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Leaked docs: GCHQ spooks secretly haul in more data than NSA


Though I have to say, some of the details coming out make GCHQ sound quite a fun place to work. A 5m by 3m screen in their 'operations centre'. I always imagined that kind of spy film cliche was just that - apparently truth is right up there with fiction this time.

And think of all the crazy shit that goes on there that we'll NEVER know about. Their pay may well be crap, but such sights to see....


Well done Sir! That's the spirit we need in our Police State!

Petascale powerhouse cracks important HIV code


What happens if there's ever a virus similar to HIV, but capable of airborne transmission like flu - would we all be up shit creek?

Canadian regulators welcome US Bitcoin refugees with open arms


wow, dont spend all that virtual money at once sir.

Cyberthugs put YOUR PC to work as Bitcoin-mining SLAVE


Re: Recent Crash?

haha tell that to all the people that piled into it in the last month. last time i checked, losing two thirds of somethings value in a few hours constitutes a crash in anyones language.

Bitcoin exchange: Greedy traders to blame for DDoS attack


I hear you...but what about people who bought last summer at around $5 and held them? if you'd spent £5K it would (as of now) be worth £150K. Who gives a fuck if it's a bubble if you can sell out for that? And if you part closed on the way up to cover the £5K then the rest of this crazy rise would have been risk free.

Would you have cared if the whole thing collapsed the next today? I wouldn't.

Bitcoin prices spike on Euro woes


I bought 2000 BTC last summer, cost me just over £6,500. Took the view they couldn't go much below the $5 or so they were back then. With the pathetic interest rates on offer I viewed it as a bit of fun where I might make 20% or so on them. I sold them yesterday for £98,000. Only downside is the £25K CGT I'm gonna have to pay

Micro-drum acts as quantum memory


didn't understand a word of it!

Review: Toshiba Satellite U920T Ultrabook


Yeah...wtf is it with these crappy resolutions on laptops?! How do they get away with it.... Oh yeah, the saps keep on buying them.

Review: Google Nexus 4


Re: specs

at the time, nothing. but here we are just a couple of months on with 1080p screens inbound - that's a big change that i wouldn't fancy missing out. glad you're happy with the nexus 4.



Im glad this was out of stock when I considered one last year - as the review says, the specs now look anything but cutting edge. I would have been very disappointed owning this when in a few months time 1080p screens with 10+MP cameras are commonplace.

Thanks for the stock problems, google!

Pentagon hacker McKinnon will NOT be prosecuted in the UK


How fortunate...

...for McKinnon that his criminal offences are being ignored simply due to his 'condition'. How are his crimes less serious than for anyone else? Hey Gary, why not go celebrate by mugging someone - if anyone has the temerity to call plod just wave your 'Get Out Of Jail Free Aspergers' card.

Last moon landing was 40 years ago today



You all still believe they put men on the moon over 40 years ago?! FAIL

Kim Dotcom shows off new mega service



give the cryptography clowns there something to do wont it.

Ten technology FAILS


Re: Second Life

Those remote controlled cars are good value aren't they

Samsung Google Nexus 10 tablet review

Thumb Down

Pro Apple Register does it again.

Better resolution than ipad, more power, better speakers, lighter, cheaper. clearly an all-round better tablet. they whine about no sd slot and even though apple doesnt have one either, they still award them the standard 10% apple bonus score for their reviews.

Register, I hope Apple are paying you cash for this bias, because if you're doing it independently of that then you're not right in the head.

Brits swallow Google Nexus 4 supply 'in 30 minutes'


Re: Managed To Get Three!

haha you really think people believe that you did this for something thats hardly rocking horse shit?! i call smelly bullshit on this one.

you sad fuck!

It's official: Apple will reveal 'a little more' on October 23


@turd pic. apple knows as well as us how it shits all over its loyal customers in terms of price, specs etc but I never expected them to show us so literally. A great spot!


Get your money ready sheep

Apple is ready to extract another load from you.

Yahoo! hires! top! Googler! to! revamp! operations!



I'm sure there'll be an 'open leg' bonus from Mayer as well.

Apple iPhone 5 review


Nietzsche Got It Right

The idiots rushing out to buy a phone that's overpriced and way down the pile in features OS and hardware, and yet who still worship anything Apple does simply prove the great mans point:

'Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.'

Tards, you're clearly already there.

iPhone 5: UK pay-monthly tariffs compared


Re: Mmmm.

You think they'll change the design for the '5S'??!! No chance, iphone users will be stuck with this ugly, tiny 4in until at least 2014. brilliant how they all say the 4in screen is just the right size now.

Ten iPhone 5 challengers


Re: Nexus

Agreed. Galaxy Nexus is still better than this re-heated pile. When the new Nexus arrives in a couple months Apple will look even more pathetic.

iPhone 5: skinny li'l fella with better display, camera, software


Re: I'd hoped this was the progression of the iPhone...

My condolences for your poor confused mind.


Apple really needs its fanbois for this turd

What an utterly underwhelming phone. Is a piss poor 4" screen supposed to wow anyone? Along with maps that simply won't be as good or useful as googlemaps and a load of 'innovative' features that android has had for ages. Tabs that sync between safari and a Mac...gee chrome has only had that for a year or so.

Surely one for the fanbois only more than ever. Laughably poor. In fact an embarrassment.

Neil Armstrong dies aged 82

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Well done Mr Armstrong on going along with the 'Moon Landing' hoax right until your death. Congratulations on a fantastic job.

Fujitsu cracks 278-digit crypto


At Cheltenham I suspect they could probably have cracked this during their lunch hour. #BigBrother

Metallic Glass iPhone 5 to battle pottery Samsung Galaxy S3


iphone liquidmetal

But can it form knives, and stabbing weapons?

iPhone 5 a no-show at Apple's 'Let's talk iPhone' event

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Go fleece them Apple!

Haha. Not so much a revolution, you'd hardly even call this an evolution. Apple are too ashamed themselves to call this the iphone5!

But who cares, just wait and see all the saps that queue up like sheep to dump their iphone4s for one with a faster chip and an S on the end.

Apple will be laughing all the way to the bank, I'll just be laughing :)

Ten... digital voice recorders


iphone recorder

in reply to earlier poster, the voice recording software that comes with the iphone is surprisingly good!

Mole maintains iPad 3, iPhone 5 out this year



bad luck to all the ipad 2 owners eh? life's a bitch.

Freeview HD Set-top Boxes: Best Buys


Too early.

surely most people will want to wait. these boxes are very poor, mostly from the low-end manufacturers so what do you expect?

far better to obtain a tv with freeview hd built in, and then wait and get a freeview hdd recorder (preferably with blu-ray recording/playback also, such as panasonic are bringing out in june/july)

never makes sense to jump in with these early models, especially with how junky they look.

Google Nexus One caught on camera

Thumb Up


nice phone. clearly nailed the iphone on the hardware side...but even with the oled screen it looks ugly next to the apple product - and the interface is a bit meh.

plus of course, in june the next iphone will dump all over it in hardware and the rest of the users will get an even better interface with the inevitable o/s upgrade.

ps i dont own an iphone or a googlephone...but offered either for free i would still go with apple.

Googlephone videos uncovered


iphone, prepare to be killed

as above. expect google to price the unlocked set below the iphone. clearly looks as though it will be the superior product.

LG 42SL9000 42in LED-backlit TV


No HD tuner

There is really no point buying ANY new TV over the next 6 months or so, whatever the price and however good it is - none of them will have freeview HD tuners in them, meaning buying another set-top box and having the hassles of going through an aux input just to watch them!

Feel sorry for anyone thats splasing out on a new tv and doesnt fully appreciate this fact - you can be sure the salesman in currys wont be pointing it out to them (if any of them really understand it anyway).

Same issue with the HDD recorders. Wait a year, then both will have the necessary tuner in-built. Have to be a fool to buy one at the moment!

Tesco iPhone priced, dated


good deal

shame you only got the crippled 3g though michael - to be honest, id much rather pay more and have the 3gs than the slow 2008 model. tesco deal aint so bad - unlimited web for a year, and can still jailbreak during or after that period.


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