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Feds seize kit from Apple Store spyware artist


Vain amusement

I once used some software to take a picture of me at my own work machine every five minutes and store them away. It was quite funny when I then viewed them back the following day to see the weird set of faces that I was pulling while doing my normal business.

New Yorkers battle giant blindness-causing plants


Nasty but beautiful

We have a large amount of this in the bottom part of the gully alongside our rear garden that leads down to the river. It's magnificent stuff really and looks like something that should be in a Victorian hot house.

Horribly invasive and non native means that annually I chop out the plants near to my lawn and lop the flower heads off the rest to limit its progress up the gully. I hate doing it as I think they are wonderful specimens but they will destroy all the native plants that are already there.


'Huge airships to carry freight starting 10 years from now'


Good old committes

The use of a diesel engine in the R101 was the result of a government committee that decided that petrol was too flammable for the trip to India. Forgetting, strangely enough, the millions of cubic feet of hydrogen filling the hull!

Consequently, the ship was stricken with locomotive engines that were too heavy, unreliable couldn't run at full speed otherwise they would shake themselves apart. This was a contributory factor in it crashing in France as it didn't have enough power to try and get above the rain that was weighing it down from the moment it took off.


CBI calls for other people to suffer cuts


Cynically conceived soundbyte

Get some numpty in the CBI to demand massive cuts that cause outrage among decent people.

That way, when the Blue and Yellow Tories make their own slightly less massive cuts they don't seem as bad.

Dell begs ToryDems to keep NHS IT project


Don't need UK system anymore

Aren't they going to sell/give all our data to Google?

Texas cops cuff 176 at illegal cockfight


@Richard 69

21st Century?

When PR Dave and his chums get into power later this year we'll drift back to the 16th Century as he re-legalises fox hunting and hare coursing. Neither of which are any less despicable than cock-fighting.