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Watchdog files complaint over Facebook 'privacy' settings



Facebook has made changes that Yes may make some things more private but on the other has opened wide ,our Privacy

1. The friends List is not always private despite what they say about clicking on the pencil and unchecking the box , 4 of my friends have done this and it did not work all friends where still exposed .

2. It is not About HAVING SOMETHING TO HIDE ,as referred to someone previously : It is about alot of FB users have family and friends and co workers and do not want there friends list to show , since these changes I had 13 friend requests from people who I do not even know, also people have said that someone on my friend list as added them and does not even know , yes you can click ignore but the point is that if the privacy was still there then we would not hav eto worry right !

Also I have deleted my account and 9 others know have also , I wonder if Faebook would be honest enough to say how many people they have lost over this .

The settings where fine before ,all they had to do was change that people own their pics , and that you where able to deleted their accounts not just deactivate .

So lets see hope more people speak up and form groups then FB needs to listen and realize that if we wanted to FB to be more like twitter we would just join twitter ..... right !!

have a great day now that I have vented lol


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