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Motorola Milestone


I adore it

This is the first time since 2000/2001 that i've had a phone that isn't a Sony/Sony Ericsson. I chose the Motorola Milestone over the N900 and HTC HD2, the only real competitive smart phones on the market right now, because of it's quirky looks and general praise from the other side of the atlantic.

Ok so i've had it for 2 days and i'm recharging it this morning but it feels wonderful in the hand, yes it might be heavy but the feeling of glass and metal puts my other phones, of a plastic nature, to shame.

It is a shame that you have to take the battery out to get at the SD card, but it seems alot of manufacturers are doing that. I still remember my W800 having the Sony Card slot on the side of the phone, that was a couple of years ago.

Yes the UI isn't as good looking as something HTC produces, but then that's probably a good thing as we won't be waiting for motorola to update their UI code when new Android releases are made (where's 2.0 for the Hero?).

Hopefully in more time i'll still love it.


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