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Pakistan blocks 13,000 grumble flick sites

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I fully support Nawab Liaqat Ali Khan on this

Why shouldn't you be able to google 'naked big boys with their wangs out', without being assailed by a lot of smut. It's an outrage I tell you!

Yours disgusted of of Abbattabad Wells

h/t It's a Joke ..please call off the jihad!

iPads seized from shelves by Chinese officials

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May I be around the 341st poster to say....

Mwahahaha! How do you like them Apples beeeyatch!

yours faithfully,

Your bestest mates in South Korea.

FCC (finally) cracks down on BLARING! TV! ADS!

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Doesn't apply to Professor Brian Cox and his Orchestra

A decent program spoiled by overly intrusive and unnecessary 'musical' noise pollution. IMO.

Couple can sue service that monitored their net sex

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Well OK but ..

if she looks like Les Dawson in a pinny...pleased don't.

German salesmen rewarded with meticulously organised orgy

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Six feet?

Didn't realise Gordon Brown was six feet tall. Boy the things you can pick up.......

TalkTalk claims wooden spoon for highest level of broadband gripes

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letters and/or digits........ .happy now?

Me too.....TT that is.

British-born NASA astronaut Piers Sellers becomes OBE

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You mean 'emmigrant'. Lucky bleeder.

School caretaker harassed after Islamists hack EDL

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Graham - here's titus' real contact details

His real name is François-Marie Arouet (alias 'Mr Voltaire') and you can find him in February 1778 in Paris if you hurry.

Probably in one of those Arrondissement thingies.

Best of luck.

'Smear agricultural land with human poo'

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It Stinks It stinks It stinks in the summer

If your a farmer near Ipswich then in the summer I guarantee you that your ears were really burning. Because this practice just REEEEKS. They don't use the denatured, bio digested, sanitised version oh no. They just empty the cess pits over the land. Utter Gits.

If it isn't the stink from the Sugar Beet factory cause nasty niffs then it's these farming gits spreading the raw unprocessed sheeeyite everywhere..

Now why did I move away.......

Government abandons benefit-cheat lie detectors

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shurely shome mishtake....

Politicians against lying? I thought that was their trade?


Clive Sinclair unveils 'X-1' battery pedalo bubble-bike

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This space left blank...er wait......

Yeah 100% agree. Thats my definition of success right there.

Three is voted the best UK network

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Try just 32 miles from London

Clacton....Co16 8HW - no 3g service at all.

3? rubbish!

Gay site says bank shut account over 'objectionable' blog

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and yet Merica is home to a thriving adult video and

associated products industry. Along with the 'moral majority'.

I think you could best describe it as people are complicated, shades of grey, there seem to be few absolutes in life.

Cept perhaps Jenna Jameson who goes like an absolute......

DVLA data powers likely to be abused by foreign officials

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A title

This government is kind of like watching a slow motion car crash. You know well in advance it's all going to go titsup and slowly but surely it does but perhaps turns out even worse than you could possibly have imagined.

Roll on the revolution - the bloodier the better!


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