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Tesco in unencrypted password email reminder rumble

Steve Jeffery

Glad this is finally going mainstream

This issue has been known by Tesco, and by the tech community for years. I have been having a two year dialogue with Tesco about it myself.

Maybe the scrutinity of the media might overcome Tesco's resistance to even trying to understand the problem.

CSIRO opens Cape Grim pollution data

Steve Jeffery

Presentation is everything

I can't wait for the full data to be published, so that I can graph it without the massive zero offset. By starting the Y axis where it does, it makes the increase look much bigger,

Lies, damned lies and statistics.

Slack bank practice creates opportunity for phone phishing scams

Steve Jeffery

Complete routine

I get this ALL the time, and I always refuse to give details to someone who calls me.

Most annoyingly I recently had this on a SALES CALL from BT! Yes... They wanted to upsell me... And they called me... And they needed to ask me to confirm my details first. Um... YOU CALLED ME!

El Reg's PARIS programme attracts high-flying sponsor

Steve Jeffery


Hilton have been a more amusing sponsor?