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I couldn't possibly tell you the computer's ID over the phone, I've been on A Course™

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Re: banned from overtaking on the local roads

Funny, that was not an issue for USAF personnel in Japan.

Security gone in 600 seconds: Make-me-admin hole found in Lenovo Windows laptop crapware. Delete it now

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Blow Windows away as soon as any laptop is in my hands.

My tower was a bare metal purchase. It has only known Linux.

Uncle Sam is asking Americans if they could refrain from slapping guns on their drones

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Re: Well now...

Before 9/11, Civil Law Enforcement was denied armed helicopters, armed vehicles, etc. Since, IDK. We did not in the past send our local police to Israel for training in law enforcement measures, now we do.

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Has to be a joke or Florida Man.

Strapping a shotgun to a drone? One shot and the drone will be falling out of the sky.

The drone would require sufficient mass to counteract the equal and opposite reaction, which would require larger motors and battery packs. And have difficulty achieving flight.

Maybe a .22 rimfire.

Pokemon Go becomes Pokemon No as games biz Niantic agrees to curb trespassing addicts

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Re: They had to go and ruin it

That'll never happen.

As long as there are few consequences, or some other entity/reason that can be blamed for their incorrect behavior, very few will take personal responsibility for their actions.

Perpetual victim-hood.

Here's a top tip: Don't trust the new person – block web domains less than a month old. They are bound to be dodgy

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Never, ever going to click on some "<randompolitco>.<tld>"

Have we not learned from the 80 yr old web site designer's scams?

Then there are the scams by the "legitimate" political parties.

"Send us money, we will work for you!" With a value for "you" that is the name of a third party that remains nameless due to anti free speech laws.

Buying a Chromebook? Don't forget to check that best-before date

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Re: "Auto Update Expiration (AUE) Date"

My take is development for aged out hardware will cease to be monetized.

Do Chrome books allow for manual updates?

Seems the IPCC might want to discuss Google's planned wasteful carbon footprint.

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Basically Chrome laptops are disposable like Android smartphones.

Basically Chrome laptops are disposable like Android smartphones. $$$.

Never ever thought about purchasing a Chrome laptop nor of using the Chrome browser.

Eighty-year-old US 'web scam man' on the run after pocketing $250,000 in Dem 'donations'

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Re: The most depressing feature of this story

Article was copy and paste. No tech geeks were involved.

Whois has an entry for sinemaforsenate.com

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Re: party membership

Woof. We are all dogs. AFAIK.

It will never be safe to turn off your computer: Prankster harnesses the power of Windows 95 to torment fellow students

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Re: More chaos

serial girlfriends that he was never serious about.

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Re: sad mac

I think I need more details on why you chose that specific word for the shutter click sound.

Your girlfriend desired to know as well?

Can Amazon's AI really detect fear? Plus: Fresh deepfake video freaks everyone out again

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Re: Detecting fear

As if people have no ability to read faces.

"Why are you afraid?" "Anything you want to tell me now?"

Police will be kinder and gentler, if they know you are showing fear.

Sociopaths show no emotions.

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Got to move those GPUs

The crypto mining craze has died down. Shortages have become a glut.

Faced with over supply of GPUs, they are promoting AIs that require thousands of GPUs.


'Hey Google, remind Greg the locks have been changed, and he should find a new place to live. Maybe ask his mistress?'

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Re: Dystopia, one improvement at a time

They're letting you know that you are about to be terminated.

"I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that."

We checked and yup, it's no longer 2001. And yet you can pwn a Windows box via Notepad.exe

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Is this why a "notepad" app doesn't come with Android?

I've often wondered why, with every general purpose OS I've worked with having a text editor in the distro, why Android phones don't have one. The carriers put useless shit in there, but no text editor.

Is it a conspiracy?

Oh chute. Doubts cast on ExoMars lander's 2020 red planet jaunt after another failed test

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How many landers have been successfully sent to Mars? Not like this is virgin territory.

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Re: Really?

Covered in the first comment.

That's bang out of order: Threesome hookup app 3Fun leaked lovers' data, locations, pix – report

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"t's an app for threesomes a dating app, of course it has an open backdoor.

There, FTFY."

Did not need fixing. Porno Innuendo.

There are software backdoors, then there are porno backdoors.

Keep "Safe Search On" to remain naive.

Microsoft follows up those licensing hikes by snipping away costs for Azure Archive Storage

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"a replacement for the likes of magnetic tapes and regulator-mandated archives."

The Cloud replacing offline, offsite, physical media\ stored in an iron mountain?

Works until it doesn't.

LibreOffice handlers defend suite's security after 'unfortunately partial' patch

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Re: Linux: Remove LibreLogo

Not present in a Xubuntu 16.04 install with LibreOffice

Present in a Debian 9.4.0 install with LibreOffice

BOFH: Oh, go on, let's flush all that legacy tech down the toilet

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load of crap

Crappy article.

fecal recognition.

Somewhat related:

My sick care provider wants me to send a sample of my fecal material (and my DNA) through the mail to some fecal material processing lab to determine the health of my colon.

I think an executive from my sick care provider golfs with an executive from the fecal material processor.

Fed-up graphic design outfit dangles cash to anyone who can free infosec of hoodie pics

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Re: The problem with stereotypes

But then they could not run a "contest" where they gather names and personal information for a undisclosed project.

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Re: Truth in advertising

I was thinking of a room full of IDF uniforms.

Locked in mortal keyboard combat.

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Re: A more realistic image... is here!

That team is all managers with an underpaid "Design Fellow" at the bottom to do the work, whatever it is.

Fix LibreOffice now to thwart silent macro viruses – and here's how to pwn those who haven't

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Don't see LibreLogo in

I stopped upgrading LibreOffice when the next version blocked loading of data from other local spreadsheets.

I assume because some people were blindly clicking "yes" to loading from unknown external sources.

I see no reference to LibreLogo in that came with Xubuntu 16.04.

RIP Hyper-Threading? ChromeOS axes key Intel CPU feature over data-leak flaws – Microsoft, Apple suggest snub

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Re: Word of warning

Worse than BREXIT, eh?

Freaky photo flingers face fat fines for flagrant phallus flashing fun

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Re: Potentially a good idea.

Are you a "Florida man"?

Japan's mission to mine Mars' moon is cleared – now they've filled out the right paperwork on alien world contamination

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“states shall avoid harmful contamination of space and celestial bodies.”

Here on Earth we get toxic resource extraction, glyphosphates, GMO, and 5G.

But there is great concern about the climate changing.

Legal bombs fall on TurboTax maker Intuit for 'hiding' free service from search engines

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How about they "entered" their data.

Data Entry is the act of entering data into a computer.

Crap band sues crap beer maker: Hair-metal rockers have an Axl to grind over Guns N' Rosé

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Streisand Effect?

Google jumps the shark from search results to your camera: Nest Hub, Pixels, and more from ad giant's coder confab

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Re: They Live!

"but it seems their main purpose is to keep ppl from "learning to read" or "knowing where they are"."

Alphabet wants to know where everyone is and what they are doing 24 by 7. AI Stasi. No need to enlist your neighbors.

"Alphabet agencies" refers to proliferating government agencies during FDR's New Deal.

Alphabet is located near Moffat Federal Airfield located conveniently between Mountain View and Sunnyvale.

"Intel Inside" is an in your face spook joke.

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Knows when you have been naughty and when you are nice.

Google knows where your mom lives.

You can follow the crowd even when dining alone, and eat what the herd eats.

Next up election ballots, you will be able to see in real time who the leader is, then you can vote for the winner. Win-win.

Cali Right-to-Repair law dropped, cracks screen, has to be taken to authorized repair shop

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We have to leave clues to our present for the future.

Would be fun to erase the technology used to create modern wonders.

Leave them scratching their heads and making stuff up to explain it.

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Never, ever bought Apple

Even back in the day of Apple ][. Bought an Atari 800.

Really frowned when Apple let people think that Apple invented the GUI mouse desktop with the Lisa. Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) developed that concept earlier.

Give them credit for the music player development with the iPod. Unless they took credit for someone else's work.

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over your head

OP "Or they loose a customer"

Reply: "tight rein, [etc.]"

Emphasis is on "tight" to oppose "loose" as used by OP, instead of "lose".

NASA fingers the cause of two bungled satellite launches, $700m in losses, years of science crashing and burning...

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No one goes to jail, again

No one at that level ever gets prison time in USA.

Steal $1,000, get jail time and a lifetime status as a felon.

Steal millions, billions, pay a paltry fine and walk away.

Launder millions of drug money, pay a few points in fines to a regulator, and carry on.

US National Debt is $22+ trillion.

The Pentagon cannot account for $21 trillion.


Windows 10 May 2019 Update thwarted by obscure tech known as 'external storage'

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Re: Working fine for me

The bad workmen created the broken tool and failed to do due diligence in QA testing.

Defense against the Darknet, or how to accessorize to defeat video surveillance

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Juggalos FTW

Makeup worn by the followers of Insane Clown Posse cannot be recognized by AI.

But there is a social cost.

Article had me confused with "applying the patch".

Disco Dingo fever: Ubuntu 19.04 has an infrastructure bent, snappier GNOME and another stupid name

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Re: Smart name?

Spook humor.

"Windows" through which they peep.

"Intel Inside" manufactures the chips inside the box that runs Windows.

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Blame Unix. For one example, "PINE", "P(ine)I(s)N(ot)E(lm)".

Idiot admits destroying scores of college PCs using USB Killer gizmo, filming himself doing it

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Re: sub par MBA

He has a MBA from a $32K per year, upstate NY college cum "university".

Probably was triggered when he discovered that no major consulting firm would hire anyone from that MBA program.

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Re: What a fucking idiot

That Japanese officer never experienced Japanese racism. The Chinese and Koreans had.

Doubtful that one officer's desire to be a social justice warrior was a primary cause of that conflict.

Google rolls out Android Easter Egg for Europe – a Microsoft antitrust-style browser, search engine choice box

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Your approved option is DuckDuckGo to Microsoft

DDG is a front end to Microsoft's Bing. Pick your monopolistic corporation.

Like elections where there is a choice between two corporate owned. wealthy elite backed parties.

Illusion of choice in a corporate owned world.

Bing's results are more manipulated than Google's.

Qwant is interesting, but has limited resources and hampers search when the number of search requests exceeds some secret number that is unreasonably low.

I've had it with these mother-fscking slaps on this mother-fscking plane: Flight fight sparks legal brouhaha over mid-air co-ords

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Federal jurisdiction.

Interstate Commerce clause. Federal jurisdiction for flights that cross state lines.

Everything about the airlines, the terminals, the crews, the planes, and security screening is Federal.

The Ninth Circuit is not the most reasonable court in the USA.

Watch Toyota's huge basketball robot shoot a hoop, and read up on how you should think about AI and, erm, Jesus

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The robotic hoops player is black and tall.

The security and medical bots are white.

Kepler may be dead but its data keeps on giving, thanks to AI: Two alien worlds found in archives

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slightly bigger and hotter than Earth.

Manmade global warming way out there?

Seems like machine learning requires quite a bit of human brain power to get it going.

Which nation or corporation will lay or has laid claim to these planets?

Yes! Pack your bags! Blossoming planetary system strikingly similar to ours found by boffins

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Ark "B" candidate

Load up Elon's Ark "B" rocket and launch.

Mayors having a right 'mare in Florida: Acting mayor arrested weeks after boss also arrested

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Florida Mayor

Another version of a Florida Man story.

What's up with that town? Something in the water?

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IT angle?

IT angle?

Ah after hours at the pub now.