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Blocking ads? Smaller digital publishers are smacked the hardest


Unwanted movement/animation/flashing on a page is why I block ads.

I'm old. My brain is old. Flashing / animated ads or unrequested video - ANY movement - on a page grabs my brain and freezes it. I can't concentrate on the actual page content; hell, I can't even read it.

That's the main reason I block ads. I've done it for years, and I'll keep on doing it. There is no site serving any information that I need badly enough to put up with animated or video adverts.

Skype pushes out Windows update following massive login glitch


Depends on your definition of "technical."

I mainly use Skype for video chat with my father, who's 88 years old and several thousand miles away. He doesn't understand computers and he never will. Nor does he want to have to learn about them. He quite literally does not have the time to learn about hidden system files, command lines, etc. He's got better things to do with his time. Nobody who lives near him would have the expertise to do the original fix mentioned in the article, either. I'd be the one doing it remotely via TeamViewer.

Lots of people use Skype to keep in touch with elderly relatives who, like my Dad, are extremely intelligent but simply don't have the computer skills required to do much more than click a familiar icon or two. Anything out of their comfort zone, especially a process involving looking for a hidden file or something like that, basically means they're just not going to be able to use the program until someone else performs the fix for them.

And the end result, and the only thing that really matters to them, is that they don't get to talk to or see their kids or grandkids until the problem is fixed. And their kids or grandkids don't get to talk to them, either.

So a "one-click" fix is precisely what's needed in this instance.

Dell outsourcer lifts US woman's saucy pix from PC


That was my thought, too.

It was such blatant bigotry that I went to the URL they displayed during the video, figuring I'd find it to be Faux News. It's an ABC channel "Connecting With Our Community." Close enough.

Bad glass delayed Apple tablet?


Want. One.

Actually, what I'm hoping for is a combination of the handwriting recognition capability of my beloved TecraM4, but with higher specs & OSX. I really hope Apple aren't going down the touchscreen route alone without enabling a pen.


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