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Nippy, palaver and cockwomble: Greatest words in English?


Re: Of course, the best...

Berk has been my insult of choice for many years now.

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Re: cockwomble


I was about to post the same but was thwarted by a password reset palaver.

Panasonic throws in towel on plasma tellies, preps for BILLION-dollar kick in pants



I've always worked on the premise that plasma was the best picture quality and Panasonic made the best plamas and bought, and recommended, accordingly.

I have a four or five year old 50" Panasonic plasma that is still going strong, streams most of the media I can throw at it and works a treat.

I also agree with the comments about Smart and 3D above. Not interested in either.

Gaia scientist Lovelock: 'I was wrong and alarmist on climate'


Re: Easy does it!

A modest temperature change of 0.8 - 1 degree is far less than what we experience between night and day, let alone summer and winter.

It's not like we are suffering from "falling rain or terrible drought" now is it?

Oh, wait a minute...

Russians drill into buried 20 million-year-old Antarctic lake


What's that I hear?

Tekeli-li! Tekeli-li!

Call of Duty: Black Ops


Are we playing the same game?

I'm not sure the review is playing the same game as me... I spent an hour last night going through the first couple of levels and found it to be a typical Treyarch COD placeholder offering; disappointing.

Linear levels, on-rails style routes, impassable rocks and rubble, invisible walls and level edges, uninspiring sound and an incomprehensible storyline.

Now I realise I'm only just starting the game and single-player at that, but the constant jumping from location to location (interogation one second, Cuba the next, Russia after that) is disorientating. and frankly annoying. I nearly gave up last night and took the bloody game back.

I'm going to take it online tonight in the slim hope that this will save the day but if you were thinking of buying this game for the single-player only I really wouldn't bother.

Incidentally I picked up the Xbox 360 version in Sainsburys for £27.98 when purchased with an additional £30 worth of groceries. Thank god I never paid £55 for it!

Group Test: smartphone satnav apps

Gates Halo

Research fail

"All but the latest generation of monster Android handsets have screens frankly just a little too small for easy satnav viewing."

So the 4.2 inch screen on my WinMo powered HTC HD2 is too small then?

Such a shame.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Paris Hilton

It may tope SotD and Hot Fuzz...

...but does it top Spaced?

Paris because she should have a cameo.

HTC Desire



You haven't really elaborated there, have you.

So what did I get wrong: the Desire has larger screen than the HD2? Different hardware? It's not Sense UI overlaid over the OS? What?

I think my post was factually correct from what I have seen.



...it's just the HD2 with a different OS (hidden behind the Sense UI and a smaller screen then, yeah?

Brits left cold by mobile internet



That's quite surprising. I'm rarely off of the internet on my HTC HD2 coupled with Opera and Skyfire; but then I chose the phone to support my internet habit.

James Cameron poised to make Fantastic Voyage


Too late

Nothing is going to top The Mighty Boosh's take on Fantastic Voyage surely?


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