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2012: The year that netbooks DIED


cheapskates better to go for 2nd hand

I think if I was a student on a limited budget say, I would buy a second hand laptop from a trusted source. Then you get the reasonable performance of a laptop for the price of a netbook. The 6 year old Toshiba I'm typing this on could be had for 100 GBP, cheaper than any netbook or tablet.

Three punters' data use doubles


new keyboard please

It's all wet now

Eurozone crisis hits pay TV: Punters pick broadband over telly

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Re: Germany?

The public service broadcasters in the Germany, ARD and ZDF produce some of the highest quality television in the world. No sign of dumbing down, in fact the output on BR-alpha is degree-lecture stuff!

Also noteworthly is that adverts are allowed before and after news bulletins. Also many series like Tatort are sponsored. Maybe the BBC should consider that to help meet its funding gap?

Probably Germany is not such a growth market after all, there is already enough quality free to view content. The comercial channels show popular stuff for free, and even Eurosport Germany is free to view.

Not sure what you would need to pay for, maybe films, but that could easily move to direct streaming / downloads without the need for a TV company.

Huawei Ascend G300 budget Android

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sadly no bargain

Bought this phone online for £100, second day it did a hard factory reset. Fourth day it did the same thing. A phone which does a reset back to factory settings is a waste of time. The touch-screen is very inaccurate and also fuzzy compared to the HTC One V. You get what you pay for, and I would pay at least £50 not to have the crappy Vodafone software. Also £50 to have Ice Cream sandwhich, so the Huawei is no bargain against the £200 One V.

Top Gear tops iPlayer hit list

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fast forward gear

Most people probably want to be able to skip the JC bits...