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IBM turns back on server history


Good Idea

Looks very nice.

Stop throwing CPU/RAM and start (anew?) to do things with Intelligence.

Not good for purePPTWarriors, but great for them new

¿project planners/organizers/architects?

I better get my ITIL updated.

NAO calls for better crown court IT


Could be worse

In Spain we are still on full paper mode in the national courts.

There seems to be something like 10+ different, incompatible systems, in the local courts.

And they are discussing the need of a refurbish for the system that keeps tracks of sentences imposed.

So, not even a PPT to go.

And you worry?

We need cheap, abundant energy. Here's how


Makers, Fakers & Takers

It IS easier to get an MBA + PR diploma than to get any Engineering/Science title anywhere in the world.

Also, Scientific Language does not translate easily into any kind of "!Wow, look at that !!!!" that impresses the masses .

Add to that the lowering level of Education , that politicians, etc. survive painting a nice future,

and selling Science is really difficult.

So, them PR Drones, marketing, .. you name it, have conquered the language, and the future all for a Bonus.

I´m all with AC@11:32.

Plus destruction begets construction and Deleveraging works.

Extreme porn law goes live - are you ready?



Remember, remember

the fifth of November......

Just the beginning: THEY really ARE starting Tought Police.

And Civilisation´s DeLeveraging WILL give them the excuse.

´Tis getting cold.

BOFH: A safe bet


Where are them PPT warriors

Me. personally, would love best to have BOFH tangle those @@##%%&& PPT.warriors that come over and say: " I've that great idea,...."

You say: "Where is the CPU /Tb/ .." And they say "No big deal, it's approved by the Board , and you can use..."

BeanCounters are staple food nowadays, danger comes from Marketing / PR.

Keep up them ideas flowing.

Countdown to Conficker activation begins

Gates Horns

What are we??

For a lot of readers, we are The Systems Engineers/ Experts/ Him who KNOWS.

STOP the Jokes.

Somebody Somewhere wants to kiil/ maim/ destroy the goods entrusted to our care.

It is not the LUSER.We have allowed them to think they KNEW.

Ships,Buildings, ..., even Space Shuttles are done to Engineeers methods.

We do NOT.

Lusers way....

BOFH-loving botmaster wants life as security consultant




Anyone knows where to find a good flamethrower????

PPT Warriors escort, maybe??

DWP IT projects bust budget by £391m

Gates Horns

Use Project Manager !!!


Gov stumps £4.3m bee health funding


What? No Global Warming???

Where are the greens this year?? Was Gore wrong?

Bees should be helped to survive. They do more for us than Polar Bears.

They used 'em, you reeled: the year's most overused phrases


GREEN is All

I ,for one, salute out PPT overlords!

They have to survive Civilisation's¿Meltdown? Deleveraging, what?

What the heck is an IT Architect anyway?


Architect? No, more Urban Planner

IT is NOT building, it is more like a city.

We tend to think about IT architect in terms of cathedral planner, while in fact Michelangelo was only the¿greatest? of a series.

A big company´s IT is a city, with a Gothic cathedral with Romanic altar, Roman crypt, Greek temple foundations and neolithic burials underneath.

But what about the merchant´s house? and the king´s palace? and the old quarter ?

Not to mention the enbankment, the Wharf, the City, etc.

So there is not A Chief IT architect, but a lot of them , each with his small building, depending on the Council Planners for Infrastructure.

Have a look around where you live.

THAT is the problem.

IBM's 'secret island'


It wasn´t Gibson

Idea was very well "designed" in Neal Stephenson´s Snow Crash.

Even to the avatar level.

But to me it does not look like a Business Model, more like a step beyond videoconferences, multicaller, VoIP, Sametime, Chat, etc:

Absolutely awesome GUI.

Strategy Boutique Warriors must be really salivating.


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