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BT scratches its head over MYSTERY Home Hub disconnections


I have the new home hub 5, and it has been working perfectly, excellent coverage and speed. However, I moved it next to the radiator and boom rebooted 3-4 times in one day! Phoned BT, did a reset etc, still did it, moved it away from the radiator and it has been fine ever since. Anyone found this with theirs?

O2 blamed for iPhone's data sucking


Not entirely accurate article

Information is entirely accurate, I have an iPhone 3G, and iOS 4 gives you the ability to turn on/off cellular data and data roaming independently. Obviously iOS 4 takes away a few things i.e. speed!

Google 'in talks' over Googlenetbook


Its a netbook!

I think you guys are missing the point a netbook, or cloudbook isnt supposed to replace a desktop/laptop for all people, it is in addition to, for just browsing web etc, which is what the average user does 90% of the time!