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You in for a curl up and dye? Yeah, looks like the same for this screen in a hairdressers



I had expected a cURL command line with a title like that

Big Falcon explosion as SpaceX successfully demos Crew Dragon abort systems


Re: Yes it very much DOES matter

Not sure where you got the idea I was defending Boeing, but thanks for the downvote


"Boeing and NASA have opted not to put the Starliner through a SpaceX-style abort demonstration. Handy, because the beleaguered aviation giant's rockets are very much a single-use affair."

Does that matter, given that the rocket is lost during the test anyway?

(well yes, SpaceX had a used rocket, but still, rocket lost is rocket lost)

(yay for the fitting icon)

The US Army recruits WALL-E Chris H as its next-generation bomb disposal robot


is it alive?

looks more like number 5

Sure, we made your Wi-Fi routers phone home with telemetry, says Ubiquiti. What of it?


Re: Cloud product talks to cloud

No, not at all

Tesla's autonomous lane changing software is worse at driving than humans, and more


Re: Incomplete




Jake Fisher later wrote that this conclusion was misinterpreted.

Carefully omitted by El Reg.

Why not have a complete and honest article?

Tesla big cheese Elon Musk warns staffers to tighten their belts in bid to cut expenses (again)


Re: I don't get it...

I think battery production is still a limiting factor but Panasonic last said that things were improving.

Mods I have known, Mods I have loved, Mods I have hated: Motorola's failed experiment is now a savvy techie's dream


AAAARGH you shouldn't have mentioned an oscilloscope back

Fraudster convicted of online banking thefts using… whatever the hell this thing is


"This should send a clear message to anyone considering committing crimes of this nature that you can continue as soon as you leave prison"


Google: I don't know why you say Allo, I say goodbye



Who cares about Messages... SMS must die.

Don't get me started about the latest feature they added to Messages: automatically make a preview from a link you receive *from anybody*.

Who needs MMS to spread Android malware, we now have SMS

Roscosmos: An assembly error doomed our Soyuz, but we promise it won't happen again


rapid unscheduled decrewing ;)

Drink this potion, Linux kernel, and tomorrow you'll wake up with a WireGuard VPN driver


Re: I'm not an expert but I'm thinking "Not a chance."

Jason seems to be overly cautious, I've been running it on my Ubiquity ER-X and Android phone and this thing rocks. In terms of speed and stability, it leaves OpenVPN and the likes far behind.

What stands out most: enabling it doesn't involve any connection at all, zero battery drain. But when it notices you try to reach the configured network, it will pack your packets and send them off.

Since both Linus and Greg are a big fan of WireGuard, chances that it gets merged are the full 100%

Tesla undecimates its workforce but Elon insists everything's absolutely fine


Re: sustainable, clean energy

Neither are solar and wind, because after 20+ years you need to replace the infrastructure. I'd bet the junk this creates has a higher volume than nuclear waste ;)

VPNFilter router malware is a lot worse than everyone thought



FWIW, the vulnerability used on QNAP devices was fixed more than a year ago. And by default it nags about a new firmware when you log in.

'Alexa, find me a good patent lawyer' – Amazon sued for allegedly lifting tech of home assistant


This isn't a patent of an idea, its a patent of a solution or system to solve the problem.

I don't think this files under the typical US obvious patents.

France building encrypted messaging app for politicians


Re: |matrix| ?



|matrix| ?

I thought it was a fork of |Matrix| ?


Aut-doh!-pilot: Driver jams 65mph Tesla Model S under fire truck, walks away from crash


Re: 6 Warnings to keep your hands on the wheel

It already does. If it thinks you're not keeping the hands on the wheel, it disables autopilot and the car must come to a complete stop before it can be enabled again.


Re: Don't call it Autopilot, for a start

Don't start that discussion again, for a start.

We've been here before, including the analogy with what the autopilot on a plane does...



I am, however, interested in hearing why the anti-collision didn't do its work...

Ubuntu 17.10 pulled: Linux OS knackers laptop BIOSes, Intel kernel driver fingered


Re: Debian SID

We are both right, you know... LTS is based on Testing, the other releases are based on Unstable (SID)


Debian SID

If you know what Ubuntu is based on, there's really no surprise...

Danger! High voltage: German customs bods burn half-tonne of weed in power station


Re: Bah!

yeah, they're getting good at it, with no decrease in production of it ever since they decided to shut down nuclear

Munich council: To hell with Linux, we're going full Windows in 2020

Black Helicopters

Re: Not sure about Office?

Yes, MS is upping the marketing effort...

They are also doing a Wordperfect tactic here, with some bizarre deal that gives all kids of all the schools in my city(*) an Office365 account, all homework and communication is done on it so no escape for the brainwashing of the kids.

Only years before we had managed to move the school of my kids to linux, everybody happy, and then this move came in from above.

Curse lobbying...

(*) Gent, Belgium

Self-driving bus in crash just 2 hours after entering public service


auto auto

I see what you did there

Curiosity rover gives Mars the middle finger, prepares to get drilling


Re: Drilling/digging on Mars a sh*te harder than it looks

As long as it's not my house

(greetings from Belgium btw)

Linux kernel community tries to castrate GPL copyright troll


Re: I'm confused

This is in fact not true, but most cases of soft enforcement do not go through courts and lawyers and certainly don't make the news

Release the KRACKen patches: The good, the bad, and the ugly on this WPA2 Wi-Fi drama


Re: IoT ... HA HA HA HA

Espressif already has a firmware out with fixes, so IoT using ESP chips can be upgraded (mine will).

Open source sets sights on killing WhatsApp and Slack



I hope they pick [Matrix] - works well already

Ghost in Musk's machines: Software bugs' autonomous joy ride


Re: Really??

An under-run bumper would have shown up as 'not an empty space' so it very much would have saved his life, it would have triggered emergency braking

AMD Ryzen beats Intel Core i7 as a heater (that's also a server)


P4 would have been better for heating

that's all

Twitter is just randomly deleting people's lists – and no one knows why


Re: Well... you get what you pay for...

indeed, the problem isn't free or paying, but closed or open.

If you can't export your data, you're screwed

Record number of non-EU techies coming to Blighty


Re: How many are from India?

Most of the EU has identical skills gaps so no...

QNAP users: It's your turn to patch in a hurry


It installed a 'patched' version of the latest firmware containing malware, so the hole is not in 4.2.5, it was fixed in that version.

The malware creators installed their 4.2.5 infected version so users would think they are OK and the system would not see any need to update.


Re: Malware discovered on QTS devices

If you expose its WWW side to the net...

The hole was in their Photo Station app, which has a web interface. That's where they got in.

The malware was a bitcoin miner (AFAIK, maybe there were others?), and they have a malware remover app that they update whenever they know about nasties targeting their NAS models.


The hole seems to have been in the Photo Station app, so upgrade that one ASAP!

More info:


(note to editor: there is a direct link from that advisory list, it is in the right-most column)

NASA finds India's missing lunar orbiter with Earth-bound radar


Re: Puzzled

AC is confusing North Pole of the Moon with that of the Earth ;)

Sony: Never mind the phones – look out at what our crazy lab scientists have done


headphones that do not drown out the environment

That's exactly why I bought the backbeat 903 years ago: it delivers the music but doesn't block the environment much.

It's the only safe way to use headphones in traffic

EU whacks first nail into mobile roaming charges' coffin


@S4qFBxkFFg what a wrong comparison... when you use the foreign SIM you're not actually using something you bought there, you're using the cell towers build by the operators in your country, and you expect they will give that usage for free?

Who's shit-brained here?

GitLab.com melts down after wrong directory deleted, backups fail


Re: All of the above notwithstanding, it's a bit hard to understand use of rm -rf ...

ctrl-a and then shift-delete

bonus: on windows it would have taken ages to delete 300GB

Wi-Fi for audiophiles: Alliance preps TimeSync certification program


Now I'm wondering why my Squeezeboxes have been playing so well for the past many years

I never new they were impossible to work so well, I guess I will need this new technology to fix this problem I don't have

Trump's plan: Tariffs on electronics, ban on skilled tech migrants, turn off the internet


The big difference is that Obama was seriously blocked by missing a majority elsewhere. Trump will be able to go ahead without blocks.

Ubuntu Core Snaps door shut on Linux's new Dirty COWs

Thumb Down

Re: When did Linux start becoming like Windows?

That's a bit cheap and easy, not? Blaming kernel and *NIX tool bugs on systemd...

In its current state, Ubiquiti's EdgeSwitch won't have much of an edge on anyone



I had no trouble at all getting good and fast support from UBNT, much better than other vendors.

Will buy again, regardless of your personal vendetta

Hacktivist crew claims it launched last week's DDoS mega-attack


Re: Think I've found the problem....

You mean like how Philips did with their photo frames? Since all their MAC addresses were sequential popping them all in a row was easy (and done)...

Ageing GSM crypto cracked on commodity graphics rig


Re: So

indeed, the attack will include fallback to 2G so how long before 2G is removed completely?

Devs! Here's how to secure your IoT network, in, uh, 75 easy pages


3 easy rules I use

Since there is some IoT stuff I want to use but don't trust, I use three rules when connecting them up:

1) separate VLAN: they all go on a wifi that uses a separate VLAN, and the firewall allows access from my main network to the VLAN but not the other way around.

2) whitelisting: access from the network to the internet is blocked by default, only whitelisted devices are allowed. Guess what, none of the IoT are on it (in fact the VLAN is just blocked anyway)

3) reverse proxy: for stuff I do want to access for convenience, I set up a reverse proxy on the webserver.

I pity the poor consumer who has no network knowledge and buys some internet connected crap....

Don't panic, but a 'computer error' cut the brakes on a San Francisco bus this week


Don't step in an airbus then. Or in several modern cars.

Drive/fly by wire is not new, you know?

What is happening here, however, is just plain bad design. Having a critical system with single point of failure. <- period there

Swansong for Rosetta as it lands on the duck-shaped comet


Re: So...

Assuming you didn't copy your joke from http://xkcd.com/1740/ ...