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Audio playground: How does an Oculus Rift with surround sound sound?



The Crescent Bay prototype has integrated headphones.

Charity: Ta for the free Win 8.1, Microsoft – we'll use it to install Win 7


Re: Things are hidden :-(


hit the start button.

type 'network'

select 'view network connections'

double click the one you want.

hit details.

tada.(I'd still use ipconfig)

Friends don't do tech support for friends running Windows XP


Re: No

If it runs on 7, it'll run find on 8, in my experience.


Re: This time Microsoft has gone too far

Because they're stopping providing free support for an 12 year old product?

EVE Online erects mashed-up memorial to biggest space fight in history


Re: Can be the most intense game ever.

The short version is:

Because there is the chance of loss (if something explodes, it's gone. You have to build or buy a new one. Loss is meaningful in eve. You don't just respawn and have to run back to your corpse.), and you're playing against real people, there's adrenaline flowing.


Re: No one has addressed the important points.

That'd be the CFC ;)


Re: Un-salvageable?

No effect.

Wrecks last 2 hours. If they're not salvaged in that time, they're gone.

These are just display models.


Re: perspective?

You should be aware:

There was likely no real money involved with this battle. While it's kind of possible to 'buy' currency, it's

A: Not direct.

B: Not really done by the people who fly ships on this scale.

All in game currency is earned in game.The only way to 'buy' it, is by buying game time, and selling it to another player.


Errors in reporting

It wasn't a missed micro-payment.

It was a missed payment of in game currency. Not real money. Which is a fairly major difference. When you get to the level that these people are at in game, you're rarely spending any of your own money, even for game time.

It's not possible to directly buy currency with real money, unless you're willing to break the EULA and get banned.

What is possible is:

A: Buy a game time code from CCP. This is known as a PLEX (pilot licence extension). This can be traded in for 30 days of game time. It's less cost effective than buying a subscription, but leads to...

B: Convert the code into an item within EVE Online. At this point, it can be traded to another player, for a quantity of in game currency (ISK) It's also possible for it to be blown up, if you're foolish enough to put it in the hold of your space ship.

C: That player can then trade it in for game time, and not have to pay for the game.

While EVE does have micro-transactions, these are for purely cosmetic items. Which can be traded on the market for ISK.

Build your OWN Apple iBeacon with a Raspberry Pi


Re: Spam bot


Just a device that yells 'I'm here!'

What your device does with it, is down to what you have installed on it.

So you could, for example, write an app that turns on your wifi when you get home, using a beacon to identify it. As long as you have enough beacons to cover your home.

Twitter just got sh**tier: Natter emitter hit by code critter, fritters web glitter


All works for me...

as per the title, I'm still seeing it.

German ebook firm pushes cheapo ereaders into US drug stores


Re: "do it properly with an iPad Mini / Nexus 7"

It's front lit. the light comes from the sides, and across a light guide sheet.


German ebook firm aims low with cheap 'n' simple €10 ereader


Battery life is rated at a year.

With the caveat that that's only reading 12-15 books a year.

Software bug fingered as cause of Aussie A330 plunge


Just a death ray, with an inadequate power supply.

I'll get my coat.


HAL was fine. Just given conflicting orders.

Motorola Razr Android smartphone


1: Charger is included (usb output, with a usb to micro usb cable also included)

Socket also allows for syncing.

Charge time seems ok, but I've not timed it.

2: not a clue about usb otg. no adaptor

3: no adaptor. No idea about cable, but I suspect they couldn't call it mini hdmi if it's not following the standard.

4: bundled headphones. no inline. sounds ok.

5: Camera's ok. not as good as a proper one, but ok for quick snaps.

Boring BOFHs want cash prize more than space flight


Space? Space. Wanna go to space. Gotta go to space. Space. Space.

Smartphones rocket past consoles for mobile game sales


Kind of misleading title

Console doesn't bring the handhelds to mind. Just things like the Xbox or PS3.

Amazon’s shares slashed as profits drop 73%


uh, they're about a quarter of the price of an iPad, and eInk is nicer on the eye?

Oh, then there's the battery life. hard to beat the kindle there.

Kindle Fire will be a different case, but still, 199 is a far easier price to swallow.

Gas bill climbed £13,000 after correct online reading given


Had this happen to me

with Scottish Gas.

Hardly a big problem. Gave them a call and was assure I wouldn't be billed that much. And I wasn't.

Ecclesiastical judge tells church: Let there be Wi-Fi


Difference is, people have tested it. And in all double blind tests, no-one's proven that it affects them.

.Scot campaign seeks UK Gov backing


stupid idea

We don't need /another/ tld. It's not like anyone would just have a .scot. It's just another domain to buy to ring fence your trademarks.

Stupid moneygrab of an idea. If we were independent, then sure, but we're not; and not likely to be any time soon.

Telstra hauls in wholesale IPv6

This post has been deleted by a moderator

Do we really want 100Gig Ethernet?


not confused, exactly...

It's not getting negotiation, so it defaults to the lowest supported. 10 half. Which will collision like crazy when the other side is set to 100 full.

Apple will 'own games industry'


I call bullsh*t

Will budgets be cut? Maybe. Will this mean the end of story driven games? No. There's a market for them, so they'll be made. It's not like the budgets need to be as high as they are. As long as people are willing to accept that the graphics aren't cutting edge, and so on.

Mobile games aren't in the same market as the bigger games.

And extrapolation, well... http://xkcd.com/605/

Says it all, really.

Kindle Store awash with auto-generated crap 'books'


thankfully, there's a sample option

You can request a sample of most ebooks, before buying.

Apple worth more than Microsoft and Intel combined



ipad + iworks is the same price as office? iworks makes the ipad cheaper then?

Being that you can get Office pro for around 250, retail. Volume licensing is cheaper.

Virgin Media frustrates customers with 'intermittent' routing blues


Not just broadband customer

It's been affecting our managed internet service for the last 26 hours or so.

Mozilla to shift 12m surfers off 2-year-old Firefox 3.5


use the add on bar

Or you could go to the view menu and turn on the add-on bar. Which is the replacement for the status bar.

And if you want it to act like the old style status bar, install status 4 evar [sic].

WTF is... IPv6?


You don't. kinda


You'll have the link local addresses, which never go outside.

However, every machine that needs to connect to the outside world /also/ has a globally routable IP

Part of the reason for IPv6 is to get rid of NAT, as it breaks the end to end model. You just need to have a firewall in place to block new connections.

Microsoft poised to make biggest ever buy – Skype


Not routers


NAT's always the problem with stuff like this.

CEOP accused of misleading public over site security fail


not so much

Just because it's expired doesn't mean it's not secure.

All it means is they've not paid for a new one. They don't magically switch off when a date passes.

PlayStation Network credit cards protected by encryption



That chat transcript is a trifle misleading. The entire thing is run through SSL. yes, it's clear text in the URL. But you can't get at the URL unless you're man in the middling the SSL transaction

Asus Eee Pad Transformer

Thumb Up


Though I'm not going to get it for a while, after buying myself a Vega. Maybe next year.

Carrier-sold iPad 2 Sim locks snag unwary buyers


All, I would expect it to be unlocked.

As in, that's how I would /want/ it to be.

After all, my phone from O2 came unlocked. It's not that uncommon for contract phones to be unlocked. You're locked into the carrier until the contract is over, at least as far as paying goes.

Beyond $1bn: Why Red Hat is a one off


Centos wasn't the target

Not really.

Oracle on the other hand, they were. When they take Red Hat's work, and then rebrand it, before reselling it for less, that's what ate into Red Hat's margin. Not Centos. It's not like there aren't other free versions out there.

If they really wanted to do it, the option would be to stop distributing the SRPMS to all and sundry. They're under no obligation to give them to anyone but their customers.

Mozilla confirms Firefox 4 beta 12 is FINAL test build


Use Opera!

It cures cancer!

Firefox smells!

umm... That about what you're expecting? ;)

Capita to get fat on govt cuts


maybe maybe not

Sometimes it is cheaper for a big company to provide a service, than a small one.

Economies of scale. Not all costs are linear.

Superphone system-CRACKING cable of DOOM ... is quite handy




Course, people don't use it, as it's a pain in the ass to set up. But once it's up and running, your little network node won't let you hook in, if you can't authenticate.

Microsoft insists autistic Xboxer is a cheat


The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

apparently he got online only achievements, while offline.

Facebook offers 500 million users SSL crypto


The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.


Should work with facebook, though some apps don't work.

Crematorium to heat council swimming pool


Don't see a problem, myself

It's not like the majority of the heat comes from the person.

And it's hardly 'green madness'. It's a money saving thing. And it's all tax payer money. so if it save the council money, it saves you money.

LG whips out dual-core Android smartphone


mr pedantic strikes!

DLNA medai streaming platform

media, i think you mean

US iPad to get BBC pay app - with 'handcrafted British feel'


nah. no title.

It'd be odd, if people outside the uk could get the bbc on the xbox, and us Brits can't.

Iplayer's on the PS3, but apparently it would only be on the xbox, if you had gold. and they're not allowed to do that, or something.

Blu-ray barely better than DVD


two reasons:

A: People are morons. There's plenty of research that shows things like taste tests where people know what they're tasting give very different results to blind tests.

B: Upscaling can have very different results, on different source material.

Google sued for scanning emails of non-Gmail users


How about a spam filter?

Do spam filters have a right to look through your message, to see if it's spam?

Christians vs metalheads in FB flame war


Inverted Crosses! Oh no!

Who'd want to follow a man that sits on a throne with an inverted cross?

Other than the Catholics, I mean.

Easynet blames network collapse on dodgy router update


redundancy's all fine and good

What makes big networks break, is when their routing tables get hosed by the bad updates being spewed by a badly configured/misupdated router.

No redundancy can stop that from happening. Though it shouldn't take 6 hours to fix.

World's most advanced rootkit penetrates 64-bit Windows


use local policies

You can disable the fade effect if you want. it's known as the secure desktop (as takes control, rather than just popping a box)

Just fire up mmc, load the group policy object editor snap in, and go to computer configuration->windows settings->security settings->local policies->security options.

The policy is User account control : switch to secure desktop[...]

Course, there's probably a security implication.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Launch Games


nothing stopping them

Nothing stopping them using a controller as well.



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