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Comcast exec says wired broadband customers should pay-as-they-go


Re: Gouging

Not necessarily true.. On pay as you go, it is in the best interest of the ISP to give you a slow congested network. A 1GB download over a congestion free 1GB/s pipe is going to be very efficient. A 1GB download over a slower congested connection is going to result in a lot of retransmits and a 1GB download is going to turn into a larger download quickly due to retransmits. On pay as you go, you're paying for bytes transferred, not speed.

Blasphemy! Finns trample over Windows Phone home screen


Re: that screenshot - are you serious???

IOS looks much more like Windows 3.1 than the WP8.


The article fails to mention that much of GDR3 is updates by Microsoft and not just Nokia updates. But, haters gonna hate.

Have you reinstalled Windows yet? No, I just want to PRINT THIS DAMN PAGE


Re: What is it this week?

I move printers from one USB port to another on almost a daily basis and I've never had the problem you describe on XP or Win7. Not sure what makes you think it is a windows problem and not a printer driver problem. Once Windows has installed a drivers for a particular USB device, it won't install the driver again no matter how many USB ports you have or which one you plug it in to. So, moving from port to port isn't a problem from a windows perspective. Now, if the crap drivers you have retain port information, then you would need to remove the driver each time you switch ports. That's a driver/manufacturer problem not a Windows problem.

Windows Phone 8 INFLATED by Microsoft ... to satisfy lonely phablets


It can do that, it's call Remote Desktop.

Google's boffins branded 'unacceptably ineffective' at tackling web piracy


Real world problem

Copyright problems exist outside of the internet, so why is the internet being treated different? If I make a movie and sell it at a big box, but some jerk buys the movie and makes copies and sells them in a store, on the street, etc, we don't go after the yellow pages, road builders, or other companies that are used to find and access the company providing illegal goods, so why do we do that on the internet? Doesn't make any sense to me.

Sony unveils Tap 11, the world's SLIMMEST tablet PC (for now)


PLEASE tell me one of these will have a dock that allows for more than one external monitor without using a USB dock. That would let me use my tablet as my primary computing device. No more desktop, no more iPad.

Design guru: Windows 8 is 'a monster' and 'a tortured soul'


Re: wat

Anyone that calls the gestures complicated is over complicating them. Swipe in from the left switches apps. Swipe in from the left and back out and it brings up the list of running apps. This 'finally make a 90-degree turn' is him making crap up. You would think 'in and out' would be an easy gesture for a guy to make.

Windows Phone 8 reboot woe causes outpouring of forum misery


Same here.. no reboots and still have 3/4's of my battery left at the end of the day.

Windows Phone 8: Everything you need to know at a glance


Re: Windows...

MS is out of the 10yr period, they don't have to play nice anymore. They also aren't a monopoly in the phone space.

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Re: OneNote and SkyDrive

Yes.. sync works both ways. Ink'ing and other images show on my 920. I can add images to onenote on the 920 and see them on the PC or via skydrive's OneNote web app.

Yahoo! will! ignore! 'Do! Not! Track!' from! IE10!


Yahoo!, you are wrong! Windows8 install ASKS the user is they want DNT on or off. It is selected by default, but the user has an opportunity to change it. This is done during the initial confiuguration, so on a new computer or an upgrade, users are asked.

There is life after the death of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Start button


Run dialog isn't needed.. just hit the win key and start typing your command. Same as for Win7.

Microsoft dumps Metro from Windows 8


Re: how long has WinPhone been shipping with Metro?

MS has been calling the UI Design 'Metro' since Zune, XBox, and even Media Center.. it certainly isn't a new name just for Windows 8.

Microsoft pops preview of 'biggest, most ambitious' Office yet

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Installed in less than 3 minutes..

I chose to participate in the Office 365 ProPlus which includes a 'click to run' version of Office. It was downoaded, installed, and running in under 3 minutes on a cable internet connection over Wi-Fi. I've bought iPad app that took longer to download and install! I'm impressed with the install time and touch friendly interface. I don't see much in new functionality, but such a full-featured app being touch friendly is impressive!

Java tops for hackers, warns Microsoft


They have a distribution tool that can distrubute any kind of update you want. Look up: System Center Updates Publisher.

Samsung outs 'retina display' ARM chippery



DisplayPort is HDMI + other features. So much so that you can use passive adapters to hook displayport up to an HDMI connection.

So it isn't anything like VHS vs Betamax. It's more like DVD vs HDDVD.

Samsung reveals release for 5in tablet


Need and 'can use' are two different things. Capacitive screens with a digitizer are much more accurate than a capacitive screen alone (even the Jesus Phone). If you acually want to use a stylus with Jesus phone you have to buy a stylus with a blunt end and you still don't have a lot of the features that a digitizer gives you.

Microsoft's high-risk Windows 8 .NET switch


Not at all. There's still a desktop on Windows 8. I'm saying you can develop an app for the desktop if that's the right place for your app, then you can build companion apps that run in Metro (still part of windows 8) that compliment your desktop app.

I'm done designing/building apps for XP. The desktop app I build for Windows 8 will be the same desktop app used in Windows 7. The windows 7 users just won't get the companion metro app.


Are YOU missing the point? - Yes

Your PO generation or complex data input program will stay in the desktop unless you can envision a touch friendly interface. However, there's no reason you couldn't create metro apps that are companion apps to support your business app. Do you have users/roles that log into the app to do simple tasks? Move the simple tasks to your metro companion app.

However, I have seen examples of very complicated applications redesigned to run in Metro and do so very well. Some apps I've seen would have been a very complicated design in a traditional windows forms application, were actually very simple to use in a metro interface.

Worm spreads via RDP


RDP not supported on XP home.

Remote Desktop isn't supported by XP Home edition.

New Mac scareware variant installs without password


'Safe files' are executed automatically.

"But you still have to manually go through the installation process. Nobody will install this software without knowing they are installing it"

- re-read the article. 'Safe files' are executed automatically, the application auto-installs.

"For those who are gloating about the security flaws in Mac OSX, perhaps you should note that this malware will not spy on you, turn your computer into a botnet zombie or try to infect the rest of the world via evil email attachments. No, instead it asks a user for their credit card details, hoping that they will be stupid enough to put them in."

Yeah, it just tries to steal your identity. We know everyone is too smart to allow this to happen, that's whey identity theft isn't a problem.

I don't see any reason why this application couldn't do every one of those things, even though it doesn't do them now.

Harman Kardon SB 16 soundbar



Next they will release an AWE32.

WinPho 7 '1.1' set for March release

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To much control..

Operators still have too much control over MS' release cycle.

As for the data issues, that was found to be a problem with Yahoo's proprietary implementation of IMAP. Apparently one of the fetch commands fetches everything instead of just new mail. It's been documented in several non-MS blogs.

Google speeds Chrome JavaScript engine with 'Crankshaft'


No mention of IE9?

Seems telling that they don't mention how it compares to the javascript engine in IE9.

No one needs Blu-ray, says Microsoft exec

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Agrred, Blu-ray spec is too restrictive

HD DVD also required the ability for a managed copy. This fit well in the media center/xbox space to create a media library within media center without have a DVD Changer. Blu-ray allows for managed copy, but doesn't require it. Based on that alone, I don't blaim them for not wanting to support it.

Since Apple refuses to do any DRM, you won't see Apple supporting blu-ray either.

I enjoy my 1080p streaming from xbox live.. personally, I think $4.50/month is cheap for the services they provide.

You don't need MS' wireless card. You can use power over ethernet. Next, you don't have to use MS branded memory cards. Finally, you can use AA's if you don't want the rechargable kits. If you feel it is price gouging (PS3 accessories aren't any cheaper), then simply don't buy them. There are alternatives.

Apple issues moral regulations apps dev guide


Parental Controls

Their controls are horrible.. so yeah it doesn't let the kids download the apps, but it still lets them see the app and read the descriptions. There are some things kids just don't need to see, like 101 sex positions.

Internet Explorer 9 beta due on September 15



The difference in the JavaScript engines is negligible.. but if you go to their preview site and run some of the apps in there that will also run in compatible browsers, you will see the hardware acceleration makes IE a helluva lot faster than FF or Chrome.


On FF 3.5 I get 36 revs/min. On IE9 preview I get 1850 rev/min.

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You can download the preview and run it with IE8. It isn't the full browser, just the engine.

Defcon speaker calls IPv6 a 'security nightmare'



There is already a IPV6 to IPV6 nat, but it is unneccesary.

Currently, there are IPv4 address space available. By this time next year all of it will be allocated and there will be no new addresses available. Once this occurs, you will start seeing a market around IPv4 addresses. Those companies that have large ipv4 ranges assigned to them will find themselves restructuring because those adresses will be worth some $$.

Companies not willing to pay for IP space, will go to ipv6. The next big 'thing' on the net, will likely be on ipv6 only. You heard it here first. :)

HP MediaSmart Server EX490


Not so proprietary..

The reviewed model is a 3rd generation. I had a first generation system and it failed. Everything plugged right in to the newest model (EX495) and everything was located just fine. But, even if the new system wasn't compatible for some reason, the filesystem is just NTFS. Nothing special there, just put it into any OS that can mount NTFS and do whatever you want with the files.

You stick with your RAID though.. and when you run out of disk space and have to add more drives, have fun with that too. The drive pooling in Home Server is an excellent alternative and still offers redundancy if you want it.

I have ran into other real trouble too.. I have a server (not my ex495) with a 3ware 9650-8i controller and one of my WD Raptor drives went out that was part of a RAID 0 set. Thanks to the home server's bare metal restore option, I was ably to get my server back up with no loss of data.

Last thing.. you can run Home Server on any pc-compatible hardware you want. The HP unit is just a nice complete package. If it fails, install Home Server on cheap-o PC and put your drives into it.

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Like the other commenters, I love this thing. You can't do what this box does in a free solution. You get backup deduping and bare metal restores that are rock solid. I had a drive loss on a RAID 0 set over the weekend. Bought a new drive, did a restore and I was back up in a few hours.

I also agree with the first poster that a lot of the remote access funtionality was left out. It is also a terminal server gateway, so you can Remote into any RDP capable system from anywhere.

The drive pooling is works great too.. there's no performance benefits to multiple disks, but for large cheap storage it works great. I'm at 12TB.. The early boxes EX475 and the newer boxes EX495 support SATA mutipliers, so an external drive cage via ESata port is also an option for expansion.

Microsoft patches Freetard-by-design bug



Your article makes it sound like sharing functionality isn't disabled when you disable it. The hotfix is to address the computer not going to sleep anymore after disabling Media Sharing. I don't see anything odd or humourous about the hotfix.

Usually people don't just go looking for hotfixes unless they are encountering a problem. In the case of Media Sharing via Windows Media Player, it isn't a highly used feature. But people that do use it, don't tend to turn it off.

Microsoft's KIN is dead, long live Windows Phone 7

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Zune Dead?

"That's exactly the same language Microsoft used when it killed the Zune player and turned it into an online music service – used by, you guessed it, KIN."

This statement is incorrect in so many ways.. MS killed off all of their OLDER Zune players. Zune HD is still alive. The online music service didn't come after the zune or even replace the Zune.. the service has always been something that you could use with or without a zune. The zune is just heavily integrated such that you can buy/download songs from the zune itself.

Third of XP security suites flunk tests


Summary Results available free....

Where? I registered and it won't show me anything without subscribing.

Dell Inspiron Zino HD

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No 5.1?

I would hope most people wanting to use this as a media center, would get the 5.1/7.1 audio via the HDMI port, no?

Windows 'openness' hailed in Nintendo game defeat


yeah, MS does allow just about anyone (some countries not allowed)

Yes, MS does let anyone that wants to develop software for the xbox360. You have to pay them to get the right to do so with an account to submit to xbox live, but Nintendo doesn't even allow that. Not just anyone can call nintendo and get a development kit.

Through DreamSpark you could (can?) get free access. XNA (the development environment) is free, so with a little effort you can develop against the 360 for free.

Apple to offer own-brand HDTV, claims analyst


In typical Apple tradition..

The remote will have one button.

Microsoft responds to Xbox's 54% failure rate


Wii twoubles

I'm surprised the Wii failure rates are that low. Everyone I know that has purchased a Wii has had to send it in. I will say Nintendo's service is top-notch.

My xbox on the other hand has been rock solid and it gets played a lot more than the wii and is used for a number of other things like watching movies.

PS3.. what's that? :)

MS pumps out near-ready version of Exchange Server 2010


RE: @Anonymous Coward 15:07

If you have such a hard time, call the regional MS account manager and ask for help. We've had several resources come in free of charge to help us plan out Exchange 2007 migration.

As for the re-install comment, the only reason you wouldn't have an upgrade path is if you are currently on a 32bit platform. Otherwise, there is an upgrade path. If you want to continue running exchange on a 32bit platform, then you must be at a very small shop.

Lastly, if exchange isn't stable for you then.. well you must be clueless.

Opera chief warns on equal access to Windows services


Sites that help keep users' PCs secure and updated

Opera folks should actually try running windows 7. 'Windows Update' doesn't use a browser anymore, so I'm not sure what they are talking about when they say they want access to "sites that help keep users' PCs secure and updated".

IBM bricking Seagate SATA disks



The original Barracuda firmware problems did include the enterprise drives. In fact, the non-enterprise drives were fixed first and enterprise customers were made to wait 2-3 more weeks before the firmware was available. The kicker is the enterprise firmware won't apply to OEM drives, so these IBM customers can't just go to Seagate's site and get the firmware updates. IBM will have to provide them unless Seagate removes the restriction from their installer.

Official Amazon Kindle 2 images leak out


story on amazon.com home page.

pre-order now:


La Cie's quiet fans


re Dysinformation..

No they are leading edge. On the Left image the fan spins counter clockwise. They are strange looking blades

Obama's BlackBerry to be banned?


Big Brother

Umm.. thats the whole point of a BES server is to be able to archive everything that goes through the phone. If you have a blackberry, big brother IS watching.

Google to launch iPhone voice search app


TellMe?! How about Live Search mobile.

Why in the hell are they comparing it to Microsoft's 'tellme' when 'Mobile Live Search' does voice based searches extremely well.. no limit to categories. And has been available for over a year.

Blockbuster to release Apple TV set-top box rival?

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Put that service in my xbox and I will subscribe. Make me buy another box to put by my TV and you can keep your little box. forget it..

Microsoft denies Lite-On Blu-ray rumour


The number one reason there will never be a Blu-ray drive in xbox...

BD-J will require some sort of JVM on the xbox. I don't see that happening. People think you just slap a drive on and it works. Not so...

Blu-ray drive in development for Xbox 360


to Mark...

The xbox is already 2 years old.. it sounds like the bluray version would be the next version.

And all the other stuff you mentioned... I don't know anybody with an xbox without an hdd. There was some slow downs with the online service, but that was right after christmas.. all good now. And the jet engine comment, if you stick the thing in an area with no air circulation of course it will get loud. I guess the quiet consoles would just shut down from thermal protection?!

Lastly, I would prefer to be able to add things on to my system instead of it being all built in. It makes my console less likely to become obsolete. It must suck to own a console that still can't do half of what a two year old console can do. :)

Nvidia drivers named as lead Vista crash cause in 2007



To all of you wondering why creative isn't on the list.. the audio stack was moved out of the kernel. An audio driver can't crash the system now.