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'We must all stop washing to save the planet'


got it backwards

We should actually put all the climate change deniers and skeptics on the sun-bound asteroid, since by their actions they seem to actually desire living on an overheated, barren, lifeless rock of a planet.


Of course it will require sacrifices!

Did you really think we could continue with this standard of living indefinitely? And that somehow the 5 billion people who aren't consuming as much can live like us without any natural consequences?

Look around at our planet... not just at CO2 but at the multitude of ways we have changed our planet's natural systems. We have disturbed so much, and there will be consequences as the services our planet provides for us (such as climate regulation and sustenance) start to change. And yet, with so much at stake, you balk at wearing clothes twice or forgoing a luxury item such as coffee. That is selfish, reactionary, obstructionist, and irresponsible.

Our planet is not a car... we cannot just trade it in for a new one when the transmission starts to slip or the a/c breaks, but that is the mentality too many of us have. And in this article, you have done nothing but reinforce this mentality. Be proud.