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AVG disguises fake traffic as IE6

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I see no problem...

Webmasters will have to find a better way to "improve the ecosystem.." B..S..T Bingo!

Every user can disable SurfShield and its a very good way for some users to avoid malicious sites...

So webmasters: Stop whining...

Intel says 'no' to Windows Vista

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I have a brand new laptop with dedicated graphics card sitting on my desk and after experimenting two days with Vista I formatted the drive and installed XP.

I am really thankful, that I have a Dell from its Business Line and all Drivers are available for XP...

I dare to say: No wonder noone wants to upgrade...

Dutch government gags Oyster researchers

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Last week?

The MIFARE chip was already cracked by journalists of the german computer-magazine C't in the issue 08/08 which was sold around the third week of April. They included a detailled description who they done it?

I assume, the Dutch only copied it???


Maxdata goes titsup

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@Gordon Pryra

I don't know where you buy your gear, but I buy Dell and I got everything right everytime... Maybe you should check your ordering process??

Sun's Niagara 3 will have 16-cores and 16 threads per core

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ad AC

Sun is canning some of his workstations: U25 and U45... Only the Intel and AMD based are surviving for a little while...

Firefox 3 Download Day falls flat on face

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I like it very much...

I use it quite a while now and had no noticable problems..

And with the Drag & Grab AddOn and my graphics tablet I never want to use a mouse again for browsing ;-)

Apple takes the operator's shilling

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The iPhone was NEVER available for FULL price without a contract

Please can anyone tell me, where I could get the iPhone without a contract for the full price? In the USA it was only available - legally - for AT&T Customers. In Germany and Austria you had to be T-Mobile customer...

Nothing changes really, except that it is more difficult to unlock an iPhone.

Apple should sell the damn phone in their stores without a contract.

Sydney skies menaced by deadly raygun disco-ball

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"Extensive" Research

You can see it here in this pdf: http://www.parracity.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0008/14012/CommunityBusinessDec-Mar2007.pdf

And it took me less than two minutes ;-)

Google in mass 404 land grab

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I don't get it too...

I haven't installed the Google Toolbar, because it is not providing any aditional service for me, but if someone uses it, this would be additional service.

If a webmaster doesn't bother to provide any specific information why the user gets an 404 then the page provided by the Toolbar is useful and helpful.

You are suggesting, that this would be negative for the administrator of the website but I believe the customer will see this as additional service provided by the administrator with the help of google.

And if you don't like it, just provide customized 404-pages...

No big deal and in no way comparable to Rogers...

Intel Skulltrail high-end gaming system

Hans-Peter Lackner

@Ryan Stewart

Yes, the case is mucho important, especially when I have to sit near it the whole day long to earn the money which bought that beast....

Exploding Flash catalogue rocks Dutch e-commerce site

Hans-Peter Lackner

I quite liked it...

It does, what Flash is designed for: Not e-commerce but entertainment...


Penguin-powered UML modeling

Hans-Peter Lackner

Don't use ArgoUML

It is a major pain in the ass.

You can't copy between two .zargo - Files and you can't export and import it. And that is the biggest problem with this tool, because in our company many people are working with UML, we have some standard diagrams, everyone needs to use and so on...

Printing is very frustrating, because of sometimes not printing everything or changes by ArgoUML itself in the printing-options, which render your print useless (Why on Earth should I want a 830mm margin on my A1 printout?)

In reality, if you really want to use your UML drawing for model-driven Delevopment you will need proper tools: MagicDraw, Rose, et al.

The existing OpenSource Utilities aren't mature enought yet.

OpenMoko preps Linux phone prototype

Hans-Peter Lackner

Pleeeeeeease no more videos!!!

Please no more video-reviews... Why not a few pics and some lines of text... or is it, that you are paid by google to use Youtube?

Europe too cynical for iPhone

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Too expensive... especially the plans

It is too expensive.

My phonebill is about 20 to 30 € a month. And I think, I am using the phone quite much. I can quit whenever I want to and I can get HSDPA too, if I like and pay 2 cent per MB.

I didn't get a phone, but I like to buy my own phones...

Babbling net software sparks international incident

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Babelfish is very good for french poems

I used Babelfish sometimes to translate from French to German and everything I translated sounded like a very romantic poem to me (even if it was only the guide for my dishwasher)

Austrian domain registrar 'aids' phishers

Hans-Peter Lackner

Yeah, yeah... blame the Austrians

This is a problem of Spamhaus, not of nic.at.

You can't go to a company and blame: This and that domain are domains used by spammers. Spamhaus in that matter is as trustworthy as the fraudulent users themself. Like every other user, Spamhaus has to provide evidence for the accusations.

I think, it is better to have a domainprovider who will not shut down my domain because an obscure organisation threatened him.

FYI: The most spam in my inbox is from .com or .info

US car thieves floored by manual gearbox

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Can I get discount from my insurance, because a stick shift is a anti-theft-system?

Screen stars: Ten HDTVs on test

Hans-Peter Lackner

A really important test is missing

A problem with nearly all modern LCD and Plasma TVs is hooking a PC to it... they won't accept the full resolution... And the hilarious Overdrive, which is still incoporated in most TV sets and even switched on when watching HiDef material over HDMI....