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Games console 'killer' powers Avatar 3D power package

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Every1 Is Invited

M keepin an Eye on This whole Cloud Thingy ...& when its finished .. I will ( Render my Castle Schematics On it .......and ) Make a Castle on top Of it ...

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 embraces - yes - HTML5

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Shortcuts Any1 ?

IE9 Preview Minus the ShortCuts

Ctl+Enter Not workin

.com celebrates 25th birthday

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Big Brother

That is quarter of a Centuary

Just Amazin Isnt IT ?

Carlos Slim is world's richest man, Bill Gates now number two

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Once upon a Time .........

They said that.........................&............Also This......................... That

the $UN Never $ets in the British Empire .................................

Cisco 'forever changes internet' with... a router

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Thumb Down

Only Cisco Can Get Away With \ IT

Cisco Tried 2 'forever changes internet' with... a *******rumore*******

Microsoft boffin scoops Turing Award

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We do not like Bill & Co Rite

still Most of Us

wanna be Bill

wanna Meet Him

wanna see him

wanna talk to him

wanna work for him

But the Problem is we can not Replicate what he did

That is He made Billions Of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ buy giving US Micro$hit

In reality this is the only way to run a succesful Business $pecially in U$WORLD

Yellow Dog Linux licks CUDA

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Yellow Dog ! Need I say More

Again i m not satisfied unless i can hook two cpu s and get atleast 60 % performance increase in any application including Os s

Man if Only those Old Baldies, can Fund My Idea I can make Intel latest processors look like a Kfc

Without Software (*Mathematical Breakthrough*) Hardware Advances are Irrelevant , Impossible

Tilera wins VC from Broadcom, Quanta, NTT

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Another Transmeta in Making

Tilera looks like another Transmeta to me

9TB in 20 minutes? Sign me up!

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Kooooooool But Not Gr8 !

Nice But I have Given up on International Boffins Machine.... They have Disappointed me with Cell cesarean Session ......................

DARPA asks you to cram petaflops super into single rack

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Black Helicopters

I can do it In a Single iRacK Sorry ( * Iraq *)

Now where is my Money ?

Intel pitches Atom storage platform

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Reduced Instructions Non x86

Soon There will be a 10 nm Intel Atom For ( Irritating Bowel Syndrome ) Ur ExFat Asses

Intel tightens up Westmere security

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Am i the Only One with a Hangover ?

we don,t need Killer $haRks we Need scalable, Reliable ,Exponential * Practically Implementable * Performance Increase Any Ideas ?

By the way as a Regular Vulture Supporter you Owe me a New Brain ...............................

Microsoft embraces another Linux company

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Gates Horns

M$nOw WhitE and the 7 Dwarfs !

Linux is Linus And USPTO is Ours

Intel shows off 48 cores

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More Micro$hit & Integer Fails

Gogol Monkeys can t do a Human s Job !

Nokia No.2 is so sorry for N97 debacle

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What Nokia OReally need is a Doctor !

Strange no one mentioned,that every company makes 1000 s of Pre release handsets and give them to their employees.....who are bound by the company laws and $hit .... so if this kind of $hit is constantly used by 1000 s of Finns and Indians...

why are they paying them bonuses and $hit......

Finland ( No FuN LaNd )

Super Talent's Superspeed super cheap flash

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Dead Vulture

Plz Explain This ?

so copying the 600GB movie to the Express Drive in the first place will be maybe three to four times as long as the time needed for reading it.

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Dead Vulture

| 600GB movie |

4 a sec I thght i was reading a Review of Caprica Pilot on SyFy..... ...

Intel sneak peeks Westmere EP server silicon

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I am satisfied with my sonic screw driver !

1.7 Billion *Useless* Transistors for Us 17 Billion $ 4 Idiots Inc ha ha ha

Men more different from chimps than women, say boffins

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We now know that we don,t know the unkowns we Never Knew

DNA itslef is not infallible .........................

just like The Man landed on moon ?

WMDs ?

Global Warming ?

we are runnin out of Fosil Fuels ?

Obama deserves the Peace Prize ?



Nokia takes a walk down Sesame Street

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Dead Vulture

Nokia Wants Mobile Product,Services in Poor Countries for Poor People !

Mobile telephone giant Nokia is organising a competition to find a mobile product or service that would best improve the quality of life of people in poor countries. The company is investing a million dollars in the campaign.


Firefox 3.7 to feel need for speed with multicore boost

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Get it Now


Secret code protecting cellphone calls set loose

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|:| White Hat Spooks ha ha ha |:|

M lovin IT .........