...

Admittedly, Perth is known for its horrible urban sprawl, but that area is definately considered a part of Perth. I don't know if they went anywhere near that area of Perth, but technically speaking, they are right to say they were in the same city as the bushfires.

Talking as a Bush Fire Fighter that was present at the aforementioned Roleystone fires. =)

Sex Party's down-under struggles with dominant Catholic priests



You are right, tolerance does have to go both ways, but why the demands for everyone else to be tolerant when the priest was being completely intolerant? The 'Get those posters out of this church!' reaction mentioned is anything but tolerant.

Tolerance would have been if he had allowed the posters, you know, as in 'tolerated their presence'. Doesn't mean he had to agree with, or even enjoy their presence, but by asking for their removal he showed just how intolerant he is of anyone not of his narrow views of the world.

The right thing to do would for him to have taken a deep breath, realise it was only for a day or two, and left them to stick their posters up. He might have come out looking good, and even helped to convince those of us outside the church that they aren't all preaching do-gooders with a chip on their shoulder.

Watchdog backs Top Gear in war with Mexico


Title? Huh?

Maybe they were just upset that you forgot to mention that eastern europe had a bit of invading done to it too? =P

Oz network hits serious speed bump


Thats about right

10GB limit at 1.5mb/s is about right for the average now, and is usually charged at about the AU$50/month mark. A few years ago, 512kbps was the average (and this is in fairly large population centres too).

Any wonder some of us are pushing hard for this NBN, no matter how badly it's going to get screwed up? Anything is better than our current tin-and-string system... =P

Fukushima fearmongers are stealing our Jetsons future


Ban atoms!

I second this ban on the production of atoms! Please, won't somebody think of the neutrons?

Carriers vs cops: Australia's spectrum conundrum


That bandwidth would be beautiful, thanks.

As a volunteer bush fire fighter in Western Australia, I can attest to how terrible our current comms are... At a (relatively) recent bush fire in Roleystone (which is a nice hilly area), we had next to no working comms with anyone that we needed to talk to... Had no problem picking up other sectors of course, but hey, thats how it usually goes... =P

I say give the emergency services what they need, and let the carriers fight over whats left. I can't see any other way of this working, as emergency services need that bandwidth yesterday in most cases. There is not time to negotiate with Telstra, Optus and (shudder) Vodafone to get that bandwidth back.

US Navy achieves '100 mile' hypersonic railgun test shot



@Schlamperei Ist Teuer: I would love to see the cost difference between 15 ASTERs and 15 railgun slugs. Thats not to forget SkippyBing's point about magazine capacity (and volatility, I'd rather be sitting on a magazine full of inert metal slugs than a magazine packed with rocket fuel and high explosives)...

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Why fire one?

I haven't actually heard anyone yet mention that last little tid-bit where with a substantial power plant, a dreadnought could pump out 15 rounds a second... A Phalanx CIWS can only fire 5 times that rate, with 20mm shells. Couldn't the dreadnought just saturate the target area with Mach 7 slugs, so that even if most of them are somehow turned aside, your still looking at an awful lot of high-velocity metal punching holes in your ship (and anything else that happens to be nearby).

Ahhh, the pitter-patter of hypersonic uranium rending shipping into twisted metallic Swiss cheese... =P

US politician: 'homosexual agenda' behind TSA groin grope


Title goes here.

So who pats down the bisexuals?

US woman @theashes stumped by cricketing tweets



Actually, it's just QANTAS. No U involved at all. Does stand for Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Service though, so you got that right. =P

Pretty sure its not even an acronym anymore either, it has just become a word in its own right...

Medal of Honour


IW = 2015

Just thought I'd point out that a large portion of the original staff of Infinity Ward (creators of the Call of Duty franchise) came from 2015, inc, who were responsible for making MoH:AA.

So you may continue your CoD-hate all you like, but remember, those that made MoHAA, made CoD... =P

The great Aussie firewall is back - and this time it's personal


Damned if we did, damned if we didn't

Unfortunately, you can scream 'the Aussies got the government they deserved' all you want, but that unfortunately doesn't change the reality that we were stuck with one party intent on censoring the internet (thanks to its religious faction leaders), and another party that as of yet hasn't made its stance clear, yet is lead by a man known as 'the Mad Monk' due to his religious affiliations...

The only policy difference between the two was was one had big ears, and the other was just boring. =P


I see your argument and raise you the ACL.

I would love for you to remind the Australian Christian Lobby of the whole "judge not lest ye be judged" part of Christianisty. Between them and a few of the more religiously-inclined MP's, they are happy to hurl judgement down upon the filthy heads of the unwashed masses (ie. the rest of the Australian public) like they had nothing better to do between now and the End Times.

On a lighter tone, for a few (or more likely, many) laughs, go have a look at the ACL's website... =P



Or, heaven forbid it, the Greens!!!

We beg of you, anything but that!!!

US raygun jumbo jet fails to beam down test missile


RPSN - The future of anti-ICBM defences.

Great, now I can't get the image of Supernanny strapped to a jet engine on a collision course with an ICBM out of my head... And I am as of yet undecided whether it is hilarious or deeply disturbing...

Aussie broadband is slower than a slow thing in a slow town



Gillard may be an atheist, but her puppet-masters in the Labour party as still militant Christians. Senator Conroy was in fact one of the higher-ups in the faction that pushed Gillard into power after Rudd's fall...

So we are still doomed to a religious parliament, no matter who we vote for...

Opposition to can Aus $1.3bn school laptops program



I'm going to have to agree with mmiied here. As far as I can tell, young people here are so cynical in relation to our political system that I am beginning to hear more and more talk of a box on the bottom of ballot papers for a 'Vote of No Confidence' in relation to all supplied parties (or at least something similar).

Now, this will never go anywhere, as the two incumbent parties would have issues with even a small percentage of the population making it known that they disagree with all the parties that are apparently meant to 'represent' them. But that is exactly what caused the cynicism in the first place, the feeling that no matter what the people do, nothing will ever change. Protesting, facebook page-ing, doing nothing, it all seems to inevitably lead to the same outcome. That of 'no change'...

Beer, for obvious reasons.

Apple reminds Aussies they can buy iPhone 4s on Friday


This is going to be interesting.

Should be interesting to see about the "death grip" in Oz. If it is like some say and that the signal is only severely seen in areas of marginal reception, then we may have a slight issue, seeing as Australia is pretty much the definition of 'marginal reception'...

Guess it's only a matter of time till I find out, seeing as I have to order a few for work purposes...

Ah screw this, where's my beer?

Man uses meat cleaver to fashion UK-ready iPad



Hmmm, my mind went immediately to something along the lines of a claymore or broadsword...



Yup, done the scissors trick before. You try getting a purchase order for something as expensive as a 'screwdriver' around here...

Oz gov in confusion over net filter plans


Deduction, my dear Watson

Well, that's easy. Not only are both our current prime minister and a very important independant senator fundamentalist Christians (even going so far as to be considered New Earth Creationists apparently, the senator anyway), we have something called the Australian Christian Lobby. They have a shocking amount of staying power. If you ever get bored, go have a look around their website.

It's chilling to know that these people are the ones that got a signed promise from a state government promising them that the new Attorney General for that state would stand against a R18+ rating for games, regardless of what he thought.

You may think we are atheocratic here, but we are anything but. This ISP filter alone should prove that.

On the upside, we have a lot of beer...

Avatar renders this earthly life meaningless


These people really want to live in Pandora?

I think these people would be fairly shocked by how little fun living in a tree and having to run from critters with teeth bigger than your own head is as a lifestyle choice.

And to boot, has anyone else thought that even the the lanky Smurfs had chased off the humans, that in about 10 years, the humans would be back for their $20million per kilo minerials with enough firepower to vapourise a continent or three? Now THAT is a movie I'd watch over and over.

Here's hoping for Avatar 2: Nukes vs. the Blue Tree-Peoples.

Knuckle rap for riot shield sledging coppers

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Bowling bobbies

Thanks, now I can't get the image of a dozen coppers in full riot gear sledging down a hill on shields into a pack of protestors and leveling them ten-pin-bowling-style...

Star Trek to boldly go (again)


They must...

There is only one possible antagonist capable of making this movie watchable...


Guinness to hit three quid a pint


What the...?

Wait, let me get this straight... Your all worried that you pay a total of 3 pounds for a pint? Shall we try on some Australian pricing for a while? At about AU$10 per pint, I think that comes across as just under 6 pounds a pint...

And you think your getting gouged?

However, on the bright side, if you want proof that higher prices don't curb binge-drinking, we have a nation full of evidence. =D

Paramount prepares to scale Dune



I second this about a thousand times!