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I don't have to save my work, it's in The Cloud. But Microsoft really must fix this files issue



I remember a couple of decades ago a business user entering many hundreds of monthly company car mileage records into an oracle database. Except instead of keying in a new one each time, he would enter it, then query it, change the reg# and the mileage value, then commit it and repeat. He was very disappointed after a day or two of long tedious effort to find he had keyed in precisely one record. We (IT team) trained the business team who then decided they could train the new starter without using the training materials we had provided them with. Oh, how he laughed!

Sorry friends, I'm afraid I just can't quite afford the Bitcoin to stop that vid from leaking everywhere


I'm sure the blackmailers only have simian heath concerns at the heart of everything they do. They want to save all those monkeys from being spanked.

75 years ago, one Allied radar techie changed the course of WW2


My grandfather worked on RADAR in the 2nd world war. I was told that his family thought he was an idiot who couldn't spell radio. Amazing that any reference to RADAR was allowed through the censors in letters home.

Kent Council cheerily flings about £100m at managed services bods


Re: Figures

"If you see a plan that says what they will do differently and how that will cost less, it might be OK." I totally agree with your sentiment but if they put that in the plan, then the council could just do it themselves couldn't they? Why would they need the outsourcing "partner"?

I always see outsourcing as an admission by management that they don't actually know what they are managing and have to get someone else to do their job for them. The only valid reason for outsourcing in my view is economy of scale. But even with that, multiple councils could get together and still do an effective job without outsourcing. It just takes good management. But it's easier to outsource and let someone else deal with the horrible 'doing stuff'.

Space elevators, vacuum chutes: What next for big rocket tech?



up goer five

Mother faked ID to 'disappear' child from school waiting list


"data of birth"?

weight? time? maternity suite room number? midwife's maiden name?

What can Google's tablet deliver?

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@max allen: you ever used windows mobile?

"dropping the odd call" is acceptable, understandable and, as you say, usually the network.

However, my experience of a phone running windows mobile was that I frequently missed incoming calls because the phone app was simply crap, nothing to do with the network at all. The app would simply hang. I only found out when I came to make a call and had to reboot the damn thing to make it work only to then find a load of voicemails waiting for me.

I will never buy a windows mobile phone again purely because the phone app was crap.

The purpose of a phone is to make/receive calls and send/receive sms. Everything else is a bonus. But if can't do the phone thing, it's a waste of space.

Humax HD-Fox T2 Freeview HD receiver


no timeshifting?

Wake me up when I can get same functionality as my existing DVR.

Chip and PIN security busted


@ Greg J Preece

It's 4 digits because that's all Mrs. Shepherd-Barron could remember ....


BA.com titsup


it's working fine

as subject


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