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Bill Buxton to change Microsoft from within, hug Steve Ballmer

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Everyone is not a designer

He wasn't really saying that from what I remember.

He was saying that people should specialise in what they are good at but also be knowledgable about the other areas. Which he called "T" I think. So his stance is that developers should know design put specialise in development, designers know development but specialise in design. Add in lawyers should know development and design, and likewise the designers and developers should understand the lawyers practices but let the lawyers do their job as they are the specialist in their areas.


Google's Austro-Hungarian ambitions laid bare

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Denmark - shmenmark.....

They are both pointing to Iceland!

Cloud computing: A catchphrase in puberty

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Cynical at best, a joke of an article...

I suppose the point should be that these services are just the start of the new. I know plenty of business that run of machines host away from their data centres where they are susceptible to the pipe and host.

There will be plenty of apps in the future that run off EC2 and/or GAE.


Microsoft pushes for SaaS

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BT... Rubbish

I was at this conference. I am surprised you didn't mention the other vendors at this meeting who had far more interseting things to say. BT, especisally Black were by far the worst presentation at this day. BT's presensce felt like a badly executed marketing stunt, I really didn't see the point of the market place, and I would have loved them to talk more about the connected services framework (which was only mentioned in passing) rather than advertising their terrible sites.

As for multi-tencancy database nevana, Microsoft are far behind Oracle with regards to Row-Level security that is required in this type of model. I asked the question at the panel, and Microsoft had no idea that their competition were this far ahead.

There was also no answer to a question about competing with the like of Amazon EC2.