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Hackers tap SCADA vuln search engine

Etrien Dautre

Been Here?

A simple connection to m i c r o s o f t . c o m and k a s p e r s k y . c o m can give you a full picture of your vulns, so is there anything new here?

It's enough to leave your HiJack pack on an antivirus forum if even the slightest _anything_ goes wrong @yourplace... you'll be taken care of (-;

I trust it's #2, for can anyone believe IT to happen another w4y?

Fate of porn domain left in government hands

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Paris Hilton

You’re logged in as...

...Paris, because she finds the header almost completely sexy.

Drug-addled scooter twock teen hit with bizarre crypto ban

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...Before They Do

Don't you please worry, westlake. You still have two or three years to get to him first. So, go.

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Little 15, You'll Scarcely Forget...

A fifteen on drugs is no good.

A judge on drugs is much worse. In what else state (of consciousness (-: ) could he prohibit the usage of a computer?

Lego and RM plot robot future

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_big bang_

We know what Lego is, do we not?

Lego /rm ss

Social-engineering contest reveals secret BP info

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Multipussy/DickChain Msg Co

Sure if you know email and have a kind of a keylogger aboard, reading the object's absolutely not a question. Write there, read here, secdesc=havoc, and you're in. Especially if someone's using a nitty stuff like Hijack logs and asks for a forum's help to define what's the cause of a leakage (-; And oh, there are always files people so un pro fessionally don't delete from the _second_ disk you never format when reinstalling "the latest, tuned" copy of Windows after the intrusion of the best hacker on the Planet -- the User itself.

Add some primitive "social engineering" to it - and you've done your bet. Well, I feel I may seem to be telling the grass to the soil here.

And this is just the way people who don't have a Clue in the core principles of the net functions and functioning think. But how encouraging this is sometimes.... so much that your browser sniffer puts a definite ip~ into Favo(u)rite pos just because one says in the open that anyone can/can't handle the net and you know this is said by a professional. Understand, people need further revealing of the story of a newsteller, not as much as any other news which will be just the same and will remain rotating around the shapes, every side of which has already been umpteen times portrayed in all wavelenghts possible and carefully stored for the purposes.

And, it sometimes probably seems to be kind of octopussy/multipussy chained with so many its tentacles behind so many wheels that you can't deprive any of its DN servers from refreshing, properly renumerate the pool in favor of any other globally trusted devices or effortlessly include some special terms/rules into AS roles. Am I a keeper of a State secret? I think you may shoot yourself in the leg if this is so. And how really much for that triviousity do peasants pay in the circus?

Burning/drowning out the masters/readers is a way out, though, leaving some so comfortably out of questions which may appear, @ prime, from forums and journalists... but to succeed, one has to buid a real countermagic ring then. Pool... Hmmm...

Can't find such a miserable me in the Google @ some spaces again, and it hurts my feelings. Sergei, you're the only Russian I... and like that. The situation reminds me of two coloured cats in a dark room.

And, did someone ever say there's only one ISP on the planet/one rope in the room?

Relax bro, not @ your gates. Err, what was I talking about... Ah, having the shifting keys during the first hours after the blackout will be a Real Mark Twain in the new Waters.


Please _do not_ bother to press rating buttons here.


With the help of the Magic Preview,


Credit card trafficker cuffed after nine-month manhunt

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Andy S. @ 12-1015

Soviet, for convenience. It's a media catch, both Uzbek, Jew, Yakut or Ukrainian are usually called "Russians" behind the curb.

The Great Beast's shag pad: Yours for €1.5m

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This Cheque, Please

Just for stats, how does morning begin then?

Apple, Google, NASA, and the Rainbow connection

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Better Land Designer Advisory Here

Is this poor thing in front of the dacha a tree or an antenna? If first, just paint it green. If second, please don't (-:

Hup Holland, viva España

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Red And/Or Yellow?

C'mon, just a handy version of Ctulhu (-:

"First they want a prediction and then they blame the oracle" - Anonymous Cowardess, Fri 9 1340

a) football, 22 players. What's the name of the Game in which 22.. .. hmm, also matter?

b) the language community of Spain is [lazy to google] times larger than of Holland;

c) Spanish EMP media is more faithful to football, as also as they're of more ecstatic kind (sorry Holland, uber alles);

d) we have Paul nowadays.

Here we have a mathematic 50-50 in traditional numbers, but the Cup is on the Spanish side because of points "b" and "c", according to the rules of the Game. The [!probable] luck of Holland is the single card amongst all those yellow ones.

Looks real, but why don't we see China on the finals then? Is it point "c" that works out some definite predictions for the buckmakers? For noone would ever consider that this cold-blooded brachyocephalothingamajiggerypod mentioned in "d" knows anything about Vernadsky @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vladimir_Vernadsky , please let Paul explore his photo (-;


Etrien Dautre

added to previous

Results of the poll in Russia, dated by the beginning of July:

"Each 12th Russian believes their team will win the Cup in South-African World championship in 2010". I'd mention that again, it wasn't the Fool's day.

Russian spy ring bust uncovers tech toolkit

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"uncovers tech toolkit"

"the same way as we would call someone called William 'Billy'" -

The same way. OMG, someone would say.

Hmm, anyone knows how to define the proper jpeg? ((-;

Etrien Dautre

Biting The Hand That Feeds .....

Damn, where were you with your tech advices when ruspies needed you so much.

More int'l advertising for theregister.co.uk 's forum, please.

At least, not every Russian agrees to work for uspres.


MI5 recruiters enter the Strategy Boutique in CIO search

Etrien Dautre

Remember me on this computer?

"And will someone give GCHQ and the Office of Cyber Security a kick up the ass to see if there is any life in that..." -

Easy. Sell B[P, buy on Red Light announcement daily bottom, watch next 8:30. Another pit credit may be opened after a short rise.

Now watch GCHQ main entrance and car spot, great if you have any steady above. If this post is trustworthy due to the situation, you will see a rise in outcoming human traffic during the next hour.

Err... If no traffic, buy BP. Nothing can shake the Tower.

Russia launches Cyrillic top-level domain

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It's, блять, precedent.rf!

Дима, ты сюда вообще почаще заглядывай, тут весело.

'Martin Mills you are a LEGEND!'

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Equal Rights!

May I somehow find this red circle with a regbird in the moodpic section?

Angry Romanian hackers deface Telegraph for Top Gear toss

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It's Int'national

"I remembered a film called "Gadjo Dilo"" -

yes, "gadjo" is for "alien", "one of white tribe". They don't call colored people gadjos, as far as me remembers. Seems like this word is used everywhere on Earth, including Romania.

Etrien Dautre

Much Bigger Hack Ahead

Housing and Gardening is a host for much bigger picture players' exchange.

"Banks. Bridges. Telegraph. We should drive it on top gear there".

(C) 1917 V. Lenin, St. Petersburg. The prime targets of the rebellion.

Etrien Dautre

Romania Mare Partially

Isn't everyone of us the Cyber Gypsy, after all?

DARPA, US Marines team on proper flying car project

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да УАЗик им надо...

UAZ. All metal + tent, no plastic inside. Unprecedented 4x4, brand new one, tank tracker, $ 8000, delivery included. Will fly even if you forget to start the chops engine. If MoD deals, feel free to contact me.

High Court: Moderate user comments and you're liable

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@ Sarah Bee 9 0947 - a personal view

O Sarah Bee, robots have taken care about IT already, the High Court. I'm nearly to believe that it's the comments' moderators who have a much stronger grasp at the wheel rather than does any other position in Reg's office. 4x, mepersonally begins my reading mostly not from the article, as I sometimes appear to be briefly aware of its idea, but from the comments.

I suppose, any reader who's into online affairs might hazard a guess what the premoderation is _here_ for, and so do I, and I wish theregister.co.uk a long prosperity. With its bright and clear-conscious [most] contributors and commenters lasting long and promising a stable well future, bringing the [whatever good] into the [whatever the appreciative audience is], Reg's got to be Yearrrs in any business.

73 with respect, which does already mean 73.

Wikileaks video shows US gunfire on Reuters staff

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A Long Road To Openness

"I find it very interestingly how the main youtube site now forces us to login to view the video. They say its because of content, but I don't buy that" -

many also have tried to watch the video on youtube after being through with the article, but anyway returned back here to use the _local_ service (-:

Etrien Dautre

too much cross-inbreeding

they do, DavCrav, leads to sbwy blasts. say stop supporting hms. are they humans, say?

Etrien Dautre

So Get In Here As Hero... Or As -

I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects 1, could you please initiate some shortening? (-:

"We could pay off the national deficit by offering licenses to kill the twats. 1,000 quid a pop. I'd have a go" -

Many would, because of maybe a righteous wraith, economical recession or just of some sad feelings. Would need a reliable twat detector. Otherwise, welcome to Reuters / The Register, I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects 1. OhmyCtrlC.

1000 quid a pop. What a shit. Wraith only.

Etrien Dautre

Apache. Way Beyond Software You Got Used To.

"Maybe they have some Apache hardware..." (side citation) -

I know someone having some films like this, and not only on videotape, cos there was no videotape available in, 4x, Viet Nam. And not only with American crew starring/featuring. And surely the post's not an ad.

The only thing that so surprises me is why are there still so many so surprised here?

Greatest Living Briton gets £30m for 'web science'

Etrien Dautre

30M? Pah!

Is it really a great sum for a great country?

Russia to crack down on abuse of .ru addresses

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Hot Days In MVD

Must be a competition, Pascal Monett.

"...I'm not going to believe that this is going to solve the problem..." -

and you're not alone in thinking so. It's definitely an PR action for to "keep the country tidy" on its way to WTO + some moves on taxation and, well, a "counter-terrorism/counter-anarchy" pedal is being pressed, too.

Got another question: how many police personnel and how much of the machine time does it take to verify ALL copies of ALL registrants' passports? ППЦ НАХ!

Etrien Dautre

Half of a Kingdom for a .ru!

Russisch ausweiss bitte, AC, if you don't wanna show your British one.

Russia arrests three over $9m RBS WorldPay scam

Etrien Dautre

You can always find such Russia right behind the corner

English-speaking criminal probably counts much more gangs, I'm not mentioning AU & NZ. I think that what you're talking about is Wild-West-like informal economy. It has two branches: selling goods to abroad and sending dollars there too, and importing goods from the abroad and bringing dollars back again.

I'm still in doubt, Graham Bartlett, if you really do need me saying which dog has which meatloaf. It's a sad disposition, and maybe both dogs absolutely don't wanna get on barking about that nearly everything depends of them in the modern economy.

Etrien Dautre

But Seriously... It's Olympic ""

Oh, maybe, RBS still allow quotations like those in the title?

"The high profile cyberblag involved the use of cloned payroll cards to take out money from an estimated 2,100 cash machines in 280 cities worldwide during an audacious 12 hour overnight cash-out operation" -

if I'd make a choice between judging those artisis and the overlords of the Russian Winter Olympic team (not para-Olympic, of course, if I'm ever to judge anyone, hmm), I'd take the overlords. The cyberblag's making more use from a videotape, and the international calls were @ their own cost.


Victorinox offers hackers £100,000 challenge

Etrien Dautre

headquarter stuff

anyone for ka-bar?

this knife is for loosing it in a train (no protection): http://www.chinawholesalegift.com/Electric-Gifts/USB-Memory-Stick/Swiss-Series-USB-Flash-Disk/Swiss-Army-Knife-USB-Flash-Drive-23162482.htm ;

and this one is either for the complete pacifists or for the province of Cognac' occupational forces: http://www.ahajokes.com/crt919.html .

'Smart roof' coating made of old takeaway fryer oil

Etrien Dautre

Smells Like Team Spirit

"virtually odorless" -

virtual tourists don't have to stand front to the wind when passing by.

Massive FBI computer overhaul is put on ice (again)

Etrien Dautre

@ zo...om - 2010 FBI

I'm rolling on you know what. Prize to the studio!

Etrien Dautre

a packet to the pocket

"sledgehammer to grate cheese" -

AC, works great. incomparably faster and more reliable than a grater, thanks, the testing is close to completion. quite in time pour le soiree... though i've nothing to say about the upgrades 'cos i don't work neither for the UK gov, nor against it :-)

oh, both Cooks and Jaw Encoresment probably know this kitchenry for years...


Game developer's lost electric buggy FOUND ON MOON

Etrien Dautre

To Bite The Duster... Or Not To Bite.

ПХД is impossible without a properly installed прапорщик. They're mostly colonels and generals who were running the moonbuggy, so why surprise there was noone to wipe the surface with a simple duster. + из разработчиков, наверное, в армейке никто не был. So the success of the operation is great (in much, for the Soviet propaganda) and the fail is epic.

Drought effect on rainforests is negligible

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Damn Title... OK, Duke

Ahasuerus at the immigration office: do you have another globe?

The following was likely said coupla days ago: the world's CO2 emission might be ceased to 0 % (zero) by anno 2050. Very funny.

Former model sues Universal over 'x-rated prop' outrage

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correctional facility

2 downpressa @ prec

"oftenly exploited before leaving the country" -

oh, thanks a lot. must read "after leaving the country", sure. thx again yodo.

Etrien Dautre

Why Russian, Really?

Krupnik. That's kinda Jewish surename. When Russian Jews change one star on the flag to fifty, they do so to be called just "Jews" without adding "Russian". But they suddenly realise that they are again called "Russians" in the land of emigration, being pwnd by the more matured Jews for their own little greasy profit. And no strange this is, 'cos she's got what she wanted, but she was probably too shy to ask/too stupid to believe in the ways the newcomers are oftenly exploited before leaving the country.

Same thing about almost every case mentioned in connection with people from this country who went abroad, no matter whether it's Google or Wall St. company people.

The most funny wordplay thing, I think, is "Russian" mafia. 99 percent of its crue members have nothing in common with the Russians except that they can speak the language.

And... I think you're surely right, amfM, "A former Russian", considering $Bill.

And, 10M for a bikini photo? What the hell is she talking about? Kind of tax-free advertising job?

GCHQ loses Top Secret laptops

Etrien Dautre

oh, what a miss...

next time, could you please get it lost/hit the target some closer to me? just never seen anything secret from gchq except traffic intercept.

ICANN delays decision on pornography domain

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Paris Hilton

See Dot Forty Five

why not just to give the world .45 tld then...

and those beautiful (sometimes) pics which one(~s) must be vvvery tired to keep on trawling through for any worthy phish in... there was an attempt to issue a directive to make things worse (hairy, mature, gay, etc.), but the hq finds it looking untrustworthy and undeservedly shocking for those few who read more from the thin air then from the thick ground. the decision was declined, go on enjoying with Lider/Liga/1-ПК, etc @ 5 items. poor kgremlins, your time is coming soon.

see any joke alert in her looking @ uedoha*?

*either dead or half alive.

Top exorcist says Satan at work in Vatican

Etrien Dautre

Good News Then?

Neither the Luciferians, nor the Satanists are The Reg Team in this case/all cases.

Mystery of alleged MI6 traitor's data theft

Etrien Dautre

Ha-ha, Can't Find FSB In London...

Blame the media. It says you can't make a step without treading an FSB agent's corn in Britain, why surprised that the dude was so easily fooled.

He probably didn't want to sell the whole Fatherland, just a little bit of...

"offered a "preview"" - that would reduce the silver from 900k by some 300 times then, jlocke.

Oh, was it another Birm Uni grad maintaining the information security there where the flies are from?

15 new suspects named in Hamas Dubai assassination

Etrien Dautre

Do/Is 26 Like A Separated Warhead?

Starting right into gallop, I can't find another explaination except that all these tourists were working in a counter-nuclear op. But there are some questions, of course (-:

Who has more intact operative information on Mabhouh than Mossad? Who was the most reliable operator of the execution, then? And who bought the service? Was HAMAS blackmailing anybody in the European financial circles?

Imagine how tight the hatch is batten if the victims' passports were selectively chosen out as free from any suspiction in terrorism, + knowing that their holders will not fly anywhere from Jan 18 to 20 and therefore as the guaranteed once to deliver executors to the terminal and drag their asses out after.

But maybe a poor lonely HAMAS commander has unexpectedly decided to break the service... The reason to leave, in this case, must have been known for enough long already...

Spanish priest spunked €17k on chat lines and whores

Etrien Dautre

Feb 2010: Optimism @ IT Market Registered

A dude, drunk as always, enters his home and goes to the bedroom. He finds his wife sitting on a bed with a calculator in her hand. "Look", - she says, - "my kitty's depth is 8", your d*ck is 6". We do it once a week, for ten years, it's 52 weeks by 2 inches, and it seems that I'm not f*cked through for 1040 inches. So dear, either f*ck, or f*ck off.

Well, no kidding now, because something scientifically interesting happens here, all forum members (-: show an excellent mood (only upvotes, no downvotes). Experts unite in explaining reasons of such behavioural event. It went up on the latest news and data from the religious d*cks market, which criticise an investment tool, and also show a considerable operational debt. The IT market, in comparison, appears to be optimistic.

The myth of Britain's manufacturing decline

Etrien Dautre

Bring Us A QUANTity Of Beer

Kinda troll alert, John Smith 19, I understand (-: All I wanted to say to damn renegades is something about the lecture ppf - crude oil transportation, see the yellow-outlined txt in the batch with similar name and get back to Step 2. Someone's on his vacations.

It's impossible to work in a cloud sometimes, thx2god we have theregister.co.uk .

And, my +1 to your post, John Smith 19. Of what's happening in English economy (I mean the one of the whole conglomerate of micro-continents behind the Pond) I'd say that it looks like this is not the fault of the people, but mostly of the centre of the City.

As we're coming closer to the matter, let's push playback (we're now changing your "*A highly toxic weed killer, probably banned now" into "puff" tag, see what goes on then):

"They [puff] never [/puff] end up in an industrial accident, but they run companies that are" . No doubt an asterisk is a good means to emphasise your expression of feeling anything so _real_ big that only few can savvy the metasense. Ohmyfingertips, somanyletters. But this time, the footnotes were more than cool, I spent more time to read and comment it than I'm doing presently earning my bricks. So don't mention it, John, the pleasure's mine.

Etrien Dautre

Suddenly, A Moonrise

" *A highly toxic weed killer, probably banned now" -

Five first paragraphs - looking for a lighter?

Irregular Air Breathe Training. Xe-xe-c...

Etrien Dautre

"Ku!" *

There are some red-eyed people lounging around the Ministry of Economy, all holding flash cards in hands, in unexplainable thirst for quite different kinds of information. They don't have the connection on desktops. Their supervised requests can really disturb some of the external IP-services' features and lead to a decline in British MetaData Manufacturing (-:

As long as I remember, anything manufactured with a British label was outstanding. Now it's more expensive then, though still, good. China has really a cheaper stuff as one could evidence it (talk about material things)... wind turbines and such... sadly, it goes titsup often...

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kin-dza-dza! , fansub http://video.google.ru/videoplay?docid=-2251461878127683608#

Open source - the once and future dream

Etrien Dautre

Title? Do you mean if I am a Sultan of Swing?

"...it manifests itself in excellent RADAR, ELINT and general intelligence capabilites that can acquire and shoot down a Mig29 before it..." -

It's OK with the title "Socialism" in the title, I hope, I would only add that Mig29 and Su37 were created partially to protect the An224s from RADAR, ELINT and general intelligence, joeuro, by the means of RADAR, ELINT and general intelligence.

And generally, looks like scientific and military circles are something internationally self-centered, not? Like they know something valuable for clan enrichment/in-reachment, when all known by the majority of others is when Spring comes.