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Lenovo intros carbon-fibre ThinkPad Ultrabook


Re: one problem

It is not a massive problem, I got two thinkpads T420 and x220, simply swap them around in bios.

Lenovo U300s Ultrabook


You can swap the Fn key...

on any lenovo laptop via bios. I agree it is not at the right place but it is not a deal breaker.

Microsoft's Roslyn invites VB to Windows 8 party


You are partially right but...

...it is also a language for projects which can't afford the development time of C++/Win32.

There is no doubt in the efficiency/speed/resource usage etc of C++ but there are many business projects which require quick turn around for a little scarifies in speed/resources. You simply can't beat the speed of development when using C#.

Google shamed by Apple in race to HTML5

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Posting from wp7 mango :)

Is Microsoft's Javascript chief killing his .NET creation?



You build libraries on solid underlying technology which is what .Net is. Not a half backed scripting language like Javascript.

Why you think Google is pushing it's Native plugin? Why is Android development on top of Java? Why is Apple using Objective-C? Just a clue, bcoz Javascript is not fit for the job for any complex application.


Clueless Journalists!

Are you just bothered about page hits? You can't replace a tank with a water gun and expect to win. HTML/Javascript is a water gun as compared to .Net so please stop publishing these idiotic articles to get page hits. Can you please let me know where the alternatives to the following are in HTML/Javascript Linq, WCF, WF, WPF, Com Interop, Asp.net.

The reason MS is pushing HTML/Javascript is to attract script kiddies (who think they know everything after learning a couple of Javascript libraries).

Please kindly let me know once you have the answer. Now go and find another topic for page hits.

Microsoft's iOS and Android love deepens


Stop it you s***d Register

Why is not a story when Google release Chrome for Windows first or Apple release iTunes for Windows. Every commercial company takes decision based on commercial benefits and MS is no different. Now stop putting a negative spin on each and everything MS do.

Will Windows on ARM sink Windows Phone 7?



For Win Phone 7 the development tools/framework are Silverlight and XNA and the language is C#. For Windows 7/8 the same tools/framework/language can be used so even if they do stop Win Phone the apps won't be hard to port to full windows.

Opera: Firefox tab sets? We've had 'em for years


There is a solution to your first problem

I am a regular user of Opera for more than 5-6 years. There are certain websites which don't work but to solve this there are couple of options.

You can right click on the page and "Edit Site Preferences..." and by going to Network tab you can Identify as FF or IE. The problem is websites designers not with Opera. Classic example of this is Amazon website, by default it doesn't give you Auto Suggestion in search but if you Identify as FF it works fine.

Second solution and the last resort is you can right click on the page and hit Open with FF/IE/Chrome. This is nice touch and only Opera has got it where you can open the page on any other browser installed on your machine.

Your second problem, the speed, I don't believe you. Opera is the most snappiest browser in every sense not just in simple Javascript benchmarks but overall experience!

Steve Jobs Flash rant put to the test

Jobs Horns

The real reason

The real reason Flash is not supported is due to commercial implications. How can Apple make 30% on each app sold from AppStore if users browse to websites on phone and use a Flash app instead (around 90% of the apps done for iphone be done using Flash).

For this very same reason Java is not supported as well.

I don't think there is anything wrong with blocking Flash or Java or whatever, at the end of the day every commercial company is out there to make money. It is users choice to buy that product or not, nobody is forcing users to buy iphone/ipad.

Microsoft re-tiles mobile platform for Windows 7 era


Rewrite doesn't piss off developers...

...if they are for the right reasons. I've done windows mobile development in the past using .net compact framework. I can tell you from experience that the single most difficult thing to acheive was/is a good UI, by no means I am saying it wasnt' possible but it was time consuming.

I hope Microsoft support Silverlight in Windows phone 7 so it is possible to create nice UI without that much effort as it is currently.

As far as the article is concerned I must say it is boring, you could have at least added couple of images or a youtube video to support it-may be???

Microsoft delays Visual Studio 2010 launch


I would love to agree but I don't because...

Dynamic assembly info, I agree with you on this.

Refactoring, I am sure it's your lack of understanding to Visual studio and not the lack of features. In case if really miss certain feature just search "CodeRush" or "Resharper" on google and you'll be amazed.

Operator overloading. Well It's like saying I don't want pointers in C++ because they are hard to understand. Well if you can't understand the simple concept of Operator overloading, you should stop developing-seriously.

Comparing Vs to notepad. Are you serous???


Everybody love comfort zone.

Even though I haven't used Eclipse that much but I can be pretty sure any tool Eclipse got is there in Visual Studio.

The main reason you went back to solve your problem in Java is due to your comfort zone. You (most people) like to do things in tools/languages they know the best. You tried to solve your problem the way you would solve in Java. If you had tried to solve your problem they way a C# developer would do I am sure you would have easier time and didn't have to go back to Java as you had.

I am telling this from my personal experience as I do 90% of my work in .net but occasionally use C++ and Java. On those 10% of times instead of finding the solution the way I would in .net I try to use processes and practices designed by the those languages and as result I don't have to curse those platforms.

That's my opinion which you can disagree.


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