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Ouch! Facebook slumps below IPO value on day 2

Patrick 8

I can not find it!

Where is the +1 Like button for this news?!

No real news here, Facebook free (boy was that hell the hoops they make anyone jump through who dares to leave the flock of true believers)

... bloody cult!

550,000-strong army of Mac zombies spreads across world

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Or Just Run Mac Little Snitch like we have been saying all these years

If anyone was lazy enough to lookup the install trojan details, it searches for Little Snitch is running on the Mac and if it is detected the trojan installer immediately quits the installer and deletes itself from the Mac running like a scared little girl!

So much for anyone having any of these Windows Anti-Virus based companies Anti-Virus products for Mac product on your system, the trojan installs... Lolz

RIP: Peak Oil - we won't be running out any time soon

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If this is true

Then I want my petrol docket to be 1/2 or more reduced than the great price rise growth it has experienced over the past 10 years due to peak oil as the excuse!

Microsoft code not the security sieve sysadmins should be worried about

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I'll break it down to you real simple like

Oracle (databases, java, etc.) and Adobe (you name it)

Some of the biggest headaches security groups in organisations face.

The Sons of Khan and the Pascal Spring

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And so the Python arose and

ate the Delphi and peace and sanity reigned once more across the lands.

Murdoch slams White House over SOPA in Twitter row

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Bloody old fart

see title

10 years ago today: Bill Gates kicks arse over security

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Mac OS X and Windows are not headaches

Operating Systems are not our worry, we patch OS until we are blue in the face and we only secure less than 20% of the problems out there. 3rd Party is the biggest security threat to our organization patch wise and it is lead by Adobe and Oracle with Oracle the most worry as they will not patch publicly known vulnerabilities a multiple years later down the road. They swallowed too much than they can handle and seem to have no staffing on security patching of any of their code bases. That's what I lose sleep over, not Widows or OS X.

iPhone 4S owners love Siri, hate the battery life

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Again way off on reality

It's more like battery life is just fine thank you on my phone which lasts longer than our groups previous generation phones.

Siri is useless, at least until yelp launches this month? In Oz. until then it's just for the quick setting up of reminder alarms for me.

What's totally foobar'd is Outlook calendar syncing. Granted its IOS 5 not the iPhone 4S but after trying all the Nokia handsets, Android handsets and Blackberry handsets in the office and seeing major fails syncing Outlook calendars out-of-the-box only to find the iPhones syncing flawlessly I end up with a new 4S and the IOS 5 syncing has foo bar'd the entire history of good syncing we experienced with iPhones.

That's total Shiiite when your calendar is your number one business tool and you are on the move away from the desktop for most of the day.

Ice Cream Sandwich

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A hell of a lot of black screens in there1

Is that l33t wanna be crap or the fact that Android phone come with OLED screens whose ultimate weakness is the display of white where the phone rios through your battery like a rat on cheese!

Boffins discover prehistoric moth's dayglo green warning

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Day Glo helped it warn off predators???

Obviously it did not work out to well if it is extinct now is it?

Android bug lets attackers install malware without warning

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forget all smarphones, I'm off this roller-coaster

I bought my wife a first generation iPod touch when I go my smartphone. I have since used an gone through all the majors from Blackberry, iPhone, Android. I've noticed that these "very expensive" and therefore "very profit making" devices are not long-lived with all the carrying, dropping and general day-to-day abuse they must maintain. Talk about turn-over profit cash cow business model. And here I look at the wife who's iPod is still in great nick with only scratches showing on the rear metal case and it runs just as good and fast as day one I bought it for her, is thin as no smartphone has ever been and has what appears to be as strong a battery as when new. Since going through many XP to Windows 7 update woes I've had no end of syncing issues of one type or another from crashing dll hell to those desktop software that decide to strip out all phone numbers and details bar one. Although not a fan of iTunes on Windows I tested it out and got no errors on sync from the first get go.

Therefore I am seriously in the camp of considering getting out my still newish dumb tiny super light weight nokia as a phone and using it as a dongle for the laptop as well and getting whatever generation iPod touch, be it fifth or sixth? as my core business requirement is perfect sync with Outlook/Exchange calendars. Android seems to ignore the non-smartphone form factor of iPod Touch and I'm not interested in a tablet as I want a tiny superlight weight device in my suit jacket that I don't have to faff around with root break this or arm wrestle that to get updated software 1. even installed let alone 2. actually working with a. the device and b. the desktop software.

US Marines not allowed to fart in Afghanistan

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Bring on them beans! F! Yeah! Woo!

Beans Beans the magical fruit

The more we eat the more we toot

The more we toot the better we feel

So we eat our beans at ever'y meal!

World needs needs Tequila power: report

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What absolute tosh!

Agave for making tequila needs 12 to 14 years of growth to mature to the point where it can make an end product of only 4 tiny bottles of pure tequila. Why don't you fact check things before spouting them and stop listening to the bio-fuel protagonists who like to kindly omit the mass insufficiencies in the conversion of bio materials into fuel energy and gloss over the fact you need to eat, take care of the soil by not removing nutrients but continually recycling them in mass amounts of biodiversity to be sustainable and not turn the ground into barren desert. If I hear another "but wait it grows in land not suitable for crops" argument I am going to puke. All plants grow poorly in such environments as evidenced by the long time frames for agave to make and store enough sugars for a tiny output of tequila.

How about a dose of reality. You are going to have to give up your mass energy wasting lifestyle and decommission your endless piles of crap and live more self-sufficiently than you are currently comfortable with. It does not make for sexy or misleading headlines but its the truth.

Microsoft rolls out One Big Windows strategy

Patrick 8

Square holes, Triangle holes, Star shaped holes, Oval holes

One old bloated round peg will fit them all.... don't mind the massive sledge, it just helps it fit better in your hole.

'Tax' relief for Apple’s Oz customers

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Aussies slugged no matter what side of the currency equation they are on

If you want to see a sneak at what Aussies are buying overseas check out priceusa website, started by a single mum she's cleaning up on ordering stuff overseas for Aussies and bypassing any "not allowed to ship to Australia" BS erm Business Policies in place by some brands overseas. You will see a lot of Apple product being bought as the real time updates to the last items purchased list refreshes on that web site.

Oracle: 'Google owes $2.6bn in damages'

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Java is dead

Java is dead, long live Python! or Jython if you need to leverage your existing java infrastructure while you migrate to a pure python solution!

RSA makes token offer to worried customers

Patrick 8

RSA is broken! Come on! Say something!


Digital shoppers ripped off @.com.au

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Australia's Retailers suck s#@&!

books from usa or uk

stereos, chainsaws and other goods blocked from being shipped to Australia through PriceUSA to bypass bullshit retailer blocks and pay 1/5th the price of local!

That is all.

Microsoft shareholder calls for Ballmer's head

Patrick 8

who is the king?

not the customers surely?

Apple refreshes iMac with Thunderbolt, Sandy Bridge

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Even better were the days before Keyed Cables

Ah yes, a SCSI cable plugged in upside down. The smell of burnt plastic and ash floating down through the air. Who needs this new fangled technology crap! Bring back the fry em hard days!

Natty Narwahl: Ubuntu marine mammal not fully evolved

Patrick 8

Freetards having trouble running without lockups?

Shame... you know its ironic that Apple hardware kit has been running these lockup free and without issues....

says something about being a cheap bastard doesn't it?

Commodore USA prices up revived C64, VICs

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cheaper at half the price

i would rather buy a dead c64 and put it next to my computer for all the good buying this would do

still get a plastic case to look at, a much better computer, and save a bundle of cash

Internet retail tax threshold 'probably irrelevant'

Patrick 8

Why 10% does *NOT* matter you silly retailer you!

Check out the price inside Australia:

1.) Audio Equipement

Go to


Look in the top left corner, that is what we pay in Australia.

The price to order by internet from USA is $259.00 USD.

2.) Computer Equipment

Price USA can land inside Australia from USA 16GB iPad 2's for $565 AUD.

3.) Just about everything else sold! - Example, Husqvarna 460 Rancher 20-Inch 60.3cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw

$1,200 AUD


$459 USD

Take your pick, it will always be cheaper even with 10% and international shipping to order from anyone OUTSIDE of Australia than the rip off artists (Retail Stores) inside Australia!

Retailers can feck off!

Natty Narwhal with Unity: Worst Ubuntu beta ever

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The more I run Unity the more I like it

a lot more than Gnome!

Faster - Yes

Fresher - Yes

Is it spastically difficult to run an application which shows up in the Launcher ala Mac OS X Dock and then right click it and say Keep in Launcher? - No

All you armchair freetards that don't install and run Unity and give it a good fair go can go piss off. You are on my permaban-filter as being ignored as idiots that spout your own opinion as if its the gospel without even trying anything. You don't bring anything to the table on this discussion.


Pre-release Windows 8 code hits PC makers

Patrick 8
Gates Horns

ah yes Microsoft


erm copying


innovating computer operating systems since the start of the personal computer market began!

Harvey Norman warms to etail

Patrick 8

Harvey is insane

This is the man that thinks charging $1000.00 for products inside Australia that cost $350.00 in the USA is going to be stopped by 10% tax on the USA purchases.

350+35=385 versus 1000 (just teaching Hardly Normal how to do simple maths)

I will take 385 anyday mate.

Australia's retailers have been ripping off Australians for more amounts than any other country for so long they think it is their normal and god given right to.

No wonder locals can start companies like Price USA, buy on behalf of Aussies inside the foreign country, register the products to handle all warranty, repair, and exchanges and circumvent manufacturer lock ins on resellers trying to prevent sales direct to Australia to protect their rip off racket they set up inside Australia. They ship so much they get 65% off the freight costs for their customers and charge 20% of freight as a return shipping gaurantee.

There is a Price Japan too so who will start a Price UK?

Steve Jobs vindicated: Google Android is not open

Patrick 8

welcome tn the future

Google is the new Microsoft

Fukushima on Thursday: Prospects starting to look good

Patrick 8

No one cares what acedemics say! Welcome to the real world!

Acedemics and Phenomoly Dumbs (PhD's) hold no weight in the real world. Only children stuck in schools and desperate industries looking for PR spin material pay them any heed. Which one is Lewis?

The rest of us have joined and lived in the real world where we found these acedemics are flat out wrong and could never survive let alone thrive being developmentally challenged coddled in their safe acedemic environment free to pontificate on ideas that never get to face reality and end up starting tn believe their wild ideas as reality and disconnect from the real world.

We don't need them or these armchair experts spouting crap when they have no real world expertise.

Fukushima situation as of Wednesday

Patrick 8

Where is Lewis Page now?

Japan is seriously Foo Koo'd! With the situation growing worse, US warships getting the hell out of the reactor zone, Americans warning not to listen to Japan and increase the evacuation zone to 80Ks. More reactors joining in the the mass party... where is Lewis Page to save the world when you need him? We need to clone him and stuff him into each reactor to plug the leaks. If we can't get enough of him to stuff, we need to take all the pro nuclear posters on here and stuff there asses into the reactor along with him so they can have a jolly good time together talking about how great nuclear is. Whats that? none of the pro nuclear people volunteering to do their part to save the world? I thought so!

Japanese nuke meltdown may be underway

Patrick 8

heart out to japan

and fingers up to the australian mp's in canberra who just recently tried to tell aussies the time is right to turn australia from a nuclear free continent to one filled with reactors!

Apple security update leaves iPhone 3G users unprotected

Patrick 8

No assurance in untested products.

A product that is not tested such as:

o All linux platforms as their overall market share is considered so minuscule its not worth testing in the minds of some.

o Opera and other browsers

o Any other platform not in the various competitions and security evaluation / researcher programs.

From a risk management point of view, not being testes is *NOT* something to be proud of as this represents a risk in itself. Being tested and failed gives more assurance as to what was tested, what succeeded in being reduced or mitigated and what failed to be reduced or mitigated.

I see untested products as more dangerous than tested as they are no longer in the security life cycle management process with the same level of scrutiny and transparency.

Why Nokia failed: 'Wasted 2,000 man years' on UIs that didn't work

Patrick 8

I own nokia as company provided/mandated

Crashes all the time in the browser. Very annoying after spending a very large number of minutes using a very poor text input system to write a long reply to important company emails.

Slows down or appears to lockup frequently, especially on sites with larger amounts of javascript.

I've owned and used other smart phones although currently just putting up with this corporate standard handset for the moment and really getting so see this OS in all its un-glory.

iPad 2? Let's be kind and call it iPad 1.5

Patrick 8

droid users are living in a wild west fantasy

the android ecosystem is the wild west. Freedom to do anything you want but the same for everyone under the sun so lawlessness, scams and danger are more ever present and mortality high for those unmotivated and uneducated souls who dont take responsibility for knowing everything going on and doing all their own policing, firefighting and militia work themselves.

The apple ecosystem is the modern city / social construct where citizens give up portions of anarchical freedoms for a central police system which creates a safer place to live and improved chance to not become a casulty.

Fantasizing about the wild west is tempting but ultimately like fantasizing about the good old days. Anyone can pick apart at least one sticking point in modern society and pine for the wild days but their human nature glosses over all the pitfalls and bad points of the past while having memories of good points that are better than they were in actuality.

Apple brings multi-touch, full-disk crypto to latest OS X

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full disk encryption

nice. Now all they need is to have their code for crypto hash and cipher(s) evaluated and approved and they have fully opened doors into military and civillian government departments, agencies and probably finance sector industries for their mac kit.

Passenger cleared after TSA checkpoint stare-down

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The two most disgusting militarised/police countries I had to ever process through.

UK and USA.

At least in Hong Kong they may carry military weapons but don't put you through the same shit as UK and USA does.

Seems to me the countries doing wrong behind the scenes are getting a tad paranoid these days and it has to be for a reason no?

Coder Android love (nearly) matches iPhone lust

Patrick 8

I was interested but Android Upgrade-Gate Scandal put me off

I'll never touch a platform with a horrible lack of 0.x updates from the major manufactures like Android marketplace has. What good is it being a Droid fan when you are stuck with Carriers pulling the same crap of releasing a phone with a buggy version of Android and never releasing an update or deliberately holding updates for the next phone to force customers to keep on buying new phones all the time. Same old bloody story and I've had enough. No more android plans for me!

EMEA computer shipments flat in final quarter of 2010, says IDC

Patrick 8

The Power of Apple?

That small insignificant pimple on the arse of the PC industry? Say it ain't so!

Chinese crack down on 'money-sucker' Androids

Patrick 8

Combine this with the Android Upgrade Scam (TM) and I'll never buy one now

The freetards are getting their come uppance. I seriously considered a droid phone but all the articles are comming out now. The cheap bastards are getting slammed, higher data useage, more advertisements in front of your face when using apps and worst of all the Android Upgrade Scam (TM).

Studies are showing that the vast majority of Android phone models are not even upgradeable to a 0.1 version upgrade. Only half of the few HTC models are upgradable and the next best handset manufacturer is only at 10% of Droid handsets upgradeable. Now the carriers and manufacturers are **DELIBERATELY** with holding releasing any upgrades of Android for phone users to **FORCE** the freetards to buy new model phones to get the new OS features even if the phones hardware supports the new features.

And now finally Samsung is being sued for such practices along with the carrier T-Mobile for case-in-point the Vibrant handset.

I gave up the iPhone for an old school 2g Nokia which lasts weeks on a single charge but wonder what I'd get if I went smartphone again. I was leaning heavily towards Android but now its a no brainer. Only the smart people will be buying iPhone as their next smartphone. The Freetards will get their droids and get screwed every which way they can be by carriers, handset manufactuers, and Google.

Ion readies book scanner for e-book buffs

Patrick 8


I have a duplex sheet scanner but have not cut any of my books up yet. Have thought of it, but that would be quite the sacrifice.

Maybe I should buy and cut up and scan a book on book binding and book restoration first :-)

Fanboys: updated OS X Lion MacBooks, iMacs in H1 '11

Patrick 8

Also in the news predictions for next year...

In 2011, you will also turn another year older.

Hows that?!

Councils 'spend shedloads on CCTV'

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I thought England repelled Hitlers invasion attempts?

but alas I see the complete invasion of England is nearly complete.

Windows malware dominates Mac malware detection chart

Patrick 8

I welcome the day!

I welcome the day that Microsoft makes a version of Windows that also treats all the infected files as dead weight that can not infect or injure the operating system in anyway like they currently do on Mac OS X or Linux and join the rest of the enlightened world exiting the dark ages forever!

but then I woke up!

Apple ships Mac OS X 10.6.5 update

Patrick 8

FLASH - The pig of the patch!

Looks like Adobe Flash patches and fixes take up nearly half of the bug fixes in this massive update.

Probably no wonder some users still have borked Adobe Flash on their OS X system.

Google Android chief smacks Steve Jobs with Linux speak

Patrick 8

@ E 2

Off to work so only first one to comment on.

1. Who has seen Apple's code? IIRC, and I think I do, Apple was famous for having different install CDs for same version of Mac OS 6/7/8/9 which CD would only work on some subset of it's then lines of computers. How does anyone outside of Apple know what shenanigans go on in iOS to get it to run on each successive generation of iSomethings?

I have seen the install code. Its a simple test of pulling the machine model number and then a logic tree to continue installation or not. Its not even compiled code that runs the installer. The reason for multiple versions with shipping products is that the OS X that is on the shelves in the stores does not have all the latest drivers for new hardware that is installed in Mac models released after the OS X on the shelves was released.

Because Apple does not make users end up with broken OS where they have to gain tech skills and learn how to search, find, and install missing drivers ala Windows they release custom OS X discs with any model with the new hardware. The next release of OS X to hit the shelves will be a generic copy with all the drivers for all the supported Mac Models.

The only reason you bump into that issue is because you are a cheap bastard who wants to install OS X from someone else's computer's copy instead of paying for it so shame on you.

But because you are a free loading pirate at heart, yes you can simply modify the install script to always return true on the model tests and burn a new DVD which will install on every Mac, even if its not supported by the OS X if you want.

bloody whining posers

Medal of Honour

Patrick 8

Got it, it Sux0rs big time!

Duped in by past MOH glory. This game was the fastest, most non-enjoyable MOH I ever had to play. Save your moneys guys!

Why we love to hate Microsoft

Patrick 8

What Microsoft needs to do and say

1. Roll themselves up

2. Announce that they are rolling themselves up.

3. Spin off the very few successful products into their own company and *not* a division like apps, os, etc. Each product needs to stand or fall in the market place on its own merits and not suck on the tit of a central organisation to artificially keep it afloat financially in the market place.

4. Apologise for the huge debt on society. Not just individual home users, but the companies and governments that have squandered so much valuable world resources in financial capital and human capital keeping this shit running. Techies that complain that its good because its a guaranteed job constantly fixing Microsoft induced problems in the world are just as bad as government workers who milk the system and provide nothing to society in any productive return or capability.

Imagine if all that human energy and mental capacity and financial backing over the past 30+ years was put to good use such as developing alternative fuels, medicines, and other technologies that give benefit and not a tit sucking job for life cleaning up messes from products designed with a lack of care.

Microsoft's KIN is dead, long live Windows Phone 7

Patrick 8

500 phones sold is a nice even number

Does this mean all those KIN phones sold were to Verizon stores themselves?