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Woolies Pic'n'Mix bows out with eBay auction




I have a small bar of Cadbury's chocolate - guaranteed the last here!

Cash only...

Canadian runs up $85,000 mobe bill

Paris Hilton


My (French) telco (Bouygues) has sold me an unlimited (up to 50 meg) 'Blackberry Option'. Have a look, if you read French : http://www.modedemploi.bouyguestelecom.fr/Modedemploi/select_blackberry.htm

I'm still wondering about that.

To reassure you all, I'm not actually paying for it yet, either. I thought I'd see what the first free months are like.

Running queries on the HMRC database fiasco


re re re

The only reason I can see for using TNT over the Royal Mail is to track the letters - but the silly people didn't! What's that about?

As Anonymous Coward (Sunday 25th November 2007 11:03 GMT) said, the default principle is that internal mail is safe - that's why it's worth paying for real employees to wheel carts around your buildings, and make night runs between your buildings with vans.

The default should be that it's not necessary to register internal post - seal it, because there's no point tempting people, but you don't need to register it because the mail room does that, and as they're delivering it anyway...

Can anyone tell me what's left to outsource in the British gov?

Not the royal family, that was sold to Hanover some time ago; not the PM - outsourced to Scotland...

Ubuntu goes 3-D



errr.... Beagle has been replaced (by Tracker) in 7.10.

Which also answers various comments about how 7.10 is not the first desktop with search - 7.04 had, well, Beagle (IIRC!)

Does that mean that Mark Shuttleworth has publicly disavowed Feisty?

BMW helps nail 105mph V-sign biker


The French drive better than the Brits???

Big_Boomer said:

"Does that fact that France has faster speed limits lead to people driving with more care and attention. How else can you explain why the French drivers pull back into the driving lane leaving the overtaking lane for overtakers yet in the UK that lane inevitably has 4 times more vehicles per mile than any of the other lanes."


Are we talking about the same France here? The chunk of land across the Channel?

Because I live here, and often find myself having to pull out to the third lane (when there is one!) to overtake some grenouille @ 110 kph in the middle, with nothing in sight in the driving lane.

And when they *do* pull in, don't bother looking for an indicator - that seems to be an optional extra...


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