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HTC Desire


umm any chance?

I know it's a smartphone, but it still has phone in the title, so any chance you could give us a clue as to how it operates as a phone?

Not one mention in the review, I know it should be taken as red that it works on as a phone but, I have the Touch HD which is great at being smart, but crap at being a phone!

Call quality ok?

Signal ok?

Speaker phone ok?

Does it cut out when switching between 2.5g and 3g like my Touch hd?

Many thanks

Microsoft re-tiles mobile platform for Windows 7 era


Hmmm oh well

I've been waiting along time to see what MS have up it's sleeve and with the little information that has come out, it seems they will still be playing catch-up.

Yes they have a new UI, yes it has Zune, yes it should be easier to use and integrate with todays social networking feature, but really, that ll been done with Iphone and android.

There is nothing here which excites me as a long time WM user.

In fact finding out the UI will be locked is a massive blow for some great third party apps and user tweaking options. I can understand why they have done this, it all about getting a consistant feel between WM phones, however they seem to be forgetting the only things thats kept WM alive is the 3rd party UI's.

As for the comment made by El Reg: 'but it's unlikely 7 Series is going to be backwards compatible, and pissing off your developer community, by making them rewrite everything, isn't a great way to start out. ®'

I'd be really worried if 7 series WAS backward compatible, for gods sake windows mobile 5, 6, 6.1 and 6.5 have all been compatible and the apps are in the most part extremely horrible visually and from a usability point of view.

I say roll on the new SDK and lets have some great 3d accelerated shiny looking Apps, like the Iphone users are used to please.

Looking forward to trying out WM7 on my touch HD (come on XDA Devs ;)

Microsoft predicts Linux will fail mobile 'quality' test


Oh dear MS

It's just one thing after another. Not only are they not content with delaying Windows mobile 7 until 2011, they are trying to bring about bad PR upon Linux Mobils OS's in the process.

These guys need to concntrate on thier own mobile systems and start innnovating there, instead of bad mouthing all the other option in the marketplace.

As far as most past fans of WM (me included) ar concerned, it's almost game over for WM. They are now so far behind that the chances of catching back up with Android and the Iphone are slim to none, even in the business market. Reason being that Android and iPhone have another year in which to uprgade and support business users with all the features needed for a business phone.

I've been using Windows mobile 6.5 for a while now, and the only thing that makes it better than 6.1 is the fact i'm runing HTC's Sense ui on it!

Android is already ahead of WM 6.5.3 which has just been released as an interim upgrade and trust me thats all it is, they are trying to sell it as a new WM OS, what a joke.

Wake up and smell the coffee MS, ditch Bach and bring in someone with some forsieght and innovational vision into the mobile industry.

Orange punts quality calling


Orange and HD Voice

This article made me laugh and not for the usally reasons of witty sarcasm.

I think orange needs to concentrate on thier network not dropping calls evey five minutes instead of trying to push a new 'feature' of thier network. I mean I'd love to be able to hear people's conversation in higher quality, in fact I'd love to be able to hear that for more than 1 minute before the call drops out.

Give it a rest Orange, why not concentrate your efforts on working with the handset manufaturers to ensure the phones actually work %100 of the time on your network at the exsisting quality and so they don't drop calls when you move from one cell to another.

Oh and about to be Orange Iphone customers, just to let you know it's not your new shiney Iphone thats the problem....Just don't go ringing Orange telling them your phone calls keep dropping out as you'll probably get the same responce I did after the fith call...'Yeh that happens, these things were never designed to switch between cells and not drop calls'.

On a plus side for Orange unless you're about to be an Iphone user they absolutley annihilate the competition on tariffs if your an existing customer and push them hard enough. Got to give em' some credit after slagging them off!


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