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EU files anti-trust charges against Intel

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Advertising works because....

When shopping for mobile processors intel had LV and ULV options that blew away AMDs specs when it came to power use. And lower power uses typically means lower heat.

Since we are changing a good amount of our fleet over to mobile Intel will continue to win there.

As for machines that live on the mains I have always been open-minded. AMD put out good chips but they have required a bit more power and cooling.

Seagate FreeAgent Go 160GB external hard drive

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Months ago I bought a WD 160gb Passport which is just as small, if not smaller. It came with the single headed cable (which is all I have ever needed). And the big catch is even back then it was a mere $107 at Best Buy, a retail store. I am sure I could have saved more if I could have waited and got it online.

And now WD has the 250gb option for $193 shipped on Newegg.

OLPC project goes into production

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While people are starving to death in really destitute nations its good to know that places that are doing slightly better can get on the internet.

apparently someone missed the memo on Maslow's hierarchy.

Etymotic touts 'world's first' Bluetooth earphones

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Those look awful.

The motorokr look much better, and you dont have to worry about them falling out.

iPhone autopsies conducted

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Re: and other than that whole flaming-lap-o-death episode

Most peoples concerns probably harken back to the old ipods which had garbage batteries in them that crapped out constantly. Its a PITA with a music player but imagine being stuck with a PHONE that has a bum battery in it and you cant just have them ship you a new one (or go into the store and get it swapped out).

Also, you are asking a single battery to power a phone, an ipod, a video player, and somethig to browse the internet. That will kill the battery quickly. They say it gets 7 hours on video? So I use it to watch a video on a flight and then I cant use it as a phone the rest of the day?

This thing will seriously need some software updates to make it viable for anyone but the fanboys because its just too limited in its capabilities. Web 2.0 is horrible on it, it cant communicate with any other bluetooth devices besides phone headsets (that means no stereo bluetooth headphones, something many other phones can do), and lacks support of messaging outside of traditional SMS. Not to mention the fact that the camera is the most basic of cameras, no zoom or video functionality.

Using the multi-touch interface is the only real leap foward on this phone.

Dell pitches XPS laptops at the mainstream

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RE: HDMI - but no Blu Ray

Ports on a MOBO are hard to change but an optical drive is something usually plug and play for makers. That means dell is probably setting this laptop up to last a year or two and just offer whichever format seems to be winning.

Fossil, Sony restyle Bluetooth watch line for the mainstream

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im with the phone idea.

Make it a phone with a bluetooth link to the headphones.

Figure eventually battery tech will get to the point where the current bluetooth earpiece will shrink to the size of a hearing aid.

Then everyone would really think you are talking to yourself.

Creative Zen Stone MP3 player

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are you really complaining about a battery on something the size of a matchbook?

Seriously? I mean the whole point of this is to make it stupid small so people who dont care about media players can have something to wear while running. People like me.

Id rather not have to go find and shell out much $$ for watch batteries every time my shuffle needs some juice.

This has a couple advantages over the shuffle. I hate the dock setup of the shuffle, a simple cable allowing a dumb interface (not needing itunes) to charge it would be great since there are countless ways to charge over USB now.

Also the folders is big for me. I would love to be able to put 30 or so songs in folders based on type of music so I could change what I wanted to listen to without having to reload my ipod. I know you can fit a bunch of songs on the ipod I just dont like the idea of having to search through 140 songs just to find a certain artist.

Im tempted to get this and let my girlfriend have the shuffle but since she gave it to me as a gift I should probably keep it.

Please, Jobs, do a flash update allowing folders to keep me out of the doghouse.

Apple patches more than a dozen holes in OS X

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RE: Cause of infections

"Interesting. In MY exerience, ALL of the infections I've seen were caused by a POS insecure operating system."

So are you alluding to OSX being a POS operating system since your comment is within a post about OSX having to be patched 5 times in 5 months?

Again, its security by obscurity and its going away now that OSX is running on more and more machines. It will snowball as more vulnerabilities will be found.

In hundreds of megs of code there are going to be exploits regardless of the OS. The advanage upcoming OSX hackers have is that most of their users are unaware and unprotected. Since everyone likes to assume its more secure once you get a useful exploit it will likely go untreated.

Vista upgrade revisited

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Wow, 15% cpu at idle?

That is a lot of capability being used for little to no reason. I assume that is with performance settings all the way up.

I would be worried that it would cause my CPU to throttle up draining battery.

Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 hard drive

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I've always been leary of the deathstar drives.

I dont know how I would feel using this as a backup and I am not a big fane of single gargantuan drives for speed. Ive had my fair share of travelstars come in too. Anything with a "star" scares me.

Raided it would be a interesting NAS setup.though.

Lawsuit targets Apple over laptop display dithering claims

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Re: Re: macs having better displays than any PCs?

I was referring to the earlier comment stating that macs have better displays than any PCs. Seeing as how my PC has the same Samsung display I dont see any foundation for his claim. Im not a fanboy, I use Wintels and always have.

I dont disagree that Apple was probably cheating on their ads I just dont like class action lawsuits because their only purpose is to make the lawyers lots of money.

Ryan Stewart

macs having better displays than any PCs?

Apparently that guy missed the memo that Apple doesnt actually built displays but buys them like everyone else. Everyone else being PCs.

I hate class-action lawyers and hope this fails miserably achieving nothing more than costing this guy money.