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Legendary sci-fi fantasy author Ray Bradbury exits planet Earth

Stuart 25

A life well lived.

Kudos to a man who gave so much to the world.

For probably the best tribute (that Ray Bradbury enjoyed at the time) http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/70bf2e4f05/fuck-me-ray-bradbury

Female Chinese astronauts must have no scars, straight teeth

Stuart 25

Do the men have to have given birth as well?

Looks like we will soon see the first all female crew, unless some child baring trans-guys also qualify.

Glad the Chinese government aren't into publicity stunts and are only using rational selection criteria for once.

Vimeo takedown leads to court loss

Stuart 25
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Looks straightforward.

Film maker is hired to hold the camera and do leg work for artist. In much the same way a cameraman might work on a Hollywood blockbuster but doesn't have any claim on the copyright of said movie.

Camera operator then takes action and makes allegations that cause quantifiable damage to another person (the artist)

Court decides that camera operator knew their claim was false and makes an order that they pay for the harm they did.

Now if more people would respond to bogus take down notices the same way (if they can prove they suffered a financial loss) then we would see much more care taken when such notices are issued.

Two Brits in court over Michael Jackson back catalogue hack

Stuart 25

In a UK court?

Makes a change having Brits accused of copyright theft actually being tried in the UK.

Or maybe it was the Sony parent corporation rather than the USA company.

Either way it would be interesting to know why the CPS decided that UK prosecution was the right option this time when they seem to enjoy sending accused Brits abroad.

Most EU states sign away internet rights, ratify ACTA treaty

Stuart 25

Death of Democracy

Just goes to show how pointless our 'democratic' system is.

A wide ranging treaty that, like all the previous treaties we have been stuck with, is going to be interpretted so as to require new laws. Laws that will be rammed through the UK Parliament because they will be 'required' to conform to this treaty.

I seem to recall that the Irish government is being sued by the Music Mafia because their laws don't match the industries interpretation of other EU treaties.

And in this whole process our so called representatives have done absolutly squat to engage with us the voters.

Comet Lovejoy survives brush with fiery solar death

Stuart 25


http://www.theregister.co.uk/Design/graphics/icons/comment/joke_32.png The comet was lucky it went past the sun at night.

If it had gone through in the day time it wouldn't have stood a chance.

Ten... inkjet photo printers

Stuart 25

Why not get someone who knows what they are talking about?

"Inkjet printers produce better quality photos than traditional silver halide" There was really no point in reading any more of the article if the writer has such a poor understanding of image quality that they seriously believe that statement.

Inkjet printing has many advantages over optical printing but quality isn't among them.

Feds charge eight former Siemens officials with bribery

Stuart 25
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Try cleaning your own house first.

Good to see the Americans dealing with 'corrupt' foreigners. Of course I assume the fact that a US company didn't get the contract had nothing to do with the case.

I might take their moralising more seriously when they start dealing with their own corruption. A country where laws and bogus enforcement can be bought by Corporations and even open bribery of politicians is excused as 'campaign contributions' by lobbyists.


Iran displays video footage of captured US spy drone

Stuart 25

If it is real, and the yanks do admit to losing a drone over Iran, then hopefully whoever allowed it to be deployed over hostile airspace without a decent self-destruct system will soon be in a cell next to Bradley Manning.

Clegg orders fresh review of UK extradition treaty

Stuart 25
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He is already living in this country?

As he is alleged to have committed a 'crime' in the UK where we have relevant laws to prosecute the crime why should a UK citizen be deported to a third world country to face 'justice'.

Prosecute him here under our laws and tell the yanks to bog off. While we're about it why not follow the policy of Portugal and ban the extradition of UK citizens unless exceptional circumstances apply.

US doctors demand right to advise on gun ownership

Stuart 25
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So there should be a list of what not to talk about?

Guns may not be the number one risk to health in most people's homes, but the Doctors aren't saying they are going to only talk about guns. They want to be allowed to discuss anything that is relevant to the patients circumstances.

Seems the Reg is happy with lobby groups compiling a list of items that doctors shouldn't be allowed to talk to their patients about.

Start of with the gun lobby banning talk about risk.

Next the tobacco lobby making sure smoking isn't talked about,

Maybe include alcohol as that's nothing to do with doctors,

Then the pharmo industries can make sure no one mentions drugs that might have side effects.

Soon enough the doctors won't be able to discuss any risks.

Apache insists OpenOffice is alive, well, and flush

Stuart 25

Anything but Microsoft

Having been forced to use Microsoft's latest version due to a system upgrade at work I've come to appreciate the more rational interface of Open Office more.

Many of us users just want it as a word processor for typing simple letters & reports. We don't need to wade through lots of irrelevant functionality to do the basics.

So long as Libra/Open Offices don't go too far chasing Microsoft's version of a usable interface they will have plenty of users between them.

Space junk at 'tipping point', now getting worse on its own

Stuart 25
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Sky Lab anyone?

I thought the earth atmosphere was quite good at cleaning out near earth orbit.

Even the ISS needs regular boosts to stop the atmosphere bringing it back to earth too soon so I'd imagine fragments of broken sats would suffer the same fate.

This may also be the reason that despite billions of years of asteroids smashing into things we have managed to put our current crop of satellites up. This whole story looks like an attempt by someone to get billions spent on their pet project.

If in doubt just do the maths to look at the volume of space we are talking about given the relatively small mass of metal we have managed to get into orbit.

Google settles illegal drug ad probe for $500 million

Stuart 25

Clearly not bribing enough politicians

Most corporations the size of Google pay enough "campaign contributions" to ensure immunity from these problems.

Is Google paying off the wrong people or is the government so desperate for money that they don't stay bribed?

Is Facebook worth more than Google?

Stuart 25

Facebook becoming a common term counts for nothing in the long run.

Another brand that is/was equally well established is Hoover. You go and Hoover the carpet, even go and buy a new Hoover.

But the chances are it won't be made by Hoover despite the name becoming common currency.

In the same way that to Google something means to search for something on the internet. You might be surprised to find that many people who say they are Googling something are not even using Google. They are often just using the search bar in their browser with little or no idea or interest on which search engine is being used.

Google and friends wrap open video codec in patent shield

Stuart 25

You need to be able to prove you own something to "opensource" it.

You can only "open source" something when you own ALL the rights to anything that isn't already opensource.

Given the grief that Google are getting trying to "open source" something as relatively simple as video compression it's no surprise that they are not promising to do the same for a much more complex product.

German Foreign Office kills desktop Linux, hugs Windows XP

Stuart 25

China will be happy anyway.

Well at least Chinese government hackers will find it much easier to access the German foreign ministry files under Windows XP so that has to be a plus point.

We can probably expect to see any German cables on Wikileaks soon if they are going to try to secure XP against disgruntled users.

Amazon randomly censoring incest books

Stuart 25

No Kindle for Christmas

I had been thinking about which e-Reader to get for Christmas, but Amazon's behaviour has suddenly made that decision a bit easier.

When I buy books I do so in the belief that I'll probably keep them for years and will almost certainly read them repeatedly over the years. I am certainly not going to pay for books that can be stolen from my collection whenever Amazon decides a book is no longer suitable.

Please shut up about the Mull of Kintyre Chinook crash

Stuart 25

Gross negligence?

However you cut it the pilots were clearly negligent. The families may not be happy about it but I don't think that anything except a report that clears the pilots of any blame and praise their loved ones on their 'skill' will satisfy them.

If, as alleged, the pilots had doubts about the airworthiness of the helicopter then they would surely have flown a sensible flight path. Helicopters are complex pieces of machinery and they can fail for any number of reasons, which is why sensible pilots should exercise caution. This is even more important considering they were carrying a highly valued 'cargo' in secure airspace.

Instead they flew low as if they were inserting special forces into hostile airspace. Without any justification for the low flying it is easy to see why the inquiry decided the pilots were negligent.

Unless a reason for the pilots flying so low can be found then a verdict of negligence will still stand regardless of how the families of the pilots feel.


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