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Iranian pimp plates arse up Afghan car sales

Andy Berner

apparently "your mom" jokes are not so funny in Afghanistan...

Saw this first in the Wall Street Journal... their story closed with the amusing anecdote:

"But the origins of the number don't matter much to drivers like Ghafar, who has to deal with daily ridicule that has cost him at least one friendship.

"A classmate of mine was always joking with me and saying I was a pimp," said Ghafar, who rebuffed repeated requests to have his photograph taken with his troublesome license pate. "I said, 'If I'm a pimp then bring your sister and mother around.' We're not friends anymore.""

RAF's new military airlifter finally lumbers into the air

Andy Berner

RE: parachuting from a jet...

I believe this would be a C-17 conducting an airborne drop... perhaps a little harder for the pilot to keep it slow, but I don't believe the jumping out bit requires any more skill... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7HY4daITF4


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