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Twitter says hack of key staff led to celebrity, politician, biz account hijack mega-spree

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to an inbox they controlled, requested password resets

There's your primary weak point right there. Without good reason (and having to go via support), it should NOT be possible to directly change an email address used by an account without sending the confirmation link to the original email address.

[and, one might add, disallow password changes for a certain time after email address changes]

SoftBank: Oi, we paid $32bn for you, when are you going to strong-Arm some more money out of your customers?

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"Arm was faced with the choice of upping its licensing costs to make up for the low royalties, or increase its royalties."

Or take a third option - tell SoftBank to piss off. There's a reason that the costs are what they are. Don't they already think ARM has already done a lot of work in calculating the most advantageous pricing?

Sure, they could charge more. They could triple the charges overnight. And the result? A massive loss of goodwill as those using ARM technology jump ship to something else. End result? Lower income, fewer cores in use and in production, and probably kick-starting a viable competitor in the market. It worries me that something calling itself a bank can't figure that much out...

Cornish drinkers catch a different kind of buzz as pub installs electric fence at bar

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Re: Works for the sheep

"enforcing it by cattle shock fencing is pointless sadism"

It's not pointless, it's bloody funny. It's called schadenfreude, and it goes like this:

Person: is a twat, doesn't care about respecting others

Person: Bzzzzzt!

Everybody else: Ha! Ha!

(icon, because I'm sick of fucktards that don't fucking understand to stay the fuck away; one metre, two metre, that doesn't mean stand close enough that you couldn't slide a newspaper between us, just fuck right off...)

Sueball locked, loaded and pointed at LinkedIn over iOS privacy naughtiness

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Re: had submitted a new version of its app that removed the offending code

Or maybe just:

#define SNOOP_ON_LUSER 0

(until they roll out an update in a couple of weeks with the other code back in place)

heyrick Silver badge

had submitted a new version of its app that removed the offending code

Oh bollocks.

You've removed the offending bit of code that you just got caught out on. Given that you seemed to think it's perfectly fine to snoop on the clipboard, what else are you snooping on?

The world's nonsense keeping you awake in middle of the night? Good news. Go outside and see this two-tail comet

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The way this year has been going, I'd suggest "all of the above" as the final option.

I bow to my dusty plant based overlords...

Android 11 will let users stop device-makers from killing background apps, says Google

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Two other things Android needs to get sorted

The mobile comms options appear to be 2G only, 3G only, everything. It would be a lot better if this was split up as Slow, Fast, Everything. Because I'd like to benefit from the 4G around, but not risk reverting to 2G.

Why? Because Edge is just bloody awful. Orange France has it set so data takes priority (and when it's trying to do data, no phone calls will come in, it can't handle both), it spends forever twiddling it's thumbs (nothing at all being sent or received, just trying trying trying), and if it should manage to work, it works at a speed that an analogue modem from the mid '90s would laugh at. 3G+4G please!

The second thing is please twiddle the QoS so that the foreground app always takes precedence, like at least 75% of the available bandwidth if it needs it. Because it's really annoying to have the app that you're wanting to use stall because a dozen background apps want to check stuff (a big offender is Google Play Services). By all means call the mothership, but they're goddamn background apps. Not a single one of them should be given any preference over data transfers of the foreground app, you know, the one the user is attempting to use.

[this last point is related to the first, because the foreground app can be blocked for minutes if the phone gets itself stuck on 2G...and everything lurking decides it wants to use this shiny new connection to call home; sodding Android seems to give them all priority]

TomTom bill bomb: Why am I being charged for infotainment? I sold my car last year, rages Reg reader

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Re: As I read that

"he's trying to blame Mazda for it"

It is Mazda's fault. The factory reset procedure implies that everything on the car will be wiped. As the satnav is an integral part of the vehicle, it isn't unexpected that the reset would also apply to that.

It clearly doesn't, and this should either be rectified (some sort of "purge" command on the internal bus) or a big note on the screen stating what isn't covered by the factory reset.

CEO of motherboard maker MSI dies after plunging from headquarters' seventh-floor

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It's a crying shame that everybody knows to check boobies, prostate, eat healthy, alcohol in moderation, exercise, etc etc...but the merest whisper of something not being right in the most important part of the body and it's like the world is about to end.

Sometimes people go through shitty periods in life and sometimes they start to feel like the world would be better if they just weren't in it. Such people shouldn't feel shamed while already in a bad way. It should be possible for people to talk with friends and family members without the fear of some sort of repercussions.

So why does this stigma persist?

heyrick Silver badge

Too soon.

Hungry? Please enjoy this delicious NaN, courtesy of British Gas and Sainsbury's

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Re: Butterscotch? Nope.

I hanker for it. Everything is so bloody green and wholesome these days. If I was supposed to stuff myself on lettuce (*), I'd have been born with floppy ears and a tail...

* - Lettuce has practically no nutritional value and may be loaded with one or more of pesticides, bleaches, traces of excrement, and various gastropods. I'd rather take my chances with a Pot Noodle.

heyrick Silver badge

Glad to know something is still okay. How about that whisk and serve semolina? I used to live on that stuff!

Just don't mention Walnut Whip, Quattro, Toffo, Secret, Woolies Pick&Mix, and the size of any chocolate bar these days.

Heir-to-Concorde demo model to debut in October

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Re: Can it reduce the time spent at airports

"queue to pass through the gate, queue on the gangway, queue some more"

Uh, isn't that basically the British national passtime? I've encountered people queuing in the high street with no idea why they were queuing, just other people were so they joined in. [Fleet, by the chemist, end of March 2002 - if you know, let me know, I had to go to work...]

Oracle tempts users to run its cloud in their own data centres – for a mere '$6 million' commitment

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for at least a $6m commitment

Isn't that basically just some legalese to ensure lock-in?

By requiring a certain minimum over a period of time, it makes it harder to jump ship to an alternative that can offer better, or cheaper, or both.

Boolean bafflement at British Airways' Executive Club: Sneaky little Avioses - Wicked, Tricksy, False!

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Holy Mary, Mother of God

I heard that uttered at the end of The Goonies, and was holy what of what just what?!?

Icon, because, seriously... I know some bits of religion are supposed to be taken on faith, but what?

Shopped recently in a small online store? Check this list to see if it was one of 570 websites infected with card-skimming Magecart

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"single use virtual credit cards"

Doesn't your bank provide that? Mine does - link to info (in French). It's the only sensible way to pay for stuff online.

heyrick Silver badge

Re: 40000

orange.com, FFS!

Social media giants move to defy Hong Kong's new national security law

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Re: Not only


Three UK: We're sending you this SMS to warn you not to pay attention to unsolicited texts

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It's as bad as the banks

Sending emails telling you never to follow links in messages claiming to be from the bank...

...followed by a big link button to go to your account.

I kind of wonder if anybody who clicks the link has some sort of "UserIsATwat" flag set on their account?

When a deleted primary device file only takes 20 mins out of your maintenance window, but a whole year off your lifespan

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Re: You know you've been reading El Reg too long…

You know you've been reading too long when you just nod in sympathy and mumble "uh-huh".

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Re: Windows 95 was still new...

"I was 13 at the time and a totally noob with computers"

And, yet, you likely knew more about what was necessary than the authors of those "fix Windows" programs.

Before letting anything near my real machine, I'd give it a whirl on an old box running a basic installation (era of 98SE ~ XP). My god, I don't think I found one single registry cleaner that didn't make things worse. One of them made such a mess Windows threw a BSOD on booting.

Accordingly, my machine's registry might be cluttered and suboptimal, but it hasn't been wrecked by some half-assed attempt to "repair" it.

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Serious question from a non Unix person

"The file space isn't reclaimed as long as the file is held open by some process."

How does the system actually manage to delete a file that something has open and active? Surely any sensible filesystem should refuse to delete an open file?

Think of a number: A tale of iffy discount codes, supermarket loyalty cards and Hotels.com

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selling the discount codes for between £200 and £750

Wait, what?

They were selling them for their face value? What the hell is the point of that?!?

Dutch national broadcaster saw ad revenue rise when it stopped tracking users. It's meant to work like that, right?

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RTB is fascinating

Advertising is the art of making money through bullshit. Reduces the signs of aging, nine out of ten budgerigars prefer it, clinically proven...

Now along comes RTB which is a whole new way to make money out of bullshit, but what is being sold is somebody else's bullshit. It's like double plus bullshit equals kerching. [*]

It's fascinating, all this money being created out of hot air and waffle, that ultimately makes products cost more, a price that we end up paying unless we take the attitude that companies that advertise aggressively have to overcharge for their product in order to cover costs, and thus refuse to buy from aggressive advertisers.

* - My phone's swipe-type autocorrect wanted to replace "kerching" with "leeching". My phone understands. That is all.

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Re: Dear Advertisers,

"billions of clicks from your less enlightened brethren beg to differ…"

Billions, huh?

You know the population of this planet, right?

And you know how many of them have a computer and internet access, right?

And you know how many actually see your advert and understand what it says enough to want to click on it, right?


'Cos, I think you'll find, those billions of clicks came from excited webcams and underappreciated toasters. Because, come on, what toaster doesn't dream of having a pristine slice of Hovis gently slid inside of itself? {click} {click} {click}

heyrick Silver badge

Re: 'Relevant' ads

"Perhaps the targeting just doesn't work very well."

The targeting doesn't have to actually work, it just has to look convincing enough to justify the publisher taking their hefty cut.

Happy privacy action day in California: If you don't have 'Do not sell my information' in your website footer, you need to read this story right now

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he criticized the slow enforcement of Europe’s GDPR

Funny, given that it's his country's (frequently his state's) megacorps that are the problem, that hide behind bullshit privacy shields and of course the "we're in a different country they doesn't follow your laws (you follow ours)" issue.

And what's this with being "sold"? There's a vast gaping chasm between collecting and processing personal data, and selling it. Probably a chasm large enough to create plenty of loopholes to keep lawyers busy, and we're not all Max Schrems. Most of us, faced with that, won't bother.

MIT apologizes, permanently pulls offline huge dataset that taught AI systems to use racist, misogynistic slurs

heyrick Silver badge


It explains why nerds don't mate well. Some things, it seems, remain a perplexing predicament.

I mean, it's clearly some sort of input/output port, right?

heyrick Silver badge

Re: This is a problem in general

You did turn off search sanitising, right?

heyrick Silver badge

This is a problem in general

Google (images) for "cute girl" and notice how "cute" seems to be a metaphor for "naked", and usually the sort of person you wouldn't want to take home to meet the parents, thus implying some alien unrecognised definition of the word cute.

Apple said to be removing charger, headphones from upcoming iPhone 12 series

heyrick Silver badge

burn so fast I make gingers look like Morgan Freeman...

If there's a vote for the comment soundbite of the year, can I nominate this?

heyrick Silver badge

Re: There is no price...

"I've got dozens of USB chargers and several pairs of headphones kicking around as they often outlive their original device."

Me too. So instead of wondering where chargers and such are, I have one in the bedroom, one by the computer, one in the living room...

It's worth noting, however, that only two of them are capable of stepping up to 9V for fast charge, and only three of them are up to charging the tablet.

That being said, can I find the right USB cable? Can I heck. I went on Amazon and got this brilliant cable that has lightning, USB C, and micro USB all together. Got a couple of those that stay with the charger so whatever needs a charge can get it without the "dammit this one is USB C" problem.

As for earphones, I'm currently using proper Bluetooth headphones as ear lugs sound rubbish, often fall out, and don't last very long at all. Plus, I now have a lovely noise cancelling pair that is brilliant for using when mowing (context: it's a ride-on and a full mow takes a little under three hours).

heyrick Silver badge

"BMW drivers, Audi drivers and people who should never be allowed behind the wheel."

So, basically: BMW drivers, Audi drivers, and everybody else?

heyrick Silver badge

And, of course, the price will be reduced accordingly, right?

Apple: We're defending your privacy by nixing 16 browser APIs. Rivals: You mean defending your bottom line

heyrick Silver badge

other APIs that can be abused

Browsers really ought to put toggle switches on all of these, so the end users can decide whether or not they are available.

The amount of secret sauce being hidden in a piece of software that is then routinely used by god knows how many third party scripts is... disturbing.

Brit police's use of facial-recognition tech is lawful, no need to question us, cops' lawyer tells Court of Appeal

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Re: This is legislation which affects everyone, immediately and continuously

"but rather a citizen wide vote"

Yeah, because democracy by referendum works so well...

heyrick Silver badge

Re: So now

"And what if you happen to look a bit like someone on the wanted list?"

This wasn't even creepy cam. This was just black dude and his father on bikes who just happened to match the description of a recent nearby stabbing where the assaillants were described as...tada...two black guys on bikes.


Now imagine how well this is going to go when a machine is connected to various cameras, trying to identify everybody it sees, and periodically screams "WITCHES!". Especially when you consider that such systems are notoriously poor at distinguishing people who aren't white.

Fasten your seat belts: Brave Reg hack spends a week eating airline food grounded by coronavirus crash

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Re: Would I eat airline curry?

"Which always made me wonder why they called it a peach flan?"

Because it's supposed to be a peach flan, but is bulked out with apple because it's cheaper.

Apple and my digestion don't get on well, so I tend to look for where things have apple stuffed in like that. You'd be surprised how often it happens.

heyrick Silver badge

Re: So who decides what is necessary?

"The guys actually now able to control your heating from their desk"

Indirectly, perhaps, if they decide to switch to a spot pricing model and bully people into using less.

Otherwise, a smart meter simply reports back on electricity consumption (per day, per hour, or minute, whatever). It doesn't adjust heating, or how many lights are on, or anything else. Especially if you have gas heating in which case the electric bit is just a pump...

It's National Cream Tea Day and this time we end the age-old debate once and for all: How do you eat yours?

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Re: I solved this when I was eight

"-own is a rhyme with "clown" or "down" except in the standalone word "own". English is like that.

Sown. Blown. Known. Thrown. Overgrown. Shown. Mown.....

English is like that.

heyrick Silver badge

Re: I solved this when I was eight

"No one has ever used those pronunciations."

What you've demonstrated is that writing stuff out phonetically in a way that normal people can read (because not everybody is familiar with IPA) is...actually quite difficult.

I've heard "s-cone" (rhymes with blown). I've also heard "skun" (rhymes with stun). And as you mention it, there's also "skon" (rhymes with gone). Origins? Perhaps regional. Tea rooms in the Cotswolds, and also around Bodmin/Padstow.

heyrick Silver badge

I solved this when I was eight

Cut scone in half. Jam on one half, cream on the other. Order of coverings is whichever is closest goes on first. Slam the two halves together, and eat while starting a conflict [*] amongst the other patrons as to whether it's said like "sk-own" or like "sk-un".

* You know it's getting bad when people start putting their tea cups down with sufficient force to make the waitresses visibily wince, and start raising voices. Who'd have imagined such drama in a tea room?

An unfortunate bit of product placement for Microsoft as Liverpool celebrates winning some silverware

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Re: Clarification

"Americans don't insist on call that sport football, they just call it football."

They insist, because from what I've seen of it on any number of American movies, they pick up the damn ball, toss it to each other, and then cross a seemingly arbitrary movable line, lob it to the ground, and then half the audience cheers. There's very little kicking of the ball. You know, with the feet, that might otherwise justify calling the game football.

I mean, jeez, it basically looks like rugby being played by crash-test dummies.

One year ago, Apple promised breakthrough features to help iPhone, iPad, Mac owners with disabilities. It failed them

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Re: Voice control for the mute

I knew a guy with...I think it was a Nokia...back in the late '90s. It wasn't smart, it wasn't feature. But it did have the ability to learn and recognise words in order to call people by name. And since you had to say the word a few times to train it, no problem with accents.

He spent a fair chunk of change calling the wrong people, however, as he trained the names to be words like "twat", "bender", and "pillock". Of course, he could never remember what twat was the bender and what pillock was the twat. As for his wife, that was a phrase sometimes said while goose-stepping with the right arm held up. And he called somebody else a twat.......

heyrick Silver badge

Re: Accessibility

"at a time when Android treated accessibility as an afterthought (and still does, honestly)"

Not strictly accessibility, but I'm still flabbergasted that using a British layout Bluetooth keyboard with Android won't let me directly enter the majority of French accents.

My God, XP had this sorted twenty years ago, RISC OS had this sorted thirty years ago. Android? Uh........

heyrick Silver badge

Re: What are the penalties for excluding disabled people?

"making this accessible for screen readers is too much work"

Is there a free screen reader / TTS browser that runs on Android? I'd be interested to see how my own site fares.

heyrick Silver badge

Re: Lack of engagement with disable people

"they actually employ several of them"

There's a big difference between virtue signalling "we employ some disabled people" and "we have disabled people involved in the design process so we can be sure all this stuff will work for the (very) ability impaired".

heyrick Silver badge

Re: Lack of Support

"Similar problems exist in other apps that have been around for ever"

In the days of iOS 6/7, I gave up on asking Apple about the ability to _tell_ Siri where one is located, because hardware without GPS has no way of telling the system where the user is, so asking basic things like "what will the weather be like" is met with "I don't know where you are".

It's part of why I have the iPad to my mother and stuck with Android myself. Too many stupid little problems like that which nobody seemed interested in acknowledging, never mind fixing.

CompSci student bitten by fox after feeding it McNuggets

heyrick Silver badge

"Seems crazy that they haven't already tried to eradicate them."

Well, both students survived. That probably counts as "damn near tame" in Aussie terms.

heyrick Silver badge

Seems crazy to rid a place of wild animals because some students failed to appreciate the "wild" part.


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