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Morrisons launches bizarre Yorkshire Pudding pizza thing


De-lish! :D

All my homemade pizzas look like this :D

Bring it BACK... with MODs! Psion 5 storms great tech revival poll


Which operating system?!


Giving up Epoc for Windows CE was definitely the beginning of the end of Psion.

Google boss turns Wave demise into success of sorts

Big Brother


Scary bloke. But it's possible to worry too much. e.g. Human eye witnesses are reliably crap, and currently most electronic ones are too. You could probably construct a reliable model of how someone looks with a good deal fewer than 14 pictures... but in a world of billions, how useful is that going to be? Before you factor in the effects of powercuts etc.

What worries me most is his assumption that attempting this kind of cataloguing of the human race, because "governments will demand it", is somehow right and good. Though it explains a lot about Google's involvement with China.

*resisting a Godwin's Law moment*

IE and Safari lets attackers steal user names and addresses


At last!

A Reg icon for posting to Facebook. Yay!



Didn't realise you could turn auto-complete off (security issues aside, I find it rather annoying, since it also stores all the typos you sometimes make) - will definitely be investigating this option.

But yeah, for banking I use Opera, open a fresh tab, refuse to store any passwords, and make sure all other tabs are closed when I go there. Deleting all private data after (and sometimes before if I can't remember when I last did it) is also a very useful option.

Doctors call for NHS Direct review


NHS Walk-in Centres

They're loved by the public because the public have no medical training. They're hated by doctors, who do.


Friend of mine suffering vomiting and diarrhoea went to the local NHS drop-in centre, where they duly drugged her up and appeared the fix the problem.

Problem turned out to be gastroenteritus, a potential lethal bacterial illness. The vomiting and diarrhoea was removing the lethal bacteria from her system; the NHS walk-in divs trapped it inside her.

Result: ten days in hospital, considerably more ill than she needed to be, and damn lucky not to die.

Either staff the damn things with people who know what they're doing, or abolish them altogether.

No refunds for ID card pioneers


No Refunds = Stupidity Tax

@Richard39: damn right.

In fact, I know personally one of the utter prats who bought one of these. It pleases me no end to think the silly div wasted his money. Oh yes....

McKinnon campaign urges coalition to block extradition


1st test

Time to see how sincere the promises were in the run-up to taking power...

Amazon sues US state on customers' privacy

Black Helicopters

Amazon's Data Retention

I don't mind Amazon keeping a record of what I've bought from them - it's fun (and occasionally useful) to go through it myself sometimes. I'd object a hell of a lot to some government bod helping themself to it, though. What possible LEGAL reason could they have for wanting that information?

Good luck to Amazon in telling them to get stuffed.

Lib Dems demand niceness, ignore technology

Thumb Up

"Technology has moved on, but the Lib Dems have not yet caught up."

Given the grasp of I.T. shown by the other two mainstream parties, I'd give the LibDems some leeway on this. They sound like they're generally pointing in the right direction, and there are more pressing things to deal with first - like the whole I.D. card thing.

Darling confirms telephone line tax


Why not force BT to fork out?

BT make massive profits at everyone's expense, fail to provide an adequate service, and yet it's the tax payers who have to find the shortfall? Whether it's a tax on the phone line or raiding the TV licence (which won't really be raided - it'll just go up to cover the "raid"), the company supposedly charged with providing national telecommunications continues to fail to do so and is supported in its failure.

(And why does everyone assume that everyone living in the country is rich? Most people were born there and are as skint as everyone else. But the poor have always been easy to ignore, haven't they?)

Only nukes can stop planetsmash asteroids, say US boffins


Dinosaurs vs. Mankind

65 million years vs 4 million years? My vote remains!

Black Helicopters

NEO avoidance

Hasn't Jupiter been keeping us safe from NEOs for the last 4 billion or more years? I think I'd feel safer with the NEOs than various countries with a nuclear arsenal.

*voting for solar power, not nuclear power, if such an option ever becomes available*

McKinnon: The longest ever game of pass the parcel


Let him go

After all the crap the poor guy's been through because NASA don't know how to secure their systems I think he should be let off. Disgusting travesty of justice from day one.

Universities avoid Kindle over accessibility barriers


re: Litigious society

"So what next? Sue universities because reading books aren't accessible to blind people?"

Er, yes? The law in the UK already allows this, and the copyright laws allow blind and sight-impaired people to make, or have made for them, copies of books in alternative formats they can access with screen readers. Universities are legally required to make all their teaching resources available to all their students (or to have at least made reasonable attempts to have done so), and if that means obtaining audio copies, then so be it.

I can only boggle at the fact that the Kindle wasn't created with such users in mind from the start - blind and sight-impaired users are such an obvious target market for any device that makes the printed word accessible electronically!


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