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Tosh admits customer accounts pillaged



Probably very old news to you lot, but even hashed passwords are pointless if you know the hash!



md5("Password1") = 2ac9cb7dc02b3c0083eb70898e549b63

http://www.md5rainbow.com/2ac9cb7dc02b3c0083eb70898e549b63 shows the password decrypted.

Sony wins subpoena for PS3 hacker's PayPal records


How does this stand in court?...

...Surely any money paid in to that PayPal account is a "gift", and cannot be directly linked to his PlayStation hacking site??

EA dubs Nintendo Wii a 'legacy platform'


I don't understand...

Why would a "legacy" console STILL cost the same as it did 2 Christmases ago? Surely it's legacy when people stop buying it?

Microsoft 'paid Nokia $1bn' for WinPho 7 deal

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The cost of a soul nowadays?

Approximately $1B.

iPhone to whup Sony PSP 2


The problem with the PSP...

...is how bloody expensive it is! If you can get *near* PSP quality games on an iPhone or Android device (like the Xperia Play) for free one a contract, why would you pay hundreds for a PSP?

Nuance Flext9

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A nice offering...

...but how many people will take the plunge when Swipe offers much of the same and is free of charge?

Sony threatens to ban PS3 jailbreakers from network


I could be wrong...

...but i thought that after the recent leak of the digital signature Sony use over twitter, you no longer need a "modified" console, you could simply re-sign the software yourself?

Motorola confirms Xoom tablet is Blighty-bound



...that we will have to wait until the USA has had their fill before we get a look in. :(

Geeky gifts for Valentine's Day



Are you seriously expecting someone might get a 2100 quid Panasonic TV for Valentines day?! Who the hell are you guys going out with? Rihanna/Beyoncé?!

W3C apologizes for HTML5 brand confusion


The Oatmeal...

...has provided an awesome comic regarding this new logo here:


PlayStation 3 code signing cracked


@Anonymous Coward "Just to clarify?"

This is correct, however this also means you can create your own PS3 OS similar to Xbox Media Center (XBMC) which can do all of the above. I think if anything the sale of PS3 consoles will go up because of this.

Standard smartphone charger to dominate in two years

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It's been a long time coming...

...and quite frankly I'm amazed it's taken this long! I have been wondering for the past 10-12 years as to why this didn't happen with mini USB connectors. My phone at the moment, among hundreds of other handsets, has a Micro USB connector so I'm glad to say it's already been rolled out by a lot of manufacturers (HTC, Motorola, LG, Nokia).

[iHate] because I'm also really surprised that Apple have agreed to sign up as everyone knows they're ridiculous when it comes to having their own custom connections which cost an arm and a leg to get hold of!

Sony pips MS with 4.1m motion controller sales

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Pointless demographic

"The Move was launched in September, a couple of months ahead of the Kinect introduction"

...Apple have rubbed both Sony and M$'s noses in it by releasing that they've sold well over 40 million iPhones of all models since their release 3 years ago.

The product is in no way comparable as StooMonster and Shaun 1 have stated above, and it's been out for a LOT longer.

[iHate: Simply because regardless of the sales of Apple's Jesus phone, I'm still no iFan]

Android flaw poses drive-by data slurp risk


It's frustrating...

...being an owner of an Android device which isn't a Nexus for this exact reason. The instant a bugfix or a new version of the OS is released, it takes ages to work it's way through the manufacturers, then the carriers. I still don't have 2.2. There are a lot of phones which are stuck on 1.6. I think upgrading the handset to a latest model is the best way to keep the software up to date :(

I would have thought that if it's a straightforward thing to fix, it could be done by an "update.zip", but this may be another thing that the "fragmentation" of Android makes slightly more difficult to carry out.

Dixons drops exclusive Toshiba Android tablet


In my opinion...

Having used one of these devices, I'm positive the issues are solely software based. I removed a few bits of Toshiba Bloat-ware from the startup list and replaced Toshiba's Launcher with ADW.Launcher and the device became totally useable.

The other issue I'm sure people are returning the device for is it's initial lack of Flash 10.1. It is to my understanding that the official release from Toshiba Towers for the Flash plugin is some time this week, maybe even as soon as today.

Nexus One resuscitated as 'Pure Google Nexus S'


Vinilla is all well and good...

...but I couldn't do everything I wanted to do without have HTC Sense. I tried, and I just didn't like it. I can see the advantages of having a Google Vanilla OS (speed of updates primarily) but I'm happy to just wait and get a nice shiny UI and additional functionality, like better integrated Facbook and Twitter.

The Nexus One didn't sell anywhere near as many handsets as it should have done, so supplying through a company like the Carphone Warehouse is the best bet in my opinion.

Google: Oracle doctored that 'copied Java code'


Open Handset Alliance

Google need to watch who's toes their stepping on. "Android isn't developed by Google. It's developed by the Open Handset Alliance". I'm with @Ralph 5, they're passing the blame on to all of the other manufacturers and developers in the OHA.

The 99p mobile phone: What's the catch?

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Re: Re: It's about time...

People are always going to want the latest gadgets - you'll have to look past the general public that want an Apple branded product purely because their friends have one. You'll see a hoard of people using (and developing for) e.g. Android devices - then sharing their source code. There are thousands of people out there using the technology the way it's supposed to be used rather than paying through the teeth for a toy with which they won't use 90% of the functionality.

Robots capable of 'deceiving humans' built by crazed boffins


I'm with this guy...

I'll program this robot to make a false trail and then program this robot to follow it. Amazingly it only worked 75% of the time!?

On a side note, let's see how many Terminator heads this case racks up...

Hands on with Motorola's Milestone 2 and Defy


Windows over Linux?!

You'd rather have regular updates on a Windows phone than have an Android phone with the possibility of nightly/weekly custom ROM builds?! That's just crazy!

Toshiba warns of fiery laptops


Can't you lot read?

You all FAIL.

The DC in jack of the notebook has a fault which causes it to overheat.

The AC adapter does not overheat and is in no way affected.

There are only a few units which are effected (Manufacturing plant specific?).

A BIOS update detects affected units and disables the DC in jack.

The BIOS update also alters the cooling module to ensure an unaffected notebook is kept cool at all times.

Angry Birds take wing on Android


Custom Roms

I have no idea as to what's causing it, but my custom 2.1 ROM on my Hero can't find this app on the marketplace either. I'm pretty gutted about that, cause I've been waiting for this app for a long time.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro Symbian smartphone



Why are manufacturers still using resistive touch screens?! And why Symbian? Yet another Sony Ericsson phone which will fade in to nothingness.

Just think of the posibilities if they'd put a capacitive touch screen and Android on there?

Video calling impresses Brits, if it's Apple video calling

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Only on iPhone...

It infuriates me that Apple can get away with making their “unique selling points” out of something that has been around for years, and something that is readily available on other handsets. It’s not just the videocalling feature that Orange and Hutchinson 3G have been offering for a decade, their “apps for just about anything, /only/ on iPhone” adverts are simply lies. Ovi, Maemo and Android offer apps for exactly the same amount of “just about everything”, if not less of the useless crap that’s clogging the Apple store. What’s more is most of them are free on Apple’s competitors market places are Free!

I hate Apple and their trend following fanboys.

…Rant over.

Philippines declare war on cyberlingo


Late to the party...

I agree. Leet speak has been around since the early days of counterstrike and unreal tournament (if not before?). Nothing to worry about here.

Android and iPhone bite into Nokia Q2 results



Nokia haven't pushed any boundries for years now. The 3210 was robust and nigh-on indestructable, but since then what have they released? Colour screens... wow.

It's about time a few other big contenders got in on the market. With a high end battle between android and "iOS" maybe we'll start seeing some big changes.

SymbianOS was buggy and regularly crashed or locked up and has done nothing in terms of improving over the past few years - Maemo is Nokia's only hope in my opinion.

I agree with NX1977. Android showed a lot of potential even before any handsets were released. They missed a chance and now they're suffering for it.

Apple's iPad - fat iPhone without the phone


I'm glad...

...that i'm not the only one who looked at the numerous videos after the official announcement and went "pssshh, is that it?!".

I can't see anything groundbreaking here...

Google 'open' memo betrays deep corporate delusion


Let's be honest...

...They're very good at what they do, and since Google came on to the internet scene, a lot of very useful apps and tools have been given to both developers and end users. My personal experience on the internet would be completely different without Google being the "gate keeper", but in all honesty, Their paid ad system, their search algorythm, their analytics system, their apps (eg maps) and even their mobile OS Android all work really well.

I believe that the instant the search listing algorythm was open sourced, the search listings would be useless, filled with spam, and Google's power as the worlds best search engine would slip.