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Google lights toasty price war under S3's hot and cold data bits

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Re: WTF... Why do people use this?

#DecimalPlacesMatter $0.026 not $0.26.

And the cost of IT operations resources to manage that VM and NAS service?

Also, how do you know most people don't need this? Businesses now have terabytes of data and costly on premise storage systems.

Oracle issues emergency patch for Java on Windows

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Here we go again

Took long enough to kill Flash. It's gonna take a lot longer to kill off Java. Well, at least it is almost gone from browsers.

Lizard Squad gang moves from PlayStation, Xbox Live attacks to Tor

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Re: the tablets will save us...

No need for living room computers, we have cloud infrastructure now to play with. Cloud computing providers don't care what VMs are used for as long as there is a credit card to go with each one.

Report: UK.gov wants to legislate on comms data BEFORE next election

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Re: VPNs....

"We'll just have to start using encrypted VPNs, just like they do in other countries with authoritarian regimes"

First, go live in a country with a true authoritarian regime and you'll soon see how lucky the UK is.

Second, do you really think commercial and open source VPNs are not already imperceptible by security services? Actually, no one cares about the security of the data in transit, it's the endpoints that are most relevant. A VPN doesn't hide who you're communicating with.

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Re: We are a democracy

"We are a democracy

We have the free right to choose how we are governed!

We can choose between a party that is gong to bring in draconian laws, a party that is gong to bring in draconian laws, or a party that has no hope of getting in but will bring in those draconian laws anyway if they do."

You also have the choice of doing nothing and letting criminals and terrorists destroy the world around you.

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Re: Muddled thinking

Um...but we can prevent crime by giving up privacy. If everyone watched everyone else, crime becomes quite difficult unless people collude to cover up in which case all involved are criminals until the ripple reaches someone not willing to be party to the crimes.

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Re: Communications data

No need to ban speech. It's not the ability to speak, but what is said that is the problem.

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Re: Making it Pay

I would push for legislation that required commercial grade VPNs to share their keys with the authorities. Use of a VPN that didn't conform would be outlawed. Only military and intelligence services should have access to such encrypted communications.

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I would think it's also about monitoring patterns of criminal behavior over time as well as gathering evidence for arrests and prosecutions. And of course all the subtle relationships between criminals and terrorists and would be criminals and terroists.

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Knee jerk reaction

As always there is the knee jerk reaction. Can anyone propose an alternative means to monitor internet activity of serious criminals and terrorists? If there is a cost, so be it, I don't mind paying my fair share.

What people are really objecting to is someone else knowing about their dirty little online habits. Newsflash, the authorities don't care about your fetishes unless they involve minors.

London Tech Week: All for the luvvies and the joke's on you, taxpayers

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Satire, right? People seem to overlook the obvious: outsourcing is probably the greatest form of wealth distribution the world has ever experienced.

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Re: hey hum

You're funny. Globalization has pulled millions of people around the world out of poverty - real poverty, not the relative poverty of having access to food banks and a welfare system to fall back on.

You can go on about "manufacturing jobs" all you want but the fact is those jobs are GONE. They will come back when robots can do them at an even cheaper wage. If you don't like capitalism, don't participate, live off the land, leave the grid. Good luck with that.

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Re: Tech businesses

Clearly, you don't know tech if you think Google is not a tech company. By the way, Amazon and eBay are also tech companies. Yeah, really.

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Re: The next big thing

Ethics? How quaint.

Activist investors try forcing Google to pay more taxes

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Re: start paying as much tax as possible

Nothing wrong with that at all. If the law permits it, why not? Oh morals? Ethics? Screw those those, this is business.

EU: Let's cost financial traders $400m a day, because EVIL BANKERS. Right?

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Re: Investors != Traders

HFT may happen at market level time scales, but the profits (and losses) from the liquidity have a wider impact for regular mid to long term investors. In other words, HFT liquidity does also generate liquidity that ripples out into the wider markets.

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Um, nope. Liquidity benefits more people than just the algo traders and the finance houses. I'm neither but I get to benefit from the liquidity in the markets as a result.

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Re: Utter crap

What do we get? Are you kidding or do you truly have no understanding of how the world works? How do you think major global projects are funded? Taxes aren't enough to cover the cost of running a country.

Reduce automated systems? What next, do away with financial instruments and trade services and hand made products?

Sheesh. Some people don't live in reality.

What we get is capitalism; It ain't perfect but it works. It just needs some improvement in regulation. No system is perfect, but capitalism works well for most of the time. If not for capitalism, global poverty would be a much bigger problem today that it was 20 to 40 years go.

Facebook pays $19bn for WhatsApp. Yep. $45 for YOUR phone book

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Not disagreeing with your comment, which is valid in itself. However, the telephones are very important piece of the puzzle. The telephone numbers will enable Facebook to connect more people, people who at present may not be using any social network. And those connections can yield other useful info when you factor in details from call logs.

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Re: Colour me dumb, but ...

I agree. I don't see what the big fuss is. I also screen calls. I pretty much just ignore or filter out any comms I can't be bothered with. It's no hardship, the tech makes it easy. So okay, Facebook will now be able to join some dots between contacts, but so what?

I think we take privacy too far these days. It's like every tiny bit of personal data needs to be controlled. That's not how the modern world works, people just need to adapt.

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Re: they're not the biggest mugs. We are

"Scary"? What's so scary? Serious question. Why do people fear everyone knowing everything about everyone? People can still have privacy at home, behind closed curtains and locked doors. But everywhere else is now open. Welcome to the new world.

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Re: Communication, Communication, Communication

WiFi at home - included in broadband subscription

WiFI at work - free

WiFi in shopping malls - free

WiFI in bars and restaurants - free

WiFi hotspot access - many telcos include them in the bundle

The only time these days I have needed to pay for WiFi is on board a flight or a rail service.

Cheap/free WiFi more available than you might think. I think telcos will be keeping an eye on such developments.

Want access to mobe users' location, camera, phone ID? EXPLAIN YOURSELVES - ICO

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When will this whinging end....

The price is "your data and privacy". Don't like it, don't use the tech or develop your own (good luck with that).

Society would vastly improve if all members knew everything about each other. Privacy is an old fashioned notion no longer relevant in modern times. Looking forward to the passing away of the older generations and welcoming the younger generations that will be born into a more open society and will know of privacy only in history books.

Your kids' chances of becoming programmers? ZERO

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Re: Angry Much

it's not hard....if you have an aptitude for it and not everyone child does. I've mentored people in their 20s and 30s with no prior programming experience and some people take to it like duck to water while others struggle.

Learning to code is easy. Designing and writing really good code takes experience. Applying programming skills to solve a problem takes further skill and experience.

The problem is we're not even giving our kids a good start at the moment. If anything, we're starting them off down the wrong path to become good programmers all in the name of "inclusiveness" because every child needs to be rewarded "for trying" rather than actually completing a learning task.

You THINK you're watching your LG smart TV - but IT's WATCHING YOU, baby

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No big deal

Anything that helps lower future cost of consumer electronics is fine by me. If the resulting targeted advertising means I get more of what I already like to view, great. There could be lots of content I'd like but I'm not aware of. Do you really think advertisers care what we view? Of course not, they are just interested in the trends, to match consumer to producer, regardless of the product.

There are no usernames or passwords involved so no need to worry about encrypting data of real importance. As for embarrassing content being served up, well what do you expect? Don't do embarrassing stuff while connected online.

Google: Cloud users have 'no legitimate expectation of privacy'

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Calm down privacy lovers

Yes Google reads your emails. Google's machines to be specific. Not their employees - they have better things to do. What does it matter if a machine is reading your emails.

Hundreds of UK CSC staff face chop, told to train Indian replacements

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Re: Training your replacement.

NSA doesn't use just keywords. And they don't count on exact spelling either. It's a immensely more sophisticated.

NSA chief leaks info on data sharing tech: It's SharePoint

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We need better vetting

People like Snowden should not have been involved in the first place. The root cause for me is involving too many outsiders. The intelligence network should be tightly controlled like in the old days.

You thought only Google dodges UK taxes? So do all the Brit firms

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Re: Government Has No Reason To Complain

Absolutely. Tax planning to avoid tax is not illegal (evansion is). Tax avoidance is a perfectly normal thing to do, not just for large multi-nationals, but for individuals too. I'm an IT contractor and I see it my duty to myself to minimize my tax hit. I pay as much tax as the rules require me to pay. If you want more tax, vote into power a party that will raise tax rates. Otherwise people should just live with it.

Google formally recognises Palestine: Puts it on the virtual map

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About time

Well done Google.

Sprint, Softbank to swear off Huawei kit as condition of merger

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China is likely to ban Windows

It would be quite easy for China to ban Windows in favor of a homegrown OS, oh wait that's exactly the (long term) path they've started on already... Two can play at this game, USA.

Rotund Mega baron Dotcom offers bounty for breaking his crypto

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Re: Mega Hurts

What makes you think it won't be the same. Users will still upload pirated content. The difference is now the secret keys will be passed around only to those who are in the right circles. And without the keys, no one can prove what is being hosted by a user.

Samsung mocks Apple lawsuit in SuperBowl teaser ad

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Re: Ask Galaxy owners...

Except that Samsung is a major global component supplier. The LGs, the Asuses, the ZTEs, the Oppos, the HTCs, use Samsung's components. Losing Apple as a component customer is not that big a deal. Apple will just go to another component supplier and that supplier is probably using Samsung's components.

YouTube and Netflix take on AirPlay, DIAL up the big-screen goodness

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Almost zero cost to TV manufacturers

This is good news for display manufacturers. They can ask Netflix to pay them small fee to implement support for DIAL. If the leading names (Samsung, LG, etc) don't buy into it, then no reason for the smaller players to buy in and DIAL is dead before it gets started.

Apple loses 'Most Valuable Company' honor to ExxonMobil

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So I can buy Apple stock today and in 20 years time get myself an Audi? I can think of several stocks that would allow me to do the same, doesn't have to be Apple.

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Re: ExxonMobile?



Dodgy Wi-Fi

Purple tinted photos

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Re: ExxonMobile?

Even with an oil spill, Exxon could spank Apple longer term. Exxon could weather two oil spills.

Meet قلب, the programming language that uses Arabic script

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@AC Do you think the compiled byte code is Arabic too? Dumb ass.

Show some respect, Arabic has given more to computing than most cultures.

China wants eight new Lenovos by 2015

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It's a good idea, one western economies should follow

If the ultra paranoid USA won't allow Chinese sons to come and marry their darling NASDAQ daughters, then this is a great way for China to force western economies to give consent to future marriage proposals, if not, hen China and rest of Asia can pretty much set the pace of technological development for the rest of the world and eventually the US and EU will have to play ball or be left out of next generation tech developments. Silicon Valley is not the hotbed of innovation it once was. Cambridge and MIT still do great work but it's he Asian tech giants that are taking new developments from R&D into the market.

Microsoft to stream blue movies

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It's called monetizing. It's what businesses do. It's what makes money that pays employee salaries. It's how we get money from people that have nothing better to do with their money than sit around watching TV.

Oh, those crazy Frenchies: Facebook faces family photo tax in France

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Re: Stupid, Complex, Over-Theoretic

If a country wants to raise tax revenue it should develop an industry. If organizations are to be taxed for simply holding data, then the government should give individuals tax discounts for the data governments hold about the citizens they govern. Then what next? Do we tax wealthier people more because they have more assets and therefore more data needs to be stored about them? Do we at some point tax by the megabyte or even byte?

France is will end up being cut off from the digital revolution taking place around the globe. Corporations should take a stand against France. France has more to lose than the corporations.

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Solution: facebook.org

Facebook.org is a non profit organization that does not store any data (except logon and password) and is funded by charitable donations from wealthy private individuals. Instead it uses open APIs provided by Facebook.com (a US company) to "only show data from Facebook.com".

‘Anonymous’ hacks Oz Uni’s email to protest bulk iPad buy

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Best alternative is a Chromebook

Cheaper, great battery life and actually more usable in classes in that you can type much faster than tap.

Ten stars of CES 2013: Who made the biggest splash?

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Samsung Youm was the most impressive tech of CES 2013

The possibilities that bendy OLED opens up makes this the coolest and most amazing tech of CES 2013. Samsung are so close to something truly groundbreaking here. If the prototypes are anything to go by, Samsung is not far off from a consumer product. A GS4 with double the battery hours thanks to a thinner screen and larger battery would be most welcome.

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Re: Eh?

Project Shield will be DOA. What exactly is the point of it? They should pack all that power into a tablet or smartphone. Most people are happy to carry a smartphone and a tablet, but not a third device.

Bite us, Apple: Samsung hauled in $8.3bn in Q4

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Re: "jack of all trades, master of none"

Jack of all trades = diversification, something that usually saves a business from going under when consumers eventually tire of the "master" product because something shinier comes along.

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Re: Is it time for Apple...

@AC 18:40

You seem to be under the impression Samsung does only consumer electronics. Apple does ONLY consumer electronics. Samsung produces things that are even more tangible, like heavy industry machinery and plant. You know, stuff that really keeps the economy moving.

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If Xmas needs to be puton plastic then those families should be re-prioritizing Xmas, as in skip it until they can afford to celebrate it.

Panasonic pitches Ultra HD 4K x 2K monster tablet

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Who gives a crap anymore about the iPad's 264ppi?

The Nexus 10 has the iPad's low PPI beat by a mile.

Don't shoot the Windows Live Messenger, cry IM users

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IM side of Skype sucks

The IM half of Skype is fine if you only use it once or twice a week for short chats. For frequent use it is AWFUL!

MSN/Window Live Messenger is/was great at IM because it started life as an IM client and so IM was the thing it did best. Custom fonts and custom font colors were features that I personally find very useful as it made the chat stream easier to read. The Skype IM chat window is an ugly mess. Microsoft says you can use your Windows Live ID. Yes you can, but it's an extra mouse click away and if you log out the damn Skype client does not remember it.

You'd have thought MS would have enhanced the Skype IM features before forcing people to switch. With the number of people now using Facebook's instant messaging I think fewer people with switch to Skype for IM than were using Live Messenger. I think MS will lose more users this way than it thought it would gain as Skype users.



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