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'Arkansas cops tried to hack me with malware-ridden hard drive'


Re: Sigh

and why should they do that?

why should they get themselves a linux machine just to compensate for someone elses illegal activity?

why should they assume that the trojans that they found were all there were?

anyway, once the police have proved they aren't acting in good faith, the whole things pointless - you can't trust a damn thing they've sent you - as the judge will hopefully have understood (though possibly not, since if he's a small town judge he's probably in the same peoples pockets as the police...).

Google's paid link settlement plan will lead to fresh wave of abuses, claims Euro rival


Re: such a waste of time

maybe so, i agree.

in which case, why shouldnt google be allowed to list it as top as well, without getting shouted at for it?


such a waste of time

does noone remember how happy we all were when google started filtering out their 'competitors' results? if i search for something on google, why should my first page of hits be of similar searches on shittier websites?

if i search for 'map' on google, then oddly enough i expect for their recommendation to be a link to googlemaps! weird huh.

same as if i walk into PCWorld, and say 'my PCs got a problem, where can i find help?' i expect to be pointed at the tech support helpdesk thingy there, not to some local little shop half a mile away.

if i wanted to, i would use different search engines. its not hard to use bing instead (hm, if i type 'map' into bing, the first link is to googlemaps... wonder if its because thats the most popular choice?).

if there was a genuine complaint here, then fair enough. but theres not - theres a bunch of shysters complaining about not being able to get rich off google's hard work, and being sponsored to do so by microsoft.

Even 'Your computer has a virus' cold-call gits are migrating off XP


as i see it, the difference between these and ones involving cars or rooves is that by the time they ask for money, they've *already got full access to your pc*. the asking for money is just a little cherry on top - even if you hang up right then, they've already won.

its easy to imagine someone trusting them enough to 'just help them check a few things' and then realising they're in over their heads.

Google submits YET ANOTHER offer to fix 'search dominance' in EU


can't wait for this to be rolled out to other businesses too.

walk into tesco, ask them where the bakery part is, and they're forced to tell me about all the other wonderful bakeries within 20 miles, rather than just direct me to the back left corner of the store.

i mean come on. wtf is the problem with google advertising its own products? Especially when those products ARE the most popular ones.

the reason everyone uses google maps is because its better than its 'competitors' by leaps and bounds, not because its at the top of the list. (and if people really do just select it because its top of the list even though they know they dont like it, then thats a problem with them not with google...).

If i type 'maps' into google, its because i want it to take me to google maps. much like if i walk into a BMW shop and ask them to sell me a car, i'd rather expect them to at least make some efforts to sell me a BMW!

Fanbois smash iPhone 5s much sooner than iPhone 3s ... but WHY?


ttd is a fairly irrelevant stat though, isnt it?

i mean, it only counts phones that have been destroyed. theres no 'infinity' to average with for ones that dont get damaged at all...

Sony sucker-punches Xbox on price, specs, DRM-free gaming


Re: catch

not a catch at all for people that don't care for kinect at all!


used games and 24hourt authentication...

the thing is, these were (clearly!) never designed to impress consumers - they were put there to please developers. so the fact that consumers cheer to hear a console doesnt have them is hardly news. the question is how much it upsets the developers.

its also notable that sony said there would be no 'additional' limitations - so things like online passes will, almost certainly, still exist...

that said, i'm far more likely to get a ps4 than a xbox1 - though really, its all down to the games, and in a world without exclusives i'd happily stick with my pc.

British bookworms deem Amazon 'evil'


Re: The eBook Problem

i'd love it if they'd get something like the Triple Play for DVDs sorted, so that buying a book physically got you a code to enter so you get it on an ereader.

i love my ereaders (yes, all 3 of them! my kindle that got me started, my iphone for when i'm at work during a quiet period, and my ipad for the rest of the time), but i also love paperback books, and like having a full bookshelf of books that i can glance over and pick one out from.

i suppose the problem is people will buy the 'combined' book, get the code for their ereader, and then sell the physical book to someone else. but honestly, for me at least, that would just be too much effort. and IF people are going to go to that much effort, they'll just go to the (much less) effort of downloading the book from some torrent site in the first place.

if the publishers want people to spend money on books (and you have to assume they do, or the whole things fucked anyway), then they need to make it as pleasant as possible.

'Gaia' Lovelock: Wind turbines 'may become like Easter Island statues'


Re: Power source

and yet again, someone ignores the point that *wind turbines dont remove the need for other power stations* - in fact, they make it worse, because when the wind drops you have to use rapid-response power plants to fill the gap, which are less efficient than just running a high-efficiency plant at the high rate all the time.

New Tosh drive can wipe out 4TB 'near instantaneously'


Re: I imagine...

as i recall previous discussions, you only need to hand it over if you possess it. which you wouldnt. if they tried to prosecute on that basis, it would be fairly easy to say 'i'd love to, but sadly as you can see in the manual, its a one-way encryption'. even if you triggered it as they stormed the stairs, you could probably say 'i didnt know it was police coming up the stairs, i thought it was some business competitors so i erased it. the same data is on these drives if you'd like to take a look?' and they'd be hard pressed to prove you wrong.

in terms of disposal of old drives though - it saves money on shotgun cartridges, i suppose.

Investor pulls out of Facebook, pumps cash into pork-printing joint


so, heres my concern...

cartridges will "contain cells of different sorts suspended in gels - muscle cells, fibroblasts and fatty adipocytes".

so, umm, where do those cells come from? surely we still need to either grow the animals, or grow the cells in more traditional manners, anyway?

Assange calls for help from … Quakers?


gotta love the assaungites reference to it as 'not really rape! the condom just happened to break!' - thats only 1 of his alleged crimes, the more significant (to my mind, though i'm not one of his victims...) is the having sex with someone who's asleep. just because they woke up and didnt stop him (and who's to say why not? maybe they were too scared at that stage? maybe she thought she was dreaming? maybe she thought he was someone else entirely?) doesnt magically mean it isnt rape.

if i try and take someones car keys off them, and they go 'oh my god, please just take them, but dont hurt me!' it doesnt mean they've given me permission and therefore it isnt theft...

Deadly domino effect of extinction proved by boffins


Re: J.H. Christ!

It really isn't that complicated. If you're seriously having problems with it (which i doubt) I shudder to think how painful 90% of the internet must be for you....

Hobbyist builds working assault rifle using 3D printer


producing firearms has never been all that difficult - given some decent metalworking tools, and expertise, its easy enough to do. where it tends to fall down is a) people dont have decent metalworking tools and expertise and b) manufacture of firearms (or realistic imitation firearms, since they're treated basically the same in law...) is treated WAY more harshly than just buying/having/using them is (at least in the UK).

So if someone wanted to be all illegal and have a gun, it would be far less trouble to just buy one than make one yourself. (even for legal weapons like shotguns, its hideously illegal, and very harshly punished, to manufacture them).

Judge: Apple must run ads saying Samsung DIDN'T copy the iPad

Paris Hilton

does seem odd tbh.

firstly... wont this set precedent for lots of other things? the police try to prosecute someone for assault, he gets off on a technicality, the police have to plaster 'X did not commit murder' on their frontpage. for 6 months. for every crime they fail to succesfully prosecute.

secondly, how is it apples fault that the media have been promoting the 'S copied A' line? i havnt seen a direct announcement from apple saying it (outside of a patent infringement notice that is), so why are they being held accountable?

thirdly, retractions (Which is what this being sold as basically) are typically printed in one issue of a magazine, in an out of the way place that noone will spot. why so much harsher in this case?

fourthly... i find this hilarious, and will love to rub it in the face of various apple fanbois around the place. (ps. i own some apple stuff myself... doesnt automatically make you a fanboi :P)

Europe's prang-phone-in-every-car to cost €5m per life saved


Re: Good idea...

"But by all means, if you'd rather bleed out at the wheel and wait for someone to find you/bother to call the emergency services rather than simply getting the camera phone out and uploading it to LL then by all means, go without! :)"

yeah... about that... thats exactly what people are doing at the moment! they're weighing up the costs vs benefits, and saying 'nah, not for me, thanks' - hence why 'voluntary uptake has been derisory'. making it mandatory removes the option of 'going without'.


Re: What?!!!!

"Or passengers, pedestrians, other third parties, etc."

then i'd imagine it should be those passengers, pedestrians, or other third parties who should have this system with them, if they think its so important. but honestly, any pedestrian that i've hit hard enough that *i'm* not the one calling the emergency services (but my car wouldve been), isnt likely to be surviving that regardless. as for passengers i'm perfectly happy to tell them that in the event i crash, theres no automatic 999 call, and they're welcome to find a different car to travel in instead.

this is shit risk mitigation - spending this much to save a life is a waste of money that could save many more lives. (and no, i'm not talking about random lives in other countries, as honestly i'm not that much of an altruist. forcing every driver in the EU to spend a bit of cash on a Defensive Driving course would be a MUCH more significant way of saving lives - if that was the actual objective, here.

but i suppose the auto industry is actually quite happy with a lot of accidents happy, so long as people survive, as that way those people buy replacement cars... just cutting down on the number of accidents doesnt do the auto industry any favors at all...


Re: What?!!!!

"€100 on the price of a car for this is well worth it!"

given that its my life that will be lost, shouldnt it be me that gets to make the choice? i suppose if my family care enough, then they could pay the €100 instead. However, given the fact that 'voluntary uptake has been derisory' it seems fairly clear that most people dont consider their life to be worth this cost - which surely is their choice to make? (especially since if my life is 'saved' in this manner, its entirely likely that i'll be left with a life i dont particularly want anyway - ie, crippled.)

if it will save 2500 lives (likely a high estimate), out of 250million drivers, then its a 1 in 100000 chance that it will help you, as an individual. its better odds than the lottery i suppose, but still worse odds than i'd tend to bet €100 (probably a low estimate) at...

Dad sues Apple for pushing cash-draining 'free' games at kids


Re: iBabysitter

>> Is this not akin to taking your child to the supermarket.

>No. It's akin to given them a Nintendo DS.

no it isnt.

if you choose to give your kids your credit card details (or the password to an account that has them saved) then you deserve all you get.

will he be launching a class action law suit against amazon because his kid can log into it and order lots of shit to be delivered because he left auto-login turned on?

if parents cba looking after their kids then a) dont have them. or b) accept that there will be other costs involved instead of the time-cost.

i appreciate that people dont like freemium stuff*, and enjoy their apple-bashing, but come on - at least try and find legitimate things to whine about...

* that said, theres a lot of good 'freemium' stuff out there too, i wouldnt want to get rid of it as a concept just because some people are silly enough to hand account details to a kid who doesnt understand what they're doing.

Testicle-boiling new iPad ignites fanboi fury


i suppose it does get a bit warm... with the brightness on full, and playing 3d games, it can put out nearly enough heat that if i touch it i think 'ooh, thats a bit warm' - not qutie though, it took reading this article telling me it was warm to make me actually think it.

since when is 44 (or 46.7 or whatever) C 'testicle-boiling', or even 'particularly noticable'?

Teen net addicts pee in bottles to stay glued to WoW


Re: Micky 1

good to know, only acceptable to piss yourself when your being paid for it.

so i assume you're fine with the people who have sponsorship deals in wow (yes, really) doing this?

Nuke support in UK hits record high


tidal isnt as phasal as solar and wind... and more importantly, its phases arnt tied in to the same things. (eg. we use a lot of power for heating... during winter and overnight when theres no sun).

the greens complain about tidal too though, because of the poor fishies, and the 'damage' it does to the aesthetics of a place. (incidently the same problem we had when we wanted to put wind turbines into our top field... its nice and high, open space, perfect for wind! oh but no, because of meeting those requirements it fails the next one - people would be able to see them.)

as for the male/female disparity.... i think its a couple of things. firstly, women *are* more nurturing and caring - thus the chance of nuclear problems has mroe of an impact. but i think the main thing is the sad state of affairs in this country that leads to most girls being discouraged from getting a scientific education, and instead studying subjects such as art and the humanities.

of course, tidal does have another problem - every time we use tiday power, we slow down the moon a bit, if we all start using it then within a few years us and the moon will crash into each other ./nod. trufax.

World+Dog goes bonkers for iPhone 4S


queues? ey?

well, at about 11:45 this morning, the guy i sit next to said "hm, the website reckons that the o2 shop in town has still go 4Ss in stock, fancy going to get one at lunchtime?". i said "oh, is that out today?" and went to see if my contract was up yet as i havnt been paying much attention.

so come lunchtime, and we went for a drive into town. walked up to the shop and saw no queue - immediately thought to ourselves "bah, guess they sold out already", having heard about these 'massive queues' everywhere, but walked in to make sure. 10 minutes later walked out with shiney new iphone 4S.

yeah, was terrible, i'm sure... must be SUCH a fanboy to go for a 5 minute drive, walk into a shop, and buy something ;).

Would you let your car insurer snoop on you for a better deal?

Thumb Down

interesting idea, but...

sadly, its pretty much bollocks in a lot of situations.

say i'm driving along, and suddenly (so says my little box of tricks) swerve to the right into the opposite lane in a place where the road markings say i shouldnt, and then pull back to the left.

one interpretation (the one i'd expect the insurers to go with) is that i just randomly pulled over to the right into oncoming traffic, or maybe overtook someone in a place the insurer doesnt like, and so hike my premium.

but it could just as easily be that i was happily driving along, when someone tried to drive into the side of me from a sideroad, but i had fast enough reactions to see there was nothing coming the other way, pull out of the way and go round them, while someone else might have slammed on their brakes and caused an accident (which, technically, wasnt their fault...) as the 40 tonne truck following 10 yards behind them couldnt stop in time.

out of those 2 drivers, which is actually safer? and which one does the little box of tricks say is a reckless driver who randomly drives in the wrong lane?

and as someone who works within/for the insurance industry, i can be fairly certain that if they go for this, it'll only be because they can charge more money overall. they dont care about fairness, or treating people nicely, or loyalty, or for that matter about being a safe driver - they care about charging more and paying less premiums.

Brit ISPs shift toward rapid pirate website blocking


@Peter2 18:39

more like 'the delivery driver that brings the knife from the warehouse to your house is being held responsible' but whatever....

there havnt been any *sensible* suggestions from the industry - because guess what? they dont want a sensible solution. if they could make it so that every person in the country was legally obliged to buy a copy of every piece of shite they churn out (to make sure they didnt pirate it) they'd happily go for that. they have no interest in a fair middle ground, and therefore throw stupid solutions around (That wouldnt really help anyway in most cases) and then act all surprised and victimised when they're told to fuck off.

and as for your last point... oh great, a magistrate. bloody brilliant. remind me, what qualifications do magistrates require in this country? oh thats right. you need to be... over 18 and have a lot of free time. wow. i'm glad we'll be entrusting our freedom to people with that level of skill and expertise. they're sure to be able to properly evaluate the information presented to them in a timely manner arnt they.

Why was Duke Nukem Forever s**t?


they should be interested in people that didnt play

even if the answer to why you didnt buy it is 'because all the reviewers said it was shit, and it looked shit', that is something that they SHOULD be interested in knowing, as a business. its all very well catering to the fanboys that bought it, but they are and *should* never be your primary market.

personally, i didnt buy it because it seemed to miss the point of the original duke3d (and indeed, the non-3ds before that). the main purpose was the gameplay. it was one of the best fpses of its day (with a brilliant level creator that even a 12 year old kid could make decent levels in - and did. i remember playing levels made in the image of my school, for example.), the fact it had a fair bit of sexual content and crude humor *were not* the main points of the game. its only this latest iteration that decided that they were the cornerstones of the product - a decision made all the more stupid by the fact that most of their prospective customers would be people who liked duke3d 15 years ago, and have now grown up.

BT to fibre-up another 114 exchanges


yay, more uselessness from BT. i'm guessing they'll, yet again, be 'succesfully supplying super-fast broadband' to the 90% of homes that can already get it from other providers, rather than doing what they're supposed to and supplying it to people currently doing without, out in the country and such.

oh yes and then bitching about the low take up rates, as though its some sort of surprise that the people who already have perfectly good broadband dont want to pay BT more money...

afterall, god forbid that BT should actually have to replace someone's 30 year old phone line to supply them with decent broadband - that would actually take some sort of effort, rather than just flipping a switch at the exchange and swapping some settings in the cabinet.

remind me, why did we hand BT a virtual monopoly, and then put next to no actual requirements on them?

Hey, Music Industry. You're suing the wrong people


re: If the cap fits

"The attitude of pirates thinking they have a right to download illegal music and software without paying is reflected by the recent riots. A breakdown of basic right and wrong!"

I think the far more serious problem is the complte morons who can't see any difference, morally, between downloading the latest episode of House, and throwing a petrol bomb through someones window. those are the sociopaths you *really* have to watch out for!

Free Ride: Disney, Fela Kuti and Google's war on copyright


needs a title

"Or flipping it all around - at 99c a book, what kind of books are sustainable in that kind of market - and is that actually a good thing?? (Versus a world in which an author can at least carry on writing on sales of a few thousand)"

Quite a lot of perfectly good books, i'd say. mostly, though, it'll be the ones written because someone actually has an interesting story, or something insightful to say, rahter than just because they want to make some cash and have a contract with a publisher already. maybe in a world like that we wouldnt have been subjected to the abominations that were the last 3-4 Harry Potter books.

Authors that are writing purely for money, rather than because they actually have something interesting to write, dont *deserve* to be able to make a living off it.

George Lucas defeated by Stormtrooper helmet man


@fuzzy wotnot

depends how the contracts were done. remember that when star wars was first created, it wasnt a huge thing. lucas might well have looked at various helmets different people were making, sent specs to a few places, that sort of thing. lucas didnt, at that time, have the power to dictate terms to people. i'd guess it was only after the films were so succeful that he decided that he shouldve got the rights on all the imagery and items and such, by which time its a bit late really - but hey, if you've got billions you can try to shout louder and longer than your opposition.

...and you can make 3 prequel movies (that you 'planned to make all along, honest') that have less 'essence-of-star-wars' to them than do the 5 minute videos made for SW:TOR :P

X-COM UFO: Enemy Unknown


awesome game

sadly the latest 'sequel' looks utterly terrible. lets take an excellent tactical turn based squad shooter, with research and development, and rpg bits, and remake it into what looks like a generic FPS (and it doesnt look like its very good even at that). yay.

TFTD was fun, but very much like EU - the research paths were near identical, iirc.

Apoc was pretty good, and i liked how they progressed the storyline, and kept similar gameplay - whilst updating it for a more modern audience.

interceptor... i quite liked interceptor. theres not many flight sims i like, but the combination of a fun storyline, and the R&D stuff, made it pretty much unique as far as i'm aware.

enforcer... i played once, and it was awful.

now, as for the 'spiritual successors'....

ufo: afterlight/aftermath/aftershock.... not bad games tbh, but didnt have the charm of the originals. also fairly buggy and unresponsive iirc.

a few people have mentioned ones above, which i wont comment on as i've not played them.

i have been playing UFO:Extraterrestrials lately (and a sequel is out soonish), which captures a lot of the the essence of the originals, imo. the feeling of being utterly outclassed is certainly there, along with the research and your squad improving (if they last long enough!). controls are a bit iffy, and theres a few bugs, but nothing gamebreaking.

'Being cyber-stalked is as bad as being raped, or in a war'



well, they're saying that the number of cases of PTSD following cyber-stalking is comparable(presumably in proportion rather than absolute? i'm not sure, but if its absolute its a fairly irrelevant figure.*) to that following rape/war. which implies that being cyber-stalked is just as likely to leave you severely traumatised as rape/war is.

i'm going to assume they're being deliberately deceptive here, and using 'comparable' in its technically-correct usage of 'can be compared' rather than the generally-used-usage of 'similar'

* - its irrelevant because its meaningless if they're talking absolute values. lets say theres 1 million people with PTSD in the world. and we say 'the number of people in the world with PTSD is similar to the number of people that have been in PTSD-inducing-situations and have PTSD, therefore being in the world is just as bad as being in a PTSD-inducing-situation!'. its utterly nonsensical. so they must be talking proportions.

Bloke pissing in reservoir prompts 8m gallon flush


wrong headline?

shouldnt the headline really be 'idiotic resevoir manager wastes over $30000 of taxpayers money'?




contrary to what Heff says, its not really anything like HoN/DoTA/LoL. well, you control a hero from a top down view. thats pretty much it. the DoTA clones are all about pvp - the pve in them is just thrown in for something to level up on. in this, its the pvp thats fairly pointless - no rewards as far as i'm aware, and the balancing leaves a lot to be desired.

the main part of the game is much more akin to games like diablo or titanquest, in that you slaughter hordes of enemies, then a boss, then lots of enemies, etc, then swapping some gear around to fight better.

the character-switching is a nice touch, and makes it so that your 'character' is actually the whole squad (especially given that they share some abilities), and you have to make sure that your 3 heroes together work well.

i dont recomend playing it solo though, goes best with freinds.

So, what's the best sci-fi film never made?


Larry Niven

any of them, really...

but the ones i think would work best as films:

Legacy of Heorot - think alien, but with science that works, and people that act like people. oh yes, and aliens that are actually a good deal more scary.

Protector - a book that asks the question "what if adult humans were just the 'breeder' form, that should metamorphosise into an armour plated killing machine if only we had the right food?"


a title

much as i'd like to see Iain M Banks's stuff, and the Revelation Space series, made into a more accesible medium, i dont think it'd really work - too much about them wouldnt come across properly in a film.

Europe confirms raids on ebook publishers


@andy gibson

because people must be fanbois to neg-rep blatently false information?

theres no need to buy kindle books from amazon to read them on the kindle. its not a locked-in ecosystem.

yes its ridiculous that e-books cost more than physical books (considering you're getting less for your money), but thats a completely seperate issue to whether or not its an amazon-locked product.

UK insurer hit with biggest ever data loss fine


Re: Chris W

"No. I'd say even worse is that UK personal data is being stored and processed anywhere other than the UK."

riiight... because no other data about UK people EVER leaves the UK for storage/processing...

especially considering Zurich UK is just part of a multinational company.

BT quotes pensioner £150,000 to get broadband


similar for me

while i doubt it would be quite that much, i'd fully expect it to cost 50-100k for BT to install decent broadband to me. I live approximately 2 mile from a town centre, and there is an exchange on my side of the town. however, due to the rediculous way that BT have got my phoneline going, it goes about 4x as far as it actually needs to (apparently they couldnt have strung a phoneline accross the nearby canal by my house... they have to go a mile past it, then cross the exact same amount of water, and come a mile back), and because the cables 20 years old its crap quality too, so we get rubbish quality broadband, that for most of the summer gets speeds roughly equal to a 56k line (when it works at all). its slightly better in the winter, and manages speeds that most people had 10 years ago.

but its not up to BT to fix all of that of course - because the voice line works, and thats all they're obligated to do. So because of the stupid way they chose to run the phoneline, i cant get proper broadband and they wont fix it. and in fact, if we suggest that perhaps they'd like to do something about the line quality, they essentially say "we dont care... would you like us to turn it off instead? no? **** off then."

Hawking: Aliens are out there, likely to be Bad News


worth considering

i think the point is, its the agressively expansive aliens that are likely to be out there looking around - and those are precisely the ones we dont want to run into.

sure - its unlikely aliens would attack us for resources, but its entirely possible they'd want a pre-emptive war of annihilation, to stop these bastard humans (who are polluting the airwaves with their hippy filth!) from being a threat to their beloved grandkids in 3000 years time.

not to mention the problems if we attract some form of haegemonizing swarm of robots (nano or otherwise), fresh from wiping out their creators, and hungry for more biological life to exterminate!

Obama: We're off to Mars


sounds good

without space travel, we (as a species) have essentially given up. we've accepted our fate as a planetbound creature, that will die out and be forgotten. Obviously Obama can't come out and say it, but the expansion into space of mankind as a species is worth any cost, imo. in the last 30 years, we've progressed in leaps and bounds in other areas, but in the field of space travel we've regressed - attempting to reverse that trend is one of the best things i've seen from the US in years, quite honestly.

(of course, i'm someone that thinks project Orion should never have been cancelled, so its possible not many would agree with me.)

Facebook rejects CEOP 'panic button' demands (again)


more CEOP stuff? really?

gotta love that CEOPs overall stance is basically 'if you dont agree with us and do everything we tell you to, then clearly you support child molesting rapists' - oh yes, and they'll be happy to tell that to the bbc and everyone else that'll listen.

Google says ad blockers will save online ads


'equilibrium'? eh?

the 'equilibrium' they talk about doesnt happen though. its not like you think "well, i've have adblocker installed for a few hours, the ads i was trying to get rid of wernt *too* annoying, i'll turn it off again now". no, the way it works is, you see a few really annoying ads, you go "grr, why havnt i installed adblocker on this pc yet", you install it, and forget all about it until you get a new windows install 12months later. so i suppose, over the long term, you could get this 'equilibrium', but in most cases? nah.


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