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Microsoft compares Amazon cloud to 'horseless carriage'


"Horseless carriage," said the stableman to the Jaguar driver

Sorry, guess I just gave the punchline away.

If Microsoft really wants their customers to misunderstand the significance of Cloud Computing, they sure are on the right track for that, so far.

Well enough, though, I suppose we may not need any overhyped contributions from Microsoft, in that domain, after all.

Microsoft: 'No one cares about Google's dev cloud'

IT Angle

Ahh, Schadenfreude

My First response: Well, what a lot of Schadenfreude from a Microsoft executive - and what a surprise, at that! That is how Microsoft does competitive business, these days, after all - don't they, though? by FUDing the competition?

My Second response: Who cares what he has to say about it? I expect that his remarks will only serve to pique interest in that which he's apparently tried to wipe out of the popular attention, with the remarks. *

* Comment does not apply to Microsoft Certified Tools. May apply to non-tool engineers.

Apple, Google, RIM in smartphone dead heat


Oh, positive news!

Well, it's nice to see that the mobile phone market is not headed into political, environmental, or cultural armageddon.

On a more sincere note: I'm happy to see that RIM is still holding a sizable share, in themarket. No matter how Windows-centric their Java development environment happens to be, it's still a decent OS - overall - that RIM has put together, such that I can possibly ascertain, by an rational faculties of my own, in fact.

Dutch develop world's largest touchscreen


Oh really?

"The screen was developed, the boffins say, to aid research into geographic information systems,"

...yeah, because the same old computer displays just aren't working, any more, for GIS development. :cough:

Pardon me, I am almost jealous, except for how it looks like such extreme overkill. These days, I can only imagine it devolving into a new form of advertising technology.

I'm skeptical about it, to say the least.

Patent attack launched on Google's open video codec



As I read it:

"The vast majority of the industry supports free and open development", Google says.

"Yeah, except for us", says the people to whom the bulk of movie income is going to.

If it goes to the courts - as it looks like it will - I have no doubt, though, that Google already has a lot of practice in finding good lawyers, and will bring that experience to bear, on the situation, along with all their plain technical strengths, no argument about it.

Mine's the one with the Flux Capacitor in the pocket - going to go back to the past, to some time shortly before legislators were lobbied to enable the MPAA, RIAA, and friends to pull off the amazingly consumer-unfriendly feats they have, so far.

China's 'stealth fighter' flies – brown trouser time, or not?


Cheers, El Reg

Good show, 'mates

Steve Ballmer at 11: A Microsoft power play too far?


"[Bing is] still the baby of the company, with sales in the half-billion range"

Good Guiness, what a fine monstrosity we've made.

A round for ... 1/12 the entire world....

Hey, but at least, it's a monstrosity residing in a free-market economy - not without present, and *effective* competition, either.

...and it may be a little more than a spectator's sport, though. I mean, really....

A round for the whole room, at least.

Google Apps contracts promise no 'scheduled downtime'


Please, it goes in this order: First STFU, *then* RTFA

....*then*, optionally, comment. Thanks.

Hey just kidding. Go ahead and kneejerk away...even when the article actually conveys useful information essentially rendering the comment irrelevant. We need those kind of comments, for their simply distracting qualities, it's really quite useful.

and Happy New Year!

Gov gone wild: Mad new pub glasses, bread freedom introduced


@Jonathanb: Sounds straight

I'm sure they'll be replacing pubs with ordinary filling stations and complimentary metres, shortly.

I want to drive the beer truck, on that day. The first international beer-truck heist - just imagine....

US woman sues again over XP 'downgrade', seeks class action



"The new suit, as noted by Computer World, has many similarities with the original complaint. " - ok. What an eloquent ... echo ... echo ... echo ....

So, I wonder what the courts will actually do about it, though, given that it's really their opinions that matter, in the foremost, to this matter?

Honda US cops to vast data snaffle from marketing firm


They gave what to who?

They gave VINs to marketers? I can understand the modern neo-business marketer "reasoning" behind of some of that other carp - but VINs? Does Honda even bother auditing what they hand out to marketers?

IBM races bits along a nanowire track

Paris Hilton

What if you don't watch movies very often?

Does it polarize the spin differently? What about the ... ahh, shad it - spam, spam, spam, bacon, chutney, and spam - and a happy new year, El Reg.

Logitech said to turn off Google TV


The required is title, and letters contain and/or digits must

I see we're all experts about Google Strategy around here. I guess I have nothing to add, then...

Mozilla takes on web data miners with privacy icon release


What if

...they'll give some portion of your information to your advertisers, but only that which you've explicitly volunteered to volunteer to whom? The case of FaceBook comes to mind.

Still seems like a nifty novelty, though, even if it's a bit overly simplistic to address that one case

Skype makes wobbly return, offers compo to paying punters


20 mil a day?


I know, though it might not compare to the volume of ordinary telcos, but in its right context, I think, that's impressive.

Senior Guardian hacks turn on Assange

Paris Hilton

Um, Rupie owns the NY Times?

....and FOX News, doesn't he? Talk about playing both sides of the coin! What a shrewd businessman....

Car immobilisers easily circumvented by crafty carjackers


Great, so in ten years...

I predict: In no sooner than ten years' time, they'll finally upgrade to 128-bit encryption - at five times the cost to the consumer, then portraying that necessary feature on the item, as if it had attributed any kind of "value added" quality to the basic, essentially dysfunctional model.

For marketers, I suppose, ignorance really may resemble bliss. What a happy game....

Google open sources '$5m' in Java Eclipse tools


WindowBuilder, hmmmm....

It sounds to me like that's going to sock Sun, er I mean Now Oracle's Netbeans IDE - right in the tuckus.

Certainly, one of the recognizable strengths of Netbeans, if compared to Eclipse - besides in the brand-name loyalty side of the equation - has been in Netbeans' (free) WYSIWYG-esque GUI designer, which Eclipse had (previously) been absent of any alternative to (in the free market). Now barring that matter from the comparison, I honestly find it difficult to imagine why a Java developer might choose Netbeans instead - but pardon my abjectly biased statement, there. I'm sure, everyone has one's own reasons, amply sound.

...and furthermore, WindowBuilder can work with SWT? and GWT? and so on and so forth.. well, what an advantage! I suppose that all I'll have to do, then, is to wait patiently on the availability of an Eclipse update site, for the items....

2010: The year open source went invisible


When it boils down to licensing and availability of application/component source code

....then it becomes a bit more complex than the (affectionately put) average shmoe might be expected to comprehend.

Of course, that may be only one visible side of the matter - namely, the licensing of the components, themselves - but, I digress.

I think it must be a fine situation, if the market - collectively - may finally be maturing past the point where the situation would have been portrayed as if it was no more than a matter of some sort of abstract yet personal competition between "closed source" and "open source" agency and individuals. Certainly, the use of open source components does not change the fundamental laws of business and competition - as compared to those same laws on which business using only closed-source components will also have to operate, along with the natural limitations on their applications' available service lifetimes, and so-on. As far as who's competing with whom, though, as I see it, it boils down to no more and no less than: Business competing with business - as far any essentially useful, more-than-ephemeral competition in the market would ever occur.

If more companies are finally learning how to make such software as would be made available on open source licensing models, to make that software and the licensing terms on it work, in their competitive endeavors, and there's no more of such as SCO's polytricks, then I think, that's wonderful - and what a year it must have been, after all.

To a better 2011, and so on.

PARIS concocts commemorative cocktail


I suggest: The Kubric Europan

...in honor, after all.

Granted, Europa might not have much terra firma to it. Would the dedication in the name of the item be enough to win those points back, perhaps?

Top secret payload fired into orbit aboard private rocket


Cheese and Good Cheer!

It's great to see that Musk can continue the tradition of bringing a sense of humor to success in spaceflight. I hope SpaceX does very well in realizing their spaceflight projects.

Maybe it'll give Virgin Intergalactic a run for their money, as well. Cheers, all, for halfpence on the two cents.

Mass mind control artist condemns El Reg to obscurity


What he really meant, was probably more like...

..."Who was the first [out of all my favorite political opponents and more general gripe-targets]?"

I would apologize for the fact that one might so need a decoder ring in order to decypher the "hidden" meanings of statements of that US opinion broadcaster, but - I must realize - I'm not responsible for his (oh so popular) brand of obsessiveness.

Thumb Up

You are correct, sir! (@ Thomas 4)

Ahh where's that old Ed McMahon sound-byte when you need it ><

(RIP and so on)

@Thomas 4: Epic funny, sir, and highly apropos.

Filthy PCs: The X-rated circus of horrors


Crowd-sourcing at its finest

Cheers, and all that whiskey

Christians vs metalheads in FB flame war


Went a little far on the dramatic scene acting...

...got a little drama in return. Well hohum, what's rock without some drama anyways?

Google: Oracle doctored that 'copied Java code'


Needs more cow bell

Sorry, I just momentarily got taken up with the comments criticizing the coding style, in code that we really might not be so sure of the original whereabouts of, at this point...

Why, that code just needs more cow bell!

Zuckerberg: the iPad 'is not mobile'


Dog and pony dances for the press corps - sounds more than a little agonizing

Thanks for the existential play-by-play, El Reg. I'm sure that a Kafka-esque version of the event will be forthcoming, by the sound of it - from some bright no-fanboi below the horizon?

Mine's the one that doesn't look like a beetle's bum

BT blasts hundreds of would-be customers' data into Infinity


BT can outsource the work

...but, lawfully, they cannot outsource the final responsibility. It's their name on the operation, and it's their blame to take the final seat for.

If they need to vet their PR firms for tech savviness, before making a contract with whom - but, well, by the looks of it, they just might want to outsource that vetting work, come to think of it.

Where does the madness end? At the OFF button, for which a STOP button will novelly suffice.

Robot goes berserk in Balkan lab: 6 boffins given dead arms


Find someone to sue, *then* fix the problem, then go to Cabo San Lucas on the winnings

...in some kind of partial ordering.

Now that's American(r)

Mine's the one with a hot-rod mag in the pocket, just 'cos.

BOFH: Pepper-packing bot plot


British innovation at her finest

Years down the line, we see that the same country in whose home was the Enigma-breaking enigma of the WWII era Enigma-breaking kit - that I don't know the name of - is also home to this fine work of High Literature, the BOFH.

I see that the tradition of innovation is being proudly continued in the UK - BOFH, when self-advertising tech-heads have really shown their mettle ;)

Microsoft confirms Russian pill-pusher attack on its network


It's Microsoft's conceptual tomfoolery that throws me

Microsoft loves to invent new words for things already having inherently simple explanations, albiet using the real words that have been used, for some time, to describe those same things.

Whether or not you'd happen to understand my explanation of this long-standing practice of theirs, all that air-headed conceptual inventiveness of Microsoft's is just another approach to Microsoft branding - and I, for one, find it very distracting, let alone that i wonder how far it's crept in as to needlessly complicate the very designs of Microsoft systems.


"Due to human error"

...but *whose* human error, again?

Windows to Linux defections to outpace Unix shifts in 2011


Operating System != User Base

- just thought to throw that in, but don't let my naive comments distract the proud experts around here...

This beer, here, is for me - get your own, and then we can toast. :p to *genuine* understanding.

Big Brother

Can't wait to see the Microsoft backlash, after this news

Will it usher in a whole new round of chair-throwing? Oh, I hope there's pictures!

Hey if we can run with the chair-throwing motif .... It'd be like UFC meets Silicon Valley, all over again - the Royal Rumble Royale! ><

...because, most of all, Big Brother cares for you and his certified marketing engineers ><

Oracle re-commits to ODF after OpenOffice divorce


Hmmm. Skeptical.

I still don't know how Oracle may try to justify that their practices have driven off some real brainpower behind Java, right around the time of the acquisition. Until they may resolve that, I will continue to hold any further decisions by Oracle in only a doubtful perspective - on the downside of genuine skepticism.


@David 141 : Congratulations

Your comment so epitomizes the desire for the death of literature, you must truly deserve some kind of a prize. If your comment was in jest, let the prize be awarded in light of that.

Doctor Who touches down in US of A


From what I understand....

...the Dr's cast and crew have as many reasons as any other professional entertainers to enjoy their layover here in the states.

My recommendation: Just look out for the funny ones reading the Constitution backwards - separation of state by church and all that.

Cheers, y'all.

Foxconn faces leaked report of worker abuse, violence


Mmmm yes, Hi-Ho Complacency, let's just let them all sort it out themselves...

In the States, as well, we've had a government that, once sufficiently pressed to make acknowledgement, then consented to improve labor standards.

In China, they have a government that shoves as much as it can under the carpet. Of course, some of those carpets cover prisons, too.

...and some of those carpets are made of international IOUs, I'm afraid. That's a fact of life, these days, at the international level.

None of that indicates as if we should be complacent about humans rights abuses, however - even those made in and of that manufacturing giant of the modern world.

If we don't start facing this one side of it, now - now that these indicators are coming out, reaching us over here - then it will come back to haunt us. I say we save our children the effort, and face up to it, today - and actually follow though on our corporate pledges, as such.

Doctors' appointment system goes tits up


And Skynet enters the medical industry...

I'm sorry, just trying to make something cheerful out of all this bad systems design.

Cheers, fellows - and you with the "don't take with alcohol" label on the empty bottle, well I guess it's all good today ><

Verizon: we like Microsoft, but not Windows Phone 7


Achh, they need to pick the BB Torch phone, too

Whine whine gripe gripe? No, I just don't like AT&T, and I don't like having to change service providers just to be able to use a given model of popular smartphone.

Verizon's alright. Vendor-monopolization of phone models ain't. Cheers anyway, a round for everyone....

Tesla Motors: Our cars don't burst into flame, but our emails do


Not sure if he even knows what "yellow journalism" means

Granted, being exposed to as much, on a daily basis, could serve to cloud the meaning of the term.

Everyone's got their drama. and I've got my Guiness. It balances out.

Three new 'nauts head off to ISS


*Thank you* for your continuing coverage about the ISS, El Reg

I may love to joke and scorn about some of the news, here, but this is something I don't play around about: I heart space business, even in the government-sponsored continuing tradition of the same that keeps it all alive when everyone else is obsessing about Lady Gaga's latest Kielbasa accessory.

If the good people of the free market keep up at it, maybe we'll start to see some actual private-enterprise manned ventures beyond the lowest reaches of the great blue. Tipping the hat to the folks who have been in this for decades, though - good fare.

Navy Carriers: We want two or no votes for you, Tories


This so reminds me of that Wing Commander movie

...and I'll fetch my coat, on that note. Mine's the one with bits of popcorn still stuck to the front.

RIM unveils The BlackPad BlackBerry PlayBook

Thumb Up

Cool name, nifty OS mfgr

PlayBook! Now that's fun.

I remember using an old not-for-profit demo that QNX offered on Intel platforms, a certain version of their their Neutrino OS, for a time - it was available sometime around 2002, maybe. It had a swell GUI, with a comfortable design look to it .

Pardon me for not being one of those low-level-systems guys, who might be able comment more meaningfully about it ;)

When double D isn't enough - go 3D


Oh rly

"I can't show them on film what it is" - wellll, that's no fun - some kind of expert tech guy standing out in front of an oddly shaped tent, and an energetic interviewer offscreen. Wow. I can almost touch the sheep I'm counting. ><

Mozilla Labs dreams of projected keyboard phone


It's a convenient conversation piece, at least

...and they didn't even have to invest actual materials into an actual production line, for the thing.

Maybe it's also a testament to the value of peer review - at least, depending on the community of peers, and the subject under review. Designers proceeding unawares of the prior art to this item, and largely not inclined to actually analyze its design, might think - or, at least, might talk - as if it was the hottest new idea under the sun. I think, it's a waste of time and resources, and I think that some people living the "genius" stereotype probably do have too much free time on their hands - to which, I believe, this design may serve as a nearly tangible case in point.

Facebook on the blink for second time in two days


Nothing to be concerned about

...just Skynet going through another growing pain.


Half of Chinese are downloading mobile apps


Hey, I've questioned downloaded apps, too

I guess I'm just that cosmopolitan ><

Cheers, Reg!

Google data center links shot down by 'bored' riflemen


Paint it funny colors, Google

If it looks ridiculous, I'll venture, odds are that they won't even want to look at it, let alone, to try to shoot it.

Ever seen those orange balls they stick on power lines near runways? Paint 'em pink with crazy-looking (no pun intended) googly eyes, and put 'em all the way along the line. Candy-stripe the lines with purple ribbon. They'll be so confused, they won't be able to shoot straight enough to hit the ground with the odd shot.

Hey, it's psychology, kind of in reverse....

I for one proudly welcome our surreal overloards!



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