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What's brown and sticky and broke this PC?

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The user was left to set the time on her PC every day

Cruel and unusual punishment, surely.

'Crash test dummy' smashed VIP demo by offering a helping hand

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Forget the helmet

Whose shirt was he wearing?

Five ripped off IT giant with $7M+ in bogus work expenses, prosecutors claim

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Re: Lashings

Depending on the kind of "gentlemen's clubs" they frequented, there may have been lashings of lashings.

NASA engineers scratch heads as Voyager 1 starts spouting cosmic gibberish

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Re: Have they tried

I remember someone taking the p*ss out of IT by saying all we do is tell people to "turn it on and off again". They were quite put out when I pointed out that left you with a device that definitely didn't work because it was turned off.

Millions of smart meters will brick it when 2G and 3G turns off

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Re: Why smart meters ?

Smart meters can make your life easier if you are a prepayment customer. You can top up online and have things like government support payments applied to your meter without having to go to a shop to cash in a voucher.

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Re: No corruption here.


Smart meters do not connect to your home network. The whole point of the article is that they use 2G/3G.

Workload written by student made millions, ran on unsupported hardware, with zero maintenance

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Could you add the "On-Call" label on the home page?

Teardown reveals iPhone 15 to be series of questionable design decisions

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Re: Other side of the same coin

I assume a titanium bezzle is just an extremely reliable stage dancer.

Official science: People do less, make more mistakes on Friday afternoons

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It's probably OK to deploy code on a Friday, as long as it was written and reviewed earlier in the week.

'Weird numerological coincidence' found during work on Linux kernel 6.5

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Re: I looked at that numerology web site

"consider number 2 as a sign that your angels have heard your cry"

That brings back some memories I'd rather repress.

Linux lover consumed a quarter of the network

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Home page label

Could you tag the article with "Who, Me?" please? Took me a little while to find today's.

Bizarre backup taught techie to dumb things down for the boss

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Recycle Bin is not permanent storage

I've seen more than one senior business person use the Recycle Bin to keep important documents in. Of course, emptying it was the first thing we did when they complained their disk was full. I did learn to ask first, eventually.

LG to offer subscriptions for appliances and televisions

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Clothes drier settings

When it's raining, I put my clothes in the drier and it runs until the sensor detects they are dry. Then the drier stops drying. I think that setting should work just about anywhere, unless I'm missing something.

June Patch Tuesday: VMware vuln under attack by Chinese spies, Microsoft kinda meh

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Can someone tell your article-writing AI...

that "uneventually" isn't a word.

Man sues OpenAI claiming ChatGPT 'hallucination' said he embezzled money

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Re: > OpenAI shouldn't put out "AI" that consistently spews complete bullshit,

Sounds like some code branches need pruning.

First-known interstellar Solar System visitor 'Oumuamua a comet in disguise – research

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'Oumuamua, 2I/Borisov, ...

They always come in threes

Take the morning off because Outlook has already

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"Slack off"?

Slack on, more like.

Another RAC staffer nabbed for storing, sharing car crash data

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Re: Grinding nomenclature

"Seafood solution" = bouillabaisse

Shag pile PC earned techies a carpeting from HR

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Almost put their jobs on the lino.

Have we hit a climate tipping point? Green power attracts big money

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Word choice

I think you should run the phrase "explosive nuclear growth" past someone in the communications team first.

Lockheed Martin demos 50kW anti-aircraft frickin' laser beam

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Small arms?

They work well when attached to a jar of tomatoes https://www.businessinsider.com/kyiv-grandma-took-down-ussian-drone-with-jar-tomato-pickles-2022-3?r=US&IR=T Long arms would be even better

Publisher breaks news by using bots to write inaccurate stories

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Re: No reply from CNET you say?

a comment in the style of amanfrommars

Fail. This was far too coherent.

Man wrongly jailed by facial recognition, lawyer claims

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Re: Womens' status remains

"Odd"? Understatement. Should have been fixed by now (and never written in the first place).

Fraudulent ‘popunder’ Google Ad campaign generated millions of dollars

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Never heard it called that before

The user is most likely busy minding their own business on the other active tab

Elon Musk to step down as Twitter CEO: Help us pick his replacement

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Put Twitter out of its misery quickly

Liz Truss is the ideal candidate for that.

When we asked how you crashed the system we wanted an explanation not a demonstration

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Re: A simple solution

This only works with BBBs - big black buttons labelled in black with a black background.

Victims of IT scandal in UK postal service will get fresh compensation

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Re: Bollocks

I know lots of people who work at Fujitsu and this isn't mention in the company

I think if you worked at Fujitsu, mentioning this might be a career-limiting move. I remember reading Private Eye at my desk at lunchtime once and someone having a quiet word with me to mention that my employer had featured in it recently and it might be prudent to read it at home.

Job 1: Get the boss on the network. Job 2: Figure out why Job 1 broke the network for everyone else

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The situation after this

The Chairman's iPad works here, but Walt disnae.

BOFH: We're an industry leader … in employing idiot managers

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"Tin" of petrol?

Where are you from? I'm curious.

Just follow the instructions … no wait, not that instruction to lock everyone out of everything

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Hopefully the documentation wasn't in The Sun...

Well things did go TITSUP (Total Inability To Support User Passwords)

Japan space agency blows up eight satellites aboard Epsilon rocket

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Re: Sensitive image

"pass" - if they'd spelled it the English way (parse) it wouldn't have raised the flag.

What's Microsoft been up to? A quick tour of Windows 11 22H2's security features

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Re: Nothing to do with....

What are cerfts?

Certificates issued by Vint Cerf himself?

Chemical plant taken offline by the best one of all: C8H10N4O2

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Re: Ah, but what was the coffee?

That's a latte of bad coffee puns...

Most of them were thought of in an instant.

Scott 53

Re: Ah, but what was the coffee?

It's a shame the computer wasn't robusta.

Voyager 1 data corrupted by onboard computer that 'stopped working years ago'

Scott 53

Not any more

NASA and its engineers have done a stellar job

I think it's now interstellar.

BOFH and the case of the disappearing teaspoons

Scott 53

This work has already been done


Scientists find gasses from Earth in rocks from early Moon

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Re: Sounds sketchy

Wish granted


That emoji may not mean what you think it means

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Re: Aubergine - but where is the Star Anise?

You, er, don't want to know what the star anise emoji will be used for.

Scott 53

Re: Confusing emojis

Perhaps he was confused because you didn't say "Obrigado", assuming your gender aligns with your username.

Scientists use dead spider as gripper for robot arm, label it a 'Necrobot'

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The Claw!

This would have given the scene in Toy Story a very different ambience.

Boris Johnson set to step down with tech legacy in tatters

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Re: Sub-sea nukes

"reactor" and "gone critical" shouldn't really appear in the same sentence.

Soviet-era tech could change the geothermal industry

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Re: Could this be the energy source that 'solves' energy for humanity??

It took a couple of days to get used to the eggy smell in the shower.

If there's no dog around, you have to blame the water.

Brave roasts DuckDuckGo over Bing privacy exception

Scott 53

These are not just data trackers

These are MS data trackers

Google engineer suspended for violating confidentiality policies over 'sentient' AI

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Re: Mechanical Turk, or just a stream of 1s and 0s?

Ask it which hand it bowls with.

Asking an AI to try and understand the rules of cricket is surely cruel and unusual punishment.

The next time your program is 'not responding,' (do not) try these steps

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Re: Cynical

Wow, a moderate moderator! Normally, or at least usually, she should have smitten you with her godly moderator powers for questioning her obviously superior wisdom in her own house.

If it was Sarah Bee you almost certainly deserved it.

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Re: Cynical

More likely..."Top 10 INSANE ways to cure XYZ. Guaranteed!!!!"

You won't believe #7!

DuckDuckGo tries to explain why its browsers won't block some Microsoft web trackers

Scott 53

These are not just data trackers

These are MS data trackers

Microsoft Bing censors politically sensitive Chinese terms

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Return of an age-old problem

Welcome to Lu'an, twinned with the UK town of Scun{redacted}

Confirmation dialog Groundhog Day: I click OK and it keeps coming back

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Affect can also be a noun. Ask any psychologist.