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Has your shifty foreign neighbour got 16 mobes?

Andy Wager
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holy S@@t

Just get me outta here - anyone know of a decent sized remote and uninhabited island, preferably in sunny climes, up for sale ????

Armed police swoop on MP3-packing mechanic

Andy Wager
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What a F%@*&ing liberty

"Nixon was fingerprinted, swabbed for DNA and had his mugshot taken before being released."

so now total innocents are being dna'd and printed, Fcuk me are they that desperate to fill up the database

Do composting toilet worms get the blues?

Andy Wager
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They're f*****g worms..

UK Government tried to stop EU roaming cap

Andy Wager
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"£1000+ bill from Vodafone due 5 very brief data-calls while Roaming in the Netherlands!!?!?"

Very brief but you managed to download 150mb???

If you are roaming that often then time to get on a proper tariff.

Appx £120 pm month for (normally) pretty high speed data.

Covers all my UK usage (about 2gb pm) and any calls to retrieve e-mail with a bit of web surfing. Go over its 4.99 per mb not £10+

That aside, tariffs are the biggest rip-off for the occassional traveller from the UK and anything which lowers them is OK by me.

Judge rules Gore's film an inconvenient catalogue of errors

Andy Wager
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equal time

If they are going to show Gores film (complete with dodgy science and analysis) then it should be right and proper that they show "the great global warming swindle" directly following it. Let the b&@@ers then make their minds up.

Blueberry heir loses libel suit against drunken lothario

Andy Wager


Was Paris Hilton at the party??

Hat, coat > door

BT swallows a third of new broadband punters

Andy Wager

Pity help us consumers

BT may be getting the lions share of the customers but it is just a shame that they cannot sort out their domestic broadband service.

If I want to surf (or whatever) at 3 am then great I can get 8meg.

Want to do anything at 5pm through Midnight.... then I am lucky to get 0.5meg.

Of course I expect speeds to drop during peak hours but not that much.

Come on sort things out before bragging about the size.


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