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The Walton kids are ABSURDLY wealthy – and you're benefitting

Trevor Zettler

Will the benefit persist?

The author points out the current financial benefit that we see due to the existence of Wallmart. However, I think it is important to consider that Wallmart has and will continue to extend its reach and product offering. As such, it could, eventually, find itself in the position of not having to be satisified with 3% - as its competitors disappear and it approaches near monopoly. The habits and tastes of owner offspring, not keen on building an empire, might inspire them to take advantage of their enviable position at that point.

37,000-machine study finds most reliable Windows PC is a Mac

Trevor Zettler
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Windows installation differences

Typical Windows PC distributors are infamous for loading their systems with "crapware"; on top of a base Windows installation. Many times, it's this class of software that contributes to the unreliable nature of Windows on a PC. Give these distributors a piece of Apple hardware and allow them to resell it and they'll make it just as unreliable as their own hardware via the addition of this value-add software.

Apple applies to patent a SIM you can't remove

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I like the modular approach of having a SIM distinct from the phone. If my phone should fail, I can simply put the SIM in another. What should I do with an iPhone with an embedded SIM if said phone should fail?

HP chief bows to Jobsian cult

Trevor Zettler

Perhaps he's confused the meaning of the word secular

Perhaps Mr. Apotheker has got the meaning completely backward. He may mean to say that the tablet consumer market is driven by cult like worshipping (akin to religion) rather than by specifications. In such a market, HP (without fanbois) will be hard pressed to compete regardless of the quality of the product that they may produce.

French culture minister flames Google over book scan plan

Trevor Zettler

Re: "What do we get?"

"What are libraries for"

They're not for the dissemination of keyword ads nor for the purpose of lining the pockets of Google Execs.

Let's not pretend that Google's motives are pure.

Dell crowned Bad Santa computer maker by angry customers

Trevor Zettler

Dell - logistically

Isn't this the company whose claim to fame initially was logistical prowess unrivaled by any other PC maker. Seems they've forgotten their roots.


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