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Twitter gives up fight against COVID-19 misinformation

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I can't believe an actual doctor said such a dumb thing. I think the best vaccine we have is against polio and that's only about 97 or 98 percent effective after three doses.

The bottom line is that vaccines (usually) introduce an inert form of something into your body so that your immune system can learn what it is and how to deal with it, so that when the real thing turns up your reaction will typically range from nothing happened to mildly unwell. It doesn't always work as the body is ridiculously complex, sometimes for some reason the chemical interactions are different (but, then, look at blood groups, there are so many variables), and of course things like viruses mutate.

Covid mutated a lot.

Therefore anybody who said that getting vaccinated will make you safe and that you won't get infected... should be replaced by somebody who knows what the hell they're talking about.

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Instead of collecting downvotes and talking about people being "damaged" by the vaccinations, how about a simple comparison between a country with a decent level of vaccine uptake and mandatory mask wearing, lockdowns, etc...

...versus a country who's general opinion seems to be "fuck it, no, and I'll take you to court if you infringe upon my right to be a plague spreader"?

Nobody got it right, but I think some countries (and their population) took the idea of health and the greater good a lot more seriously than others. They also understood that masks were not so much to protect you as to protect others from you (especially important given the high number of asymptomatic cases).

Sure, one can talk a lot with the benefit of hindsight, but nobody had that at the time. Some countries took it as a serious problem and tried to do a reasonable (if not perfect) job, and damaged their economy in the process. Others preferred to downplay the whole thing and, well, they have the body count to show for it.

Epson zaps lasers into oblivion, in the name of the environment

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Wait, what?

That's asinine to the point of intentional stupidity, surely done on purpose to ensure the piece of crap is useless without good ink in it. Bastards.

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Not convinced

I have an HP inkjet. It's cheap to run as I'm with Instant Ink (even at a fiver a month, it works out cheaper than the overpriced unicorn tears).

I recently picked up an old Samsung MW2022, a basic small generic laser printer.

The inkjet is useful for colour prints, and it does quite well despite being about the cheapest thing on offer. But what inkjet sucks at is speed and being in any way waterproof.

The laser? Can't do pictures. The results are pretty awful. But text and diagrams no problem. Got a datasheet that would be easier if printed? Load up fifty sheets of paper in the printer, load up the PDF in Adobe Reader, hit Print, and the pages pour out in a way inkjet can never manage. Want to tell the postie to leave a parcel in the garage? Knock up a page in Google Docs, toss it to the printer, sellotape it to the letterbox. Can do that with my phone while waiting for the kettle to boil.

As mentioned above, even though toner is awful stuff, it's just there waiting. It doesn't need to be thrown out after six months because it dried up. It doesn't need a dozen cleaning cycles before it manages something approximating proper printing, and it doesn't need the endless technological waste of tiny printing heads embedded into the thing. Just switch the thing on, even months later, and the page that comes out will look more or less the same as if it had only been off a day. Oh, and with a decent filled cartridge, the thing lasts for ages. Which is, I suspect, the real reason they're ditching laser. Can't milk the customer as much.

Anyway, they're different technologies that do similar things in entirely different ways. Each has pros and cons. It's a bit like diesel versus petrol. Butane versus propane. Windows versus MacOS. Etc etc.

'What's the point of me being in my office, just because they want to see me in the office?'

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Was this manager-speak written by an AI?

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Re: Contract clauses

Or live in a place where it's mandatory to be paid for hours worked and you have the right to turn your work phone and computer off at the end of the work time (unless you're being paid to be on call).

Someone has to say it: Voice assistants are not doing it for big tech

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Far be it for me to have an opinion

Since I don't have a listening device installed in my home, but surely one of the useful things about online shopping is the ability to see what you're supposed to be getting? To browse the reviews, particulary the one-star ones to note potential issues, and to perform a direct comparison between similar items? Giving instructions to a speaker might only work if you aren't that bothered what actually arrives. One might say "Oi, thingy, order me two packets of pancake mix" but one would never say "Hey, thingy, order me a new fridge please".

Not to mention, the inherent creepiness of a device that's always listening and may or may not be passing recordings back to the mothership.

Guess the most common password. Hint: We just told you

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Re: Salting?

Logging of user names can be useful to see if somebody outside is fishing for a potential contact. I mean, you know something is up if you look down the list of failed logins and see: JSmith, J.Smith, JohnS, JohnSmith, John.Smith, Smith.John (etc).

It's not the software's fault if the users put their password in the wrong place (though you would have thought that it might have been a clue that the characters didn't turn to dots?).

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Re: Appropriate complexity

Yeah, there was a time (long ago) that ARM required you to log in to download the Architecture Reference Manual. Setting up the account, you had to provide a password. Upper case, lower case, symbol, numbers... Just to download a bloody PDF.

I did some Google-fu and got a copy from a course on a .edu domain. Much less bother.

Elon Musk to abused Twitter users: Your tormentors are coming back

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Re: Good luck getting the advertisers back now

"go over well with Fortune 500 companies he needs to lure back"

At this point, I can't help but think he's actually trying to kill Twitter. I mean, his style of management actually makes Truss look competent.

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Re: And to think that 30 years ago...

As a possibly autist, I much prefer to be called a complete knob when I'm being a complete knob. Thankfully it doesn't happen often. I mean, I'm not Elon, who's surely the standard by which all others are measured?

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Re: And to think that 30 years ago...

Just think, somebody actually chose to waste some of their short lifespan on such a pointless activity.

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Re: And to think that 30 years ago...

Because some people are, sadly, unreasonable, and hammering that little icon to increment a number of "this post annoyed me" is about the only power they flex. But they dare not actually reply and say why the post made their blood boil, in case somebody gets agitated at their post and whacks the downvote icon. Oh, the shame.

Locked out of Horizon Europe, UK commits half a billion to post-Brexit research

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Re: "the UK remains open to association" @heyrick

"Which was the result of remain interference with the negotiations."

It's still always somebody else's fault.

Boris got elected to Get Brexit Done. He had at least six months he could have had pro Brexit people revise things, but it was all about bluster and idiotic threats (like crashing out). Soon, under the current plans, some four thousand bits of legislation may automatically be expired, with far too short a timeline to ensure there are equivalent rules for such minor things as employee rights. When that shit hits the fan, still going to blame the remainers?

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Re: "the UK remains open to association" @heyrick

"although it may have meant breaking the Good Friday Agreement by putting a hard border in Ireland"

Which would have gone down spectacularly well with the rest of the world...

So, no, I don't think being somewhere between a pariah and a rogue state that reneges on its international obligations is at all the right direction to be moving in.

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Re: "the UK remains open to association"

I do believe that getting some of the benefits of the agreement whilst ignoring some of the duties of it...would be this "cherry picking" thing that people complained about in the past.

The withdrawal agreement can be boiled down to "you do this and we'll do this", and at the moment people are getting stressed because it's a case of "we want you to do what you agreed but we're not going to do what we agreed".

Maybe, just maybe, it shouldn't have all been lumped into one hastily written agreement. But, then, maybe just maybe Westminster should have actually negotiated seriously instead of pissing around for four years muttering about "red lines" and whatever else to placate the ERG faction. The end result is a shitty agreement that doesn't really help anyone, but it's the agreement that was created, based in part on the strongest possible interpretation of what "leaving" meant.

New SI prefixes clear the way for quettabytes of storage

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Sounds like the name of a mythological creature in some Norwegian series on Netflix.

Come on Lars, we must hunt the Yottabyte before it destroys our village!

France says non to Office 365 and Google Workspace in school

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Re: You can't sell for less than cost in France

Ah, well France has a long running battle going on between farmers and supermarkets. Especially regarding milk. They want to be paid fairly for what they do, the supermarkets want to flog it cheaply (and not absorb any of the difference themselves).

I think my organic semi skimmed is currently €1,50 a litre. But since I live rural, I'm aware of all of the behind-the-scenes stuff that makes milk happen.

Twitter set for more layoffs as Musk mulls next move

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Of course Trump won

Many of the decent rational people that might have voted no are on Mastodon by now. It's just the crazies who see it as a free speech (*) free for all lingering around the place now.

* just don't criticise the manbaby

Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to 11 years in prison

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Re: Those eyes

Just watched some videos on YouTube.

Wow. What the actual......? That's a real person? Not just an AI's idea of what a person would be like?

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Re: Those eyes

Don't want to come across as (too much of) a cynical bastard, but having worked as a Care Assistant in nursing homes, you'd be horrified at how many "really lovely nurses" get off on abusing people too gaga to fight back or even complain. That's not to say there aren't lovely nurses around, there are (and most of them I've come across were Irish), but some people who seemed excellent had real darkness inside them.

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Re: "His sentencing is scheduled for December 7, 2022"

Not been following the random spats between tech companies? A verdict is made. Then it's appealed. Then that is appealed. Then that might be appealed. Generally it stops when: the Supremes make a ruling, the weaker party can't afford lawyers any more, or the more powerful party gets the result they want and make it clear that they'll appeal any appeal thus dissuading continuing. It's a circus designed to employ lawyers more than serve justice.

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Re: For UK residents

I think it depends how many (and which) MPs she cosied up to?

I mean, she's blonde and not bad looking, so Johnson...

IT manager's 'think outside the box' edict was, for once, not (only) a revolting cliché

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<shrug> Open microwave, insert pizza box, set timer, wait impatiently...?

Nvidia faces lawsuit for melting RTX 4090 cables as AMD has a laugh

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Re: The hot coffee lawsuit...

"there is a legal limit to how hot you can serve beverages (about 60 centigrade or so)"

So that's why it's always lukewarm-at-best by the time it actually turns up.

There ought to be an "I know it's hot and I won't shove it by my genitals" option to choose to get something that's, you know, hot.

Windows 10 – a 7-year-old OS – is still having problems with the desktop and taskbar

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Re: Momentarily disappear

It would seem: From septic tank (“rhyming slang for Yank”) +‎ -o (“colloquialising suffix”).

I'm a Brit with an American mother, and this is the first time I've come across the word; and yeah, had to look it up as well. Maybe it's more an Australian thing? <shrug>

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Re: Windows Eleven also

God designed? We ended up that way after millions of years and millions of variations since the Tiktaalik. For some reason we ended up as sentient. Could have been cats, but no, it was us.

But, yeah, we're basically "good enough". Not particularly reliable beyond a certain number of years, but there never was any warranty. Or handbook. Or support centre.

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Re: Exceptional service

I found Linux to be... less than useful on my few machines, but I did have the foresight to take out the Windows drive and put in another for installing Linux. So reverting was simply switching drives.

Multi-tasker Musk expects to reduce time at Twitter, seek another leader

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a change in leadership, if not ownership, comes sooner rather than later

Can't help but think the damage has been done.

Z-Library operators arrested, charged with criminal copyright infringement

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Re: Wrong Target

On the other hand, with Amazon you're tied to Amazon's ecosystem whether you like it or not.

I used to use Calibre to rip ebooks that I purchased because my mother's ereader understands epub, not the DRM-infested rubbish that Kindle uses, but it was a moving target that required ADB to grab keys from the Kindle app on a phone and.....pain in the arse.

Twitter refugees seek asylum in an unusual place: The Matt Hancock app

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he is being spam voted into taking the show's most revolting challenges

Some might call that "karma".

NHS tech chief dismisses concerns over loss of statutory power to protect patient data

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"lots of consultants and strategy people; few things usefully happening"

There's your problem right there. Those people will tell you what you need to do in exchange for big salaries, but won't lift a finger towards actually doing anything. Consultants don't "do", they "explain".

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Re: Proof that the establishment hates the public

I'm just waiting to see how long it takes Rees-Mogg to solve the manufacturing deficit and the child poverty issue....by announcing the introduction of workhouses.

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Re: Proof that the establishment hates the public

Citizen? Aren't we supposed to be peons who do what they're told (and, soon, won't even be able to strike to be heard)? And bend over and take it when a crazy woman elected by a miniscule subset of the population comes in, fucks the economy and people's mortgages (although certain people made huge gains by shorting the currency), then buggers off with a potential ~£100K pension for life. Not bad for a couple of weeks of causing utter chaos.

Us? Well, didn't Rishi and that other guy say taxes will have to go up and there will be eye watering decisions to make? They fuck up... or more literally hand huge amounts of money to themselves and favoured friends and... we will be expected to pay for it.

Intel says it can sort the living human beings from the deepfakes in real time

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Funny thing is...

...so many of the real politicians these days are just so batshit crazy that deepfaking them wouldn't work. Make a video where they say outrageous things? Just invite them to LBC or GB News and they'll do it themselves. Make a video where they support the other guy? Nobody would believe it, far too tribal to do a switch like that. Make a video of one of them using a machine gun on migrants, you'd get too many people annoyed that it didn't actually happen.

Starlink purchases 'Twitter takeover' ad package, Musk dismisses it as 'tiny'

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Re: Still fascinated

So the guy that corrected the boss has gone.

The way I see it, that's one less person who knows what the hell is going on, because it's quite clear the boss doesn't.

Twitter engineer calls out Elon Musk for technical BS in unusual career move

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Re: Bit klunky, but...

Your final sentences describe every "management consultant" I've ever had the misfortune to meet. They swan in, tell everybody they're doing it wrong (often without taking any time to understand why the current process is the way it is), and when it all goes to hell as it inevitably will, it's everybody else's fault.

They get people laid off (or pushed to resign) when they march in. More people leave when the blame game starts. And once they've left with their impressive paycheque, the company struggles because they believe the existing (possibly suboptimal) method is wrong, they know the new and improved method is wrong, and the people who could have brought some sort of control to the chaos are working elsewhere by this point.

Simple rule: if your employer brings in a management consultant, get your CV up to date...

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Re: Bit klunky, but...

"Musk isn't a programmer"

So he probably shouldn't be using a phrase like RPC like he knows what it means...

KFC bot urges Germans to mark Kristallnacht with cheesy chicken

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Re: Ignorance in no excuse

I'm a voracious reader. Most of what I know about the world and history (yes, I know about Kristallnacht), is the result of reading. Not the result of formal secondary education for which history was more or less "Romans, Henry VIII, Battle of Britain". That doesn't mean there weren't gaps. It was an episode of Doctor Who that got me to look up about the partitioning of India. Well, wow, the shining glory of the Empire right there. FFS.

Oh, and for some extra wartime stories made epic, there's always Sabaton. Listen to the song, look up the lyrics, then go read up on the story behind it all.

School? Pfffttt.

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Re: Meanwhile....

Well, thank you for that. How I know how food is served in hell.

Musk tells of risk of Twitter bankruptcy as tweeters trash brands

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Re: The problem's Tech culture

"that their mere presence justifies their position"

So.... most management then?

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Re: "We all need to be more hardcore"

"We're just here to cheer you to your doom."

I feel like somebody ought to set up a live stream of a lettuce...

...well, it worked the last time!

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"Some employees have to do overtime for free if the business requires it in the USA."

I thought they did away with slavery with the 13th amendment in 1865?

China's first domestic single-aisle jet, the C919, scores 300 orders

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We're waiting on another eleven thousand aircraft? Pffft, there are already loads up there already... <looks up>

Ampere says no changes to its Arm licensing as it readies new chips

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Re: Interesting

Or Qualcomm is just toy throwing to distract from the real issue?

Parody Elon Musk Twitter accounts will be suspended immediately, says Elon Musk

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Re: I used to use twatter

Someone has gone and hammered the downvote on this entire thread. Unicode 1F923!

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Re: two observations

Yeah, I've noticed the lonely downvote syndrome. It would be quite funny to imagine him hitting downvote on every single post that implies he's a bit of a wanker... but I can't help but imagine that he has more important things to do, like sticking a pin into his overinflated ego so that it bursts before his forty four billion dollar acquisition does.

As for articles like these... more please. The real world is going to hell in a rollercoaster, and we're about to get fucked by the government / bankers / mother nature so this makes for an amusing diversion from the naffness that is life.

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Re: I used to use twatter

Oh, cats REALLY do not like change. They probably didn't hate you so much as the fact that certain things happen in certain ways at certain times and... you just weren't it.

One of my cats long ago used to make her disapproval of the change in time (summer time or not) quite clear. She'd turn up at the "correct" time for feeding and sit there bashing her tail on the ground for an hour. When I got home from work and got the Felix.... I had to try not to notice the death glare that was withering the flowers and making birds fall out of trees.

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Allow me to point you at a briefly former British Prime a Minister called Liz Truss.

Some people have an uncanny ability to fuck up in ways that defy belief, where the only response is to sharply inhale and mutter something along the lines of "no, (s)he couldn't possibly have..." and fail to be able to even finish the sentence.