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Fans decry tennis gal's breast-slash plan


Ahhhh... I get it Lester

"And before the curmudgeons among you start start banging on about the IT angle and remove El Reg from your bookmarks, the Daily Mail reckons Halep fans have started an online petition urging her to reconsider"

The Information Technology Angle or TIT angle

Anyway, I can't see anything wrong with her swing.

Expenses row MPs warned to change cash card PINs


Bring in Scotland Yard about the breach...?

Why aren't they already investigating the fraudulent expense claims...?

Windows 7 gets built in XP mode

Paris Hilton

If this is the case...

...Does that mean when I'm in XP mode that I can run stuff in 98 mode...?

eBayer punts Wii for £1m


Now you've gone and done it

He's obviously read some of the comments and had enough of the piss taking. He's now dropped the price to a more reasonable £500.000.00 :/

Darling admits Revenue loss of 25 million personal records


On the upside (from an investigative journalistic point of view)..

The next few days.should turn up a few stories for Lester haines with a few choice auctions for dodgy cd's turning up on ebay ;)

Oz motorist reacts rather testily to small todger slur


Big news here...

...but no so big down under

Enraged reader savages iPhone fanboys


What are we talking about here..?

"Our suggestion? Throw the lot of 'em in the village pond and see if they float. If they do, prepare the faggots and flaming pitch barrels of righteous indignation"

Are we talking about the iphone or the geeks? ;)

eBayers fail to bite amazing penis-shaped crisp


It looks more like a Fish

.... A tiddler to be exact.

Belgian politico to orally pleasure 40,000


What an erection campaign!

Although some people might find the methods hard to swallow.