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Note to Captain Kirk: Warp speed will kill you

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They have navigational deflector shields

These are designed to deflect things like hydrogen atoms and micrometeors .

Arab conned into marrying bearded lady

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It's an easy way to cancel your visa

If you lie on your visa forms they can cancel your visa very easily. They can even revoke a green card and American citizenship obtained through naturalisation if you lied about such things

Apple's mega Mac on hold (again)

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Jobs Horns

Where the famous Jobbesian reliability?

Don't the fanboys always rave about how great the build quality and reliability of their overpriced vanity pieces are?

Maybe they need the help of St IGNUcius rather paying their several thousand pieces of silver to the Jobbesian cult.

Emergency IE patch goes live as exploits proliferate

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I wonder when the govt's websites start crashing and we get leaks galore

Now what browser does the civil service use?

The British govt's IT security is wide open.

Apple preps touchy-feely iMac

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Touch screens = gimmick

Vertical touch screen = gorilla arm plus unreadable screen covered in fingerprints.

US makes travellers go online, before getting onboard

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ETA = tax not data mining

Australia doesn't want to know loads of details like how you paid for plane ticket nor do they want it 72 in hours in advance.

The ETA is just a tax on tourists arriving in the country.

Guinness to hit three quid a pint

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Pub coke = big joke

The real thing may be made in a factory with the same ingredients but at least it isn't so heavily watered down that it has virtually no flavour like the stuff in pubs is.

iSlate? I spy more control from Cupertino

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All your choice are belong to us!

"Personally I like the Ipod app store model because the apps are typically cheap and it has everything I want"

Obviously you never wanted to change the default theme. Perhaps you want use the oddles of space to put flac files on your iphone/ipod touch. Or maybe you want to put a monsterously huge music collection on it and want to use ogg vorbis files instead.

Alas the Great Satan from the Lake of Fire in Cupertino doesn't let you do any of those things.


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