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Mariposa botnet suspects quizzed in Slovenia

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Security theater

I've given up on AV and other solutions 10 years ago. All that is needed is playing it safe and one can do that without an AV. Just be more paranoid than the most paranoid person you can think of. It works a treat.

Andraž 'ruskie' Levstik

East european

have you seen a map anytime lately??? Central or south european. We are next to Italy you know.

I believe most of our school books claim central european. Ur do you consider Austria east european as well?

Nokia latest to feel wrath of Jobs

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Who even cares...

... nobody.

Airline ejects passenger for being hungry

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Or maybe he was...

... just misheard.

Policing personal calls on business mobiles

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I still don't have a work phone but then nobody has my cell phone number as well :)

They can reach me via email if they need to(I have that available no the cell phone as well). That I check hourly. But my phones tend to be on silent 90% of the time.

So far this worked just fine. If I ever were issued a work mobile though I'd have a discussion with my boss on when I'll be available and how the costs would get covered.

Microsoft's KIN goes to hell: Site offers comfort

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The what phone???

Never heard of it...

The Linux Chronicles, Part 1

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I won't step on the bomb that is waiting to happen here. But I'll put it this way... if all you want to do is use your computer the way you want it and if the Ubuntu or Fedora or whatever else formula works for you. Great! Nice that you found your solution... Calling it the one true distro... no... we each have our own wants, needs and desires. I'm generally happy with most things packaged... but sometimes there's that one small tiny feature that nearly nobody will use and the maintainers won't enable and then... you need to build the stuff yourself.

I guess I coud go on... but choice is good... so lets all have our own choices on how we want to run our systems and agree on that ;)

Brazilian banker's crypto baffles FBI

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Can't reveal what I don't know...

Other people know parts of my pass keys.

Google vanishes Android apps from citizen phones

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And I'll keep on running...

With whatever apps I want to use on the N900 and not have to worry about this :)

A Rumba with a Roomba

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No prob here

And we're a 2 cat household with them shedding like crazy one of them a mix with a main coone so there's piles of fur for it to gobble up.

Do have the 563 Pet series... We actually have clean floors for more than a day now. Usually they would be covered by fur after that.

Had it now for 3 months and still no issues. It is cleaned once per week completly. I.e. a pick to pull out all the hair from any nook and crany we can find.

Steve Jobs beheads iPad apps for acting like desktops

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And you fail... badly

It has a bastardized FreeBSD kernel. Which is not Linux.

Approaching space object 'artificial, not asteroid' says NASA

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Didn't find them bad

Actually enjoyed reading them all. Though frankly it went way to metaphysical for me at the end.

Nokia and Intel defensive on MeeGo Linux patents

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Owning a N900...

I can tell you this. It is NOT linked to a telco and so on. Hell if I want I can apt-get remove every bit of the system though I only really just remove all the Ovi stuff and skype and flash.

Nokia does provide updates direct to the device but sadly they lack the robustness of a desktop system. I'm hoping with MeeGo this will improve.

Andraž 'ruskie' Levstik

There is...

infact a meego image for the n900 already. It does lack the UI layer iirc so it has a bit of limitations but it is not vapour-ware.

Doctor Who game to transmat in on 5 June

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Where's the...

...PSN and XBLA versions and don't forget a Wii one.

Internet abuzz with BitTorrent bypass code

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That only applies to criminal cases. But copyright last I checked was still under civil law so there you are the one needing to prove your innocence.

Privacy service knocked offline by 'no bullsh*t' registrar

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And I'll...

keep on using scroogle through their tawte certificate. If you need a free certificate try cacert.org though. :)

It's a web-of-trust sort of thing for ssl certs.

AMD tempts gamers with multi-monitor Eye candy

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In case you missed it...

Pratchett does... go watch his Alzheimers documentary. he has a nice rig of 6 displays 2x3 layout.

Intel online software stores set to conquer world

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And those of us...

...that use Free Software/Open Source will keep using them and completly ignore this ;)

Commodore 64 reincarnated as quad-core Ubuntu box

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> now .. where do I find a paper and a ribbon for my Okidata 80 column dot matrix printer ?

At the local suplier of such things. I have 2 fresh ribbons for it and quite some paper. I hardly use printers but I must say dot matrix beats most anything these days.

cat plaintextfile > /dev/lp0 -> get printed text :)

Cryptome: PayPal a 'liar, cheat and a thug'

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why I use moneybookers or even direct wire transfers. The less middleman the money needs to go the greater the chances of it getting to the intended recipient.

Street View threatens to throw Eurostrop

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Don't let...

anything stop you from leaving. Do it now... immediately. Just ship them off... I'm sure the US Army will be more than willing to offer you a rid on one of their big big transporters.

Have fun in mvland

EU rattles sabre at Street View

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To all the "it's only what's seen from a public road"

No it's not... Their cameras are higher than the average person is tall. So that means they see OVER fences and other such things.

So no it's not what you get to see from the public road... It's what you get to see from a double decker bus while sitting on top.

I don't want my 'lil self seen even blured on streetview...

Mandy accused of screwing small biz

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Anyone considered...

...that those businesses don't want to be online for whatever reasons?

Inside Microsoft's innovation crisis

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Bing? innovative?

You mean by ignoring robots.txt ??? Other than that... Probably the most innovative solution to search would be Yacy. A distributed p2p system.

H.264 video codec stays royalty-free for HTML5 testers

Andraž 'ruskie' Levstik


I especially liked the idiot(i think SimonC) bitching about being a paid unemployed coder. Go get a job. Ow... you only know Visual Basic... to bad. Ow and FYI you can have cake and eat it to with Free Software. Nowhere does it say you aren't permited to charge for the app. You just need to respect the license.

Seriously... I have yet to see any benefit to h.264.... And last I heard HTML5 standard will not include any definite video format(due to Nokia and other bitching about it). If it can't be fully open then it's not in. Simple as that. As for patent fears... Apparently Nokia doesn't have them anymore... 2 long standing bugs have recently been fixed in it's maemo bugtracker... want to know what they are?

Include Ogg Vorbis support, include Flac support and I do spot theora somewhere as well so I wouldn't be suprised if that comes in as well.

E-book readers are a satisfied lot

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I'll stick with my Hanlin V3

works great, has no issues. Will get the A9 probably as well for reading PDFs and such stuff... As for beach... there are products to store PDAs and such and still have them accessible :)

Also 21 days battery time on a single charge BEATS AA or anything else.

Disk capacity growth rate slowing

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Hmm that's a tough one...

of course a stopgap meassure... happened each and every time.

Google mystery server rooted in Apache

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Could it be that 11% of sites running GWS is due to more hosts closing down and moving to this so called google network thingy instead of any serious growth.

Future trends:

25% of the world is running on GN

25% of the world is running os Amazon cloud

25% of the world is half running on the Microsoft cloud

25% of the world still likes their human rights, privacy, good will towards everyone etc...

Most consumers reuse banking passwords on other sites

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I did randomize...

... for a while... then simply got tired of it. Oww the important passwords tend to be 30+ chars long and also stored in an encrypted container. But for most sites my default username/password usually go. Though if a site uses email I tend to add a suffix to my mail addy(when the site isn't completly stupid and keeps claiming + isn't valid for an email).

Star Trek to boldly go (again)

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So first kill it...

and now mutilate it... ffs give it a rest... You were killing it for a long time Paramount... just let it die already.

The whole point of Roddenberrys vision of Star Trek was this bright future for everyone - and infact seems to be a reocurring theme(see Andromeda). Always striving to have something better than the crap we have today. Hell even Earth: Final Conflict is somewhat like that.

IT workers told, 'Put down the biscuits, fat boy'

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The Hacker's diet


This is something that IT people could probably understand... And others of the more logicaly oriented industries as well :)

Plastic Logic unveils executive e-book reader

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Are wa talking about you know ARM... the most widespread 32bit cpu in the world??? Yes might have failed as a PC but the architecture is probably the most widespread in the world. Nearly every mobile dovice uses one.

Sarko gets crypto mobe after BlackBerry ban

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No not really. Unless you are looking at it from some geeky point of view. Even though I have the N900 that Theorem thingy looks very nice and it looks solidly built.

Of course it could all just be cheap plastic in the end.

US mum calls 911 over Grand Theft Auto

Andraž 'ruskie' Levstik

This reminds me

Of when my mom took the computer cable so I couldn't play any games. Simple solution. Of course finding it afterwards was half the fun :)

And finding a few spares as well :)

But yeah. Friend of mine had his breakers cut if he overdid it.



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