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Get a GRIP! Robolution ain't happening until TOUCH is cracked


No one said:

Robots to take over Hand Jobs?


Kill Flash now? Chrome may be about to do just that


@Charlie Clark

No, and, almost two decades later we could collectively stop perpetuating the lazy myth.


Raspberry Pi celebrates fourth birthday with fruity version 3


Superb thin/thick clients

Lubuntu + LTSP being served from a NAS to 10 raspberry pi and six re-purposed x86 desktops has saved a bunch of cash and opened up a bunch of opportunities for the school I help admin at.

In simple bang:buck ratio, nothing comes close.

All-American Apple challenges US gov call for iOS 'backdoor'


The real story is

somebody actually bought an iPhone 5C

Stylish Vaio biz mobe is flying this way – ah, it's got Windows 10 inside


As a 950 XL user

literally the only issue I have with Win10 on the phone is the constant barrage of bleating attacks from the echo chambers.

Otherwise it's perfectly lovely, and the camera is quite simply outstanding.

The Day Netflix Blocked My VPN is the world's new most-hated show


and so ends "Netflix and Chill"

Do we have to now revert to Amazon Fire?

Wanna come over to Fire & Chill?

7 million Apple Watches just buried the competition – Canalys


Re: Explain please

Remember the bit where when Apple ship a product to a vendor, the vendor agrees to pay in advance?

Any old stock not sold stays on the vendors books.

It was covered here a while back (around the 5C), not much came of it which is a shame because its a despicable model.

It's official: Tor's .onion domains must be kept off the public internet


if they'd gone with .tor at the beginning

just sayin'.

glad to see the .onion getting official recognition and more importantly, the sec. certs needed.

Interesting to see .12p being considered.

Ad networks promise to do something about the awful adverts you're all blocking, like, real soon


Yep - we're gonna get busy bolting this barn door

Just as soon as we can locate the horse

Kidnapped IT bod Peter Moore: My journey to Iraq began in Guyana


i'm aware of the former British colony Guiana, and of the Guyana post-indepence

But Guayana...

who knew?

Ad-slinging rootkit nasty permanently drills into Android mobes, tabs



android has gone to oshit, apple vulns are weekly

time to go to windows phone perhaps?

GCHQ's exploding doughnut threatens to ooze into innocent field


Re: Underground liars


i feel better about the inevitable areolae photography of and emanating from the gchq


there's an opportunity here

to get an Arial photo that looks like a giant:


That really ought not be passed up.

Surface Book: Microsoft to turn unsuccessful tab into unsuccessful laptop



i was gonna go for a surface 4 having held off on the 3. now i can actually have the exact thing i wanted.

i.e. not a half assed netbook with android, and not a weak OSX ipad.

1 x sale forthcoming.

gj redmond, stellar in fact!

Edward Snowden denies making a deal with the Russian secret service


jesus wept

the usb handed over had a key

without detailed knowledge of what and where the key would work it's useless

the time in hong kong was a consolidated training program to ensure the security of access to the data

the data is on an amazon vm, with enough credit for a few years

the 4096 bit key is required to access it

the access gives you a live snapshot/clone of the gchq wiki upto 2013

the wiki was simply scraped using a slow running wget and then recompiled

the wget was run from other peoples accounts where he snowjobbed people into allowing a password reset - this means very little is likely to have been done from his own accounts - (likely clappers etc - thats why they dont want to and cant possibly account for the full number of documents even at this stage)

bear in mind: there is literally nothing to say he wasnt able to use his privac to generate fake CIA/NSA employees with TS type access, and lol - also nothing to say they aren't still sending him a monthly paycheck

This was all explained in the releases, assertions beyond this are the 50c, 50p, 50fen sockpuppet army period

Safe Harbour ruled INVALID: Facebook 'n' pals' data slurp at risk


Just to conflate...

So we can now go ahead and sue the governments in lieu of the tax that their companies haven't been paying, right?

This is the kind of thing the we signed the TPP for, right?

Slander-as-a-service: Peeple app wants people to rate and review you – whether you like it or not


create profile

unleash scron and profanity from eons upon the tard(esses)


get banned

don't profit

Get on with it! Uncle Sam's right-hand man schools ICANN powwow


Re: Unprofessional. Irresponsible.

i'm not sure that's actually an insult :)

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg


Jog Suit::Iot Jugs

Brimming with VM goodness: Qnap TS-453mini 4-bay NAS


docker & lxc support

Container station I guess


Re: Protocols?


The last post: Building your own mail server, part 1


The last one of these I saw was on ARS a couple of years back. I'm glad to see one on OpenBSD.

I'm hoping this will be fully indepth step by step.

(please also the "NSA proofing" thing)


eBay sides with Google in EU competition case? Only if you cherry-pick



doesn't have the same ring to it

Boffins promise file system that will NEVER lose data


Re: Never lose data?

“In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.”

How British spies really spy: Information that didn't come from Snowden


Anybody fancy going on a fishing expedition?

Type your comment here -

German gets 4 years in clink for $14 MILLION global ATM fraud


Re: No such thing as freedom from grammar Nazis ..

"these guys managed to gain control over internal creditor account parameters such as withdrawal limits"

I bet he changed his exam grades too!

LG's six-sided battery to take smart watches into new timezones


award to LG for best photoshop ever?

type comment here

Gates: Renewable energy can't do the job. Gov should switch green subsidies into R&D


in my ill-informed world

It seems entirely obvious that thorium,is literally the best option now, and in the medium term

MAID to order: Inside Facebook's cold-storage data ziggurats


very cool

pun intended

Docker vs the container world: Techies rally around CoreOS-led spec


or at least an extra in Police Academy XIX

The post is required, and must contain letters.

Huawei P8: Chinese mobes have arrived and the West should tremble


wireless charging

I've had it on my Nokia 1520 since launch day well over a year ago.

Reg slips claws across Nokia's sexy sixties handsets, fondles flagship too


Re: nice phone but

I went from the 920 to a 1520.

It owns bones.


Re: Number sequence

Here is available on all 8.1 devices.

It's actually awesome to not be tied to two devices (GPS & phone) when its been obvious for eon that one could easily master both. Here isn't too heavy on the battery in my experience of the 920 & 1520. I have a 1520 which has fantastic battery life (2 days no issue).

I was a bit disappointed to see the SD card thing come up again. It's not like anyone criticises Apple for its no SD card and connectors any more.

Otherwise, glad to see some positive stuff about winpho for a change.

Is Apple about unleash a cheaper 8GB iPhone 5C? O2 'leak' suggests: Yes


Apple don't lose money on the unsold ones anyway right?

Something about the carriers having to pay for the unsold units.

Reporters without Borders confirms, yes, lots of nations are spying on their citizens


GJ RWB, took you long enough!

Admittedly there wasn't a metric shit load of conclusive evidence before now, but, it was never not obvious what was going on - only the most naive assumed it wasn't happening.

I think at best the gargantuan scale of the operation is the only real surprise.

Having said that, I'm not sure what people thought 10 billion dollars bought. The Utah building tipped their hand in a fairly major way.

E: not sure how the NSAH & GCHQ aren't labelled as practicing disinformation despite having proof that they do.

US govt: You, ICANN. YOU can run the internet. We quit


Re: multi-roots ?


Roll up, roll up for the Reg Readers' Ball



Pleeeeeease invite him/her

How NOT to evaluate hard disk reliability: Backblaze vs world+dog


Re: " and a high 3.8 per cent or so for the 4GB version.


From Russia with Code: Edward Snowden gets job on website helldesk


poor form chaps

Why the ad hom "blabbermouth"?

It's not seemly and it doesn't seem in keeping, especially since I'm pretty sure "Mastering the Internet" was reported here way before Snowden got involved.

Is it because he's apparently lifted the entirety of the GCHQ wiki?

Give young infosec boffins more cash or BAD THINGS will happen – RSA boff


shorely sum mishtake ms moneypenny

tried to post from phone


Windows 8.1: Read this BEFORE updating - especially you, IT admins


why did the link disappear

from the article


Microsoft holds nose, shoves Windows into Android, iOS boxes


it'll be great

when MS release a free client for us WinPho users

Bling, bling, it's HTC here: Clear us a place on the gold phone bandwagon


why is the

first link in the article to an apple device article as opposed to the thing we are talking about?

bad el reg!

bad bad bad!

Securo-boffins link HIRED GUN hackers to Aurora, Bit9 megahacks


does this mean that

So Mandiant uncovered Unit 63XXX got photos of the building they operate from, and weren't able to see this group?

At this juncture is seems as likely as not that most APT is NSA, CIA, TLA either in actuality or co-opting whomever will get their hands dirty.

(see also - today's relaxing of embargo to provide weapons to whomever in Syria)

That earth-shattering NSA crypto-cracking: Have spooks smashed RC4?


Huawei et al. are looking a lot better

It was obvious from day one that the US's bleating was a) projection, b) fear that they would lose their grip on (what they believe is) a precious precious thing.

Here's hoping they sink in the shit they swim in.

NSA hacked China's top carriers in hunt for SMS data - report


can't edit .....

China Unicom quietly replaced all Cisco routers at a key backbone hub in Wuxi, Jiangsu last year, according to the National Business Daily.



Paris Hilton

I'm gonna guess

that China will now ban all Cisco equipment from their networks citing unspecified backdoors etc.

Paris ... backdoors

Report: Apple returned 8M shoddy iPhones to Foxconn


these will obviously never ever find their way to market, and Apple certainly wont be able to use the as their new iPhone 3rd World Edition (Blessed by Steve Peace be Upon Him)

Patent shark‘s copyright claim could bite all Unix



still the best tld