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Gulf spill to annihilate all earthlings, says seer

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the "Return Of The King"

Damn! Where's Arthur when you need him most!

Of course it's the brits fault. They're still trying to conquer the world. If that fails, blow it up! Hey, I thought methane was natural gas. Can I now expect my gas bill to shrink to zero?

Seriously, we all know the world ends 12/21/2012, as the History, I mean Doomsday, channel has told us (and told us, and told us, etc). I guess we should expect to see lots of scary "specials" on the Doomsday channel now, no doubt sponsored by BP (RFLMFAO)

Giving poor kids computers, internet makes them stupider

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I git me a 6th grade edumacation an can cypher to tin! aint know stu-pid moran dont cha no!

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grammer, grammer

Jeez, get it wright! Its more stupidir! (does any1 no y thiers a red line under stupidir~???)

"yestirday I couldnt spill "inganir", today I still cant spill inganir and now I r 1"

Seagate preps three terabyte whopper

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Jobs Horns

What! No OS/2 Warp support!

Screw u fanbois! Where's my warp support for this? I suppose DOS 6 can't use it either? PCDOS? Guess I'll have to write my own OS then. Right. Time to get to it.

Kate Winslet sports top celeb bod

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who is kate winslet?

I didn't see titanic (see, there is a god!). So who is kate winslet that see should be on the list? Any other qualifications.

There are many gorgeous women whom we have never heard of; that is, no celeb status. So, to make this list requires a prerequisite of celebrity and to be gorgeous.