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Sprint and Samsung unveil Jesus Phone lookalike

Ryan Stewart


Looks the same doesnt mean copy. You could argue it looks like the HTC, or any other touch phone that existed before the iphone.

Im soooo patenting the clamshelll phone, oh wait....

Marathons to face iPod ban?

Ryan Stewart

The ban is a joke here except for professionals...

who never wore them in the first place.

Nobody here honors it. Every race I run has the ban listed in the rules and everyone still wears them because without them it would be boring and long, which it already is.

Hopefully it remains one of those things they say they do just for insurance and keep at not enforcing it.

Apple US retail sales leap past PC par

Ryan Stewart

this place loves to post misleading stats.

Its great that apple is doing well in the storefronted retail market in the US but this masks the reality that the vast majority of the sales arent through branded storefronts but through third parties or online. With Dell going back to online (mostly) only and ditching the kiosks and stores it leaves really Sony as the major retail player and their machines are usually not mainstream.

Include all sales of computers and apple still sits well below 10% in the us and at about 2% of the world.

And as for a good percentage of the air being used by businessmen? Well, one half of 1% is still only .5%. The air is not mainstream.

Apple fans roast Apple fans

Ryan Stewart

changes the orientation?

How do you do that with software?

Is this like the balooning battery semi-fix?

Belkin preps five-port music player-sharing widget

Ryan Stewart

two headphones = half volume soo.....

Those little headphone outputs only have some much juice. Split it and they get a bit softer.

I can imagine these things being just a whisper.

Mesh Ultimate Q8 Tri-SLI gaming PC

Ryan Stewart

I wonder how old I will be....

when someone finally outputs a consumer machine that can play Crysis at 40fps with everything on high.

Snap up Crocs trendy 'o-dial' handset holder

Ryan Stewart

the nice things about crocs is....

they save you having to actually talk to the person to realize they have the intellect of a child. Its like a stupid sign, for your feet!

Mobo maker builds 'powerless' processor cooling fan

Ryan Stewart

Its like a clutch fan in an auto...

Good thinking. Its basically self regulating once its calibrated. Its just a matter of how long the piston seals last.

Otherwise its a niftly idea. Once the underlying chip gets to a certain temp it starts driving the fan until they reach an equilibrium. Should help keep the temp consistent (which is good).

Elonex £99 Eee PC rival to arrive in June

Ryan Stewart


asus sprung for one in fewer clothes on the beach.

All of the guts in the screen, interesting. I guess that is so you can detach the keyboard and move around but I wonder how far someone would want to get away from a small screen.

Not to mention how easily it would topple.

Apple optimistic it will sell 10 million iPhones by year's end

Ryan Stewart

Maybe push email but its no crackberry.

They would have to do some heavy restructuring to give it the functionality of a blackberry. Both WinMo and the Blackberry support better business fucntions and allow more control from IT.

They like the Blackberry because they can brick it remotely so none of my data falls into the hands of bad men.

Hard drive replacement sparks singed disk situation

Ryan Stewart

@AC Re: mounting.

OR as it said before it could be caused by the fans. My drives in my old tower sat directly behind a fan that blew air over the drives towards the back of the chassis.

Acer Aspire 2920 budget laptop

Ryan Stewart

problem with the price

$550 is budget, £550 is not.

Lenovo intros skinny, low-weight ThinkPad

Ryan Stewart

daddy wants

I kind of want to replace my D420 with this. Its only downside is, like the air, they stupidly make it at 13"er.

I love the wicked small footprint of my bad boy but no optical drive or LED screen kinda makes it sooooo 2007...

Sumvision shinks the iPod Touch... sort of

Ryan Stewart


Same size screen as my cell phone - check

worse battery life than my cell phone - check

less memory capacity than my cell phone - check

crappier interface than my cell phone - check

fewer features than my cell phone - check

Sooo, why not just use my cell phone, that I carry around all day anyway, when I want to listen to music or watch videos in teeny weeny size? My cell phone even has bluetooth stereo.

Oh, there is one more feature. It makes calls.

Lenovo ThinkPad T61

Ryan Stewart

Vista good for laptops?

Pretty much everyone knocks an hour off of their battery time, I dont consider that a feature.

@Robert, the dell is the closest on the keyboard and inputs. You get the choice but the Dells dont have the 3rd mouse button.

WRT the widescreen, I dont really mind them. On the big laptops I dont really care for them because they make them too wide for most reasonable old laptop bags. However, I love them on smaller laptops because it keeps overall size down while giving me the most keyboard possible.

Teen hacker re-unlocks Apple's iPhone

Ryan Stewart

hacked by a 17 year old more than once....

but mac owners swear that OSX is secure.

Just wait until there are enough of you to justify another 17 year old stealing your information.

@Mark, they lost he money they would have recieved had the phones been on the authorized network. That is like losing future pay when you get canned. Sure you never had the money but you would have if you continued to work.

Japanese gamers no longer delighted by DS Lite?

Ryan Stewart

market saturated

Everyone probably owns one by now.

Nasty JavaScript code can zap new iPhone, iPod Touch

Ryan Stewart


The day I meet one who doesnt fit the mold I will change my views. Hasnt happened yet.

Ryan Stewart

I love apple owners

The first post on here about a flaw in the system is seen as an opportunity. Yay, my system is insecure to the point where a glitch can give someone else access to control and modify from the root!

I, for some reason, dont see that as a GOOD thing.

Palm to bring latest Palm OS smartphone to UK

Ryan Stewart

its been quite popular here.

Pushed by Sprint, who has the best (3G) data network here (US).

Intel Skulltrail high-end gaming system

Ryan Stewart


Are you thick?

Dunno if you know this but they are testing out an Alpha motherboard, not some packaged computer. Its a showcase for what Intel might be able to do in the future.

and if you wanted something with the V8 in it you could go Dell for cheaper and better (minus the shiny case, because those are oh-so important when shopping for workstations or servers).

Apple iPhone storms world smartphone biz

Ryan Stewart


an an American I can say you are correct on average. Average to average Europeans are more intellegent. Not that both dont cover the whole spectrum (some of you people are still wearing mullets, WTF?).

Apple is popular with two very large demographics in this country. Students and waiters. To a student or a waiter the iphone is a full-function smartphone because they dont connect to anything but gmail via POP.

The iphone isnt a smartphone but I guess I am only saying that because I dont get laid, my girlfriend is laid-up with the flu. Im also not a waiter and am out of college.

Man buys MacBook Air, pulls it apart, takes pics

Ryan Stewart


They arent really adead of anything in that respect, especially not a curve of any type.

Sony, Fujitsu, Dell, Lenovo. All have had smaller computers. The Apple is just thin. Its still pretty large. Its thinness comes from an unorthodox battery solution and the LED display (well, that and ditching everything but one USB and one headphone port).

They do make pretty designs, but this is hardly pushing the limits of technology.

Garmin takes on iPhone with satnav mobile

Ryan Stewart

I really hope it takes off because

they are right up the street, their actual world HQ is in Olathe, Kansas.

They do have the best navigation software on the market thanks to the new agreement.

SanDisk prices up 32GB SDHC memory card

Ryan Stewart

it would still be very slow.

Think about it, this thing runs at minimum 4MB and at MAX 15. That is really slow (about the same as the max of a USB thumb drive in USB).

It would make the performance sooo poor. Sure its reliable, but at what cost?

I think I will just wait till the very fast ones come down in price.

Ryan Stewart



The basic SSD drives are at least twice as fast while the ones from Mtron and the likes are almost 5 times as fast as this card.

The sandisk 1.8" 64gb one says it maxes out at 67mB/s.

Apple ships Air

Ryan Stewart

foremost a wireless machine but....

no WWAN option. Those have existed in Dell, Sony and Lenovo ultraportables for some time. I love my cellular broadband.

Also @paul:

There is one big side effect of running an external battery pack. Intels CPUs allow the processor to be throttled down when on battery to save juice. If you plug something into the power port it thinks its on the mains and runs at full bore. That would mean it would kill your extra pack more quickly.

HTC to include high-res video support in handsets

Ryan Stewart

people who blame windows dont know computers...

Its a driver issue. Its not like apple where their OS is on only a few platforms. Since there are countless devices WM can be on MS relies on the makers to develop drivers for their individual products.

Nope, its HTCs fault. Hopefully if HTC does release a driver with some new hardware someone reverse engineers it for the people with the older hardware.

Apple MacBook Air

Ryan Stewart

Wow! They are really giving you guys the business.

Over here its $1700, which is like, what, 3 pounds now?

1200 would give you a car here.

Clean up your iPhone with... er... wiper-wielding bikini babes

Ryan Stewart

Something is getting polished

which is certain since all the iphone owners I have met have had more satisfying sexual relationships with their phone than girls.

They get the girls to "ooh" and "ahh" over their phone features but then they leave the bar with some jerk like me.

HTC Pharos smartphone lit up on web

Ryan Stewart


cant you put tomtom on non-gps phones for managing routes and such?

And why are they putting a slow CPU on it? Its like the Touch, in the states we got the 400/133mhz cpu dual core cpu.

Carl Zeiss tries its hand at iPod-friendly video goggles

Ryan Stewart

I am crushed....

I thought my ipod make me look enough a tool. I need to get these so I look even more a tool.

Apple tells iPhone vendors not to reveal sales figures

Ryan Stewart

It does smell....

American here. Do you guys not have that breed of rabid fanboys we have here? You know, the kind that skipped out on their fast food jobs to hand over two weeks pay for an iphone the very second it was released? I guess it would make sense you wouldnt since Apple has like 8% market in the US but less than 2% worldwide.

We have them here and they are like jihadists. I worry the day Jobs starts to send them into competitors offices wearing bombs. There are enough of them that they could do some serious harm.

Canucks kill second attempt at 'iPod tax'

Ryan Stewart

They are double dipping

So they let them sue people for $180k a song when they suspect them of downloading but charge a blanket fee to compensate them for possible damages.

Its like winning a malpractice suit AND keeping the insurance money.

Voltaic solar bag steps up to laptop size

Ryan Stewart

Neat idea but it has some problems.

How long would it last on the smoking porch? I could see laptop thefts going through the roof.

Its a cute idea but having a laptop bag be out in the sun all day isnt quite practical.

Firewire to gain 3.2Gb/s bandwidth boost

Ryan Stewart

@ Henry

a company with less than 2% of the market share convinced everyone else? Doubtful.

Firewire is faster, yes, but there are even faster technologies out there for data purposes and for everything else USB is prevelant. Its hard to convince manufacturers (and consumers) to shell out for another kind of plug that cameras and drives CAN (but usually dont have to) use on top of the one that supports 90% of the stuff they already own.

Orange France says 'testicules' to unlocked-iPhone-not-unlocked claim

Ryan Stewart

I love it.

Charge you double the price of a phone that isnt subsidised in the first place for the right to actually own it instead of renting it from the carrier. Its brilliant! They probably make more money off of you doing that than if you actually signed up for service with them.

Asus' Eee PC laptop so small, buyers sent boxes of five

Ryan Stewart

Oh it would seem tempting...

but I wouldnt doubt it would lead to some type of blacklisting from newegg. Youd need a backup plan, that is for sure.

Apple nears MacBook revamp release?

Ryan Stewart

@ planeten and nexox

The Aluminum upgrade would be big for the macbooks (I doubt they do it though) because it would give them a structural rigidity that would finally have the quality a laptop of that price. Almost all of the other PC makers use Al or Magnesium in small laptops of that price.

The problem with the plastic is it flexes. That was a source of the logic board and button problems of the ibooks. Those things were flexible (like the current Macbooks) and bending and sliding logic boards around is usually bad.

Nexox, the Powerbooks were the predecessor to the Macbook Pro. They were the premium line. The macbook was setup as a replacement for the ibook. The ibooks were the cheaper of the two and made of white plastic.

DRM on steroids controls backfires on Blu-ray

Ryan Stewart

Saves me money

I was going to get a dual format player but I am going to wait it out. I dont want to have these guys keep coming out with new DRM crap that makes their stuff unplayable in my player to the point where every few months I have to drag it from my TV room, plug it in, and update it so I can play the new movies.

Instead I will just stick to downloading off of the internet. Id much rather wait a day or two for it to download than deal with spending lots of cash on potentially useless stuff.

They are eventually going to make buying it so hard that people will just steal to save themselves the trouble.

Flash memory makers propose common card

Ryan Stewart

Re: Slight problem with SD, it is proprietary.

I could be wrong but when I was searching to find out about support for SDHC for my dell laptop all the responses on the board said they could get it to work with their Ubuntu setups but the Windows setup wasnt playing nice with the big cards.

That would imply that there are drivers for the UNIX based systems.

Ryan Stewart

im with ya

Just make the CF for the professionals and let everyone else use SD. Its already very prevalent, has versions for different size devices (and you can get an SD card that takes the micro), and more importantly, my laptop and camera already take standard SD cards.

Just get a few formats and make everyone work on getting them cheaper.

Dell, Alienware price up Samsung solid-state drive options

Ryan Stewart

I dont think its unreasonable.

The only thing that seems lame is the big markup for the UK market. Not sure why it would be that much higher. Its not like these things are made in the US.

However, I really want one for my ultraportable. After spending 2000 on a laptop for the sole purpose of getting something durable, light, and with a long battery life another $500 doesnt seem that bad if it gave me all 3.

The catch is, right now, they havent been showing quite the power gains they have been claiming. Dell pulled the statement about saving power from their website because of it.

If it really did give power gains I would be all over it once the 64gb broke the $500 mark.

Lenovo unwraps Reserve Edition ThinkPad

Ryan Stewart


I have a BMW and wouldnt buy this! This is more for someone who would buy a Cadillac. You know, get a CTS-v instead of a Menaro/GTO. Somehow convince themselves that they were, in fact, different cars to justify the price hike.

I love thinkpads for their quality (at least my old one was a tank) but you would have to be pretty thick not to see that this is basically an x61 in leather with the accompanied USB DVD bay. I assume you cant even use a docking station or media slice because of the leather cover.

No, this is definately targeted above the BMW sect. This is for the REAL managers, the ones who dont do any actual work. This is for someone whose title is 3 words and begins with Chief. These are the Maybach fans.

Packard Bell pitches UMPC-like laptop

Ryan Stewart

Maybe I am thick but I dont get it.

Yes, it is (a little bit) smaller and lighter than my 12" dell laptop but my dell has more features and better battery.

And its still not THAT small. It looks to be only a 7" screen but there is a foot around the screen so the laptop is probably closer to the size of the little dell, thinkpad, or the sony VAIO. Its no thinner than a real notebook and real notebooks are going to have a better keyboard. Not to mention you can swap out parts (like drives and network cards) to upgrade to the new hotness.

Maybe if the display flipped around and worked as a tablet I could see this having SOME purpose. But as a folder it would have to be incredibly cheap, even cheap because its Packard Bell.

Apple sells one in six US laptops

Ryan Stewart

The title is misleading since apple is still just a blip on the radar.

"NPD only measures sales through retailers sales, so Apple's likely to have fared less well if the wider resale and direct-to-buyer channels are taken into account."

Dell still ECLIPSES Apple because 99% of Dell's sales are direct and online. They only operate a sliver of retail stores. This may swing huge now that Dell is selling the bargain basement computers at Wal-Mart.

Coming to terms with Raon's Everun tiny, Lolita-based PC

Ryan Stewart

I dont get these things.

It seems everyone wants them to be laptops while, at the same time not being a laptop.

UMPCs are cool if they fit your purpose. If you need something that has a readable screen and you can type quickly on you need a laptop. There is no way of getting around having a 10" plus keyboard without having a 10" plus device.

These things, however, would be great for POS or warehouse applications where most of the data is already put in and you are manipulating it rarely. Scan, use the stylis or a finger to do a a few functions and hit enter.

However, there are cheaper devices that do those functions now. Heck, I love my little palm device. It Syncs with my laptop wirelessly so I can put data on it like emails, planning, and movies. I can even respond to an email in a pinch and have it send when I can get connectivity. However, when I need to compose a document I cant beat the 11.6" wide keyboard on my laptop (well, I can, with my full size bluetooth keyboard).

Id much rather have them spend their time and money making my laptop 1/4" thin and 1lbs while getting 3000 hours of battery life. Not trying to make it 4x5"

BioShockers delivered from DRM hell

Ryan Stewart

Thanks for reminding me about the rootkit thing

Now I really am cheering for HD-DVD and that Blu-Ray dies a horrible death. I dont want Sony to have any control over a media format. Their DVDs already mess with software players.

Dell laptop explodes 'like fireworks'

Ryan Stewart

Re; new motto

Or an apple, or a Sony, or basically any computer that used that whole line of batteries.

Governator vows to appeal ruling striking down video game law

Ryan Stewart

While you are correct....

Nobody in this country is responsible anymore. People seem to want the government to do everything for them. We have turned from "the land of the free" to European semi-socialism part II.

Not that I think it should be dog-eat-dog, just that (like you said) parents should be responsible for raising their own kids.