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'Severe' OpenSSL vuln busts public key crypto


100 hrs

If the crack require access to the machine to mess up with the PS, then it will be much more easy to pull out the entire hard drive(s) and that would be made in 3 minutes.

Microsoft embraces another Linux company


The same trick again

This will happen often from now on.

Every time M$ is asked a patent agreement from another company, in case this company uses any kind of Open Source software, the deal will only be made if she accepts that a press release will be made, stating that Linux or OSS was covered by the agreement, and paid for that.

Otherwise, M$ will charge them more money.

The same scheme will be applied when M$ find a OSS user violating some of their true patents.

I doubt that they will ever try to sue any OSS user, out of the above mentioned conditions.

Microsoft urges Flash makers to pay fat dollar for exFAT format


Fat exFATdeals

FOSS is the most closest environment that could prejudice these fat exFAT deals. No surprise that M$ hates all about FOSS, and would eat them alive in case they would ever place any kind of threat to them.


this is true

Its a must to find a way to put a stop on the present state of things. Someone who has a massive world 95% quota can in theory break all kind of innovation as well as any competitor. It's just a matter of buying whatever suits, embrace it, patent it and tax it.


256 ?

Humm...is this not the number of patents they claim that Linux is infringing? Or 235?