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In Hancock's half-hour, Dido Harding offers hollow laughs: Cake distracts test-and-trace boss at UK COVID-19 briefing

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The Cake is a lie !

it's not true

BOFH: We're only here because they said there would be biscuits

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WINNER! Crush your loved ones at Connect Four this Christmas

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Re: It's not Christmas without a game of...

No-one wants to play the guards....

Hate Windows 10? Microsoft's given you 'Insider' powers anyway

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Wonder how long it will take to get this withdrawn / edited..

UK Home Sec wants Minority Report-style policing – using your slurped data

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Re: Terrahawks

Thanks for that (upvote) , now have a new mindworm.

Retailers urged to create 'CCTV-like' symbol to inform customers of mobile tracking

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Big Brother

Re: "... retailer’s smart phone app. "

Punted as a feature on newer WiFi AP kit, for conferences as an example, but this may appear as a "default" on new installations.

Welcome to the Minority Report.

Google launches virtual plastic pal who's fun to be with

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Re: @Graham Marsden - Share and Enjoy

Sounds awful....

Towel icon

'I posted winning race ticket in Facebook selfie ... and someone stole it!'

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Done by a "friend" who was there as well, unless the automated terminal was at another establishment, or someone else was close enough to eyeball the ticket.

Chinese fire up world's 'most powerful' drone brain

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All right Jack

For external audio output of course - Ride of the Valkyries

Microsoft now awfully pushy with Windows 10 on Win 7, 8 PCs – Reg readers hit back

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Reg W10 Tools

How about an item with links / cut'n'paste section as a Reg report - all good stuff in the comments, but you do need to read them all...

Microsoft uses Windows Update to force Windows 10 ads onto older PCs

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Looks like KB2952664 might be related ?

Scientists splice mammoth genes into unsuspecting elephant

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Re: Cool

And giants to herd them..

Sir Terry remembered: Dickens' fire, Tolkien's imagination, and the wit of Wodehouse

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Not fortunate enough to have met him. But he has provided me with hours of entertainment with the Discworld (in all its printed forms), and pause for thought with the Long Earth and Nation.


Microsoft man: Internet Explorer had to go because it's garbage

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Sounds like Windows as a Service...

UN negotiations menaced by topless women. Or not

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No Picture

Obviously it didn't happen...sadly.


Who's come to fix your broadband? It may be a Fed in disguise. Without a search warrant

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Re: "they asked ISP's who told them what to say and what to check....."

That last line needs one of these..

'Success'? Verify FAILED for 40% in self-assess tax trial

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Re: "Good luck with that March 2016 deadline"

We might get something worse.....remember the telephone sanitisers

Professor's BEAGLE lost for 10 years FOUND ON MARS

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Re: Martians are inteligent

no starbucks? must be Martian Credits ?

Boffins open 'space travel bureau': Come relax on exoplanet Kepler-16b, says NASA

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Falcon Tours ?

How long to do the Kepler run ?

Penguin porn? NO! Linux folk in #LCA2015 standoff

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Who used the hashtag 1st ?

(actually now second...)

Facebook injects CREEPY search engine into mobile app

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standard post / correction

Hunt for Higgs Boson and dark matter now starts ON YOUR SOFA

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Re: Will it run under BOINC?

Do you think this would run on a Raspberry Pi with BOINC ?

(serious question)

Facebook, working on Facebook at Work, works on Facebook. At Work

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Re: There is intelligence in corporations after all.

Got there before me re: content

Intelligence - possibly more along the lines it hits productivity / spaffing corporate details all over the place.

When androids dream of baseball fields

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Re: whew! Dodged one there!

hmmm - somebody else's problem, did you see the chesterfield though ?

Shoot to THRILL: Assassin's Creed: Unity and Halo: Master Chief Collection

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Re: I cannot read anything about HALO,

would that be speaking strictly ?

GOD particle MAY NOT BE GOD particle: Scientists in shock claim

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Re: Was the research sponsored by.. (build an even larger collider)

and the question will still be wrong.

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or a Disco Duck..

10 Top Tips For PRs Considering Whether To Phone The Register

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Re: "This column is inspired by a particularly rash month of phonecalls."

What is the going rate for leaves to pounds ?

PEAK APPLE: iOS 8 SHUNNED by refusenik fanbois

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Re: 6 GB free

You still need 5GB free to update via iTunes (iPAD2).

Shift up, gran! Microsoft turns living room into AR game 'space'

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Now I can populate my room with my "friends"

DVLA website GOES TITSUP on day paper car tax discs retire

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Re: I concur

except they take a little extra for paying with credit card...

Japan develops robot CHEERLEADERS which RIDE on BALLS

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Will they be making them in a size appropriate for large venues ?

Impressive none the less.

What kind of mugs do you take us for? Malicious sites in spam scams target UK

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Re: Cash...

Took a prepaid card to Malta - but it didn't work in some ATMs - probably because it was a Mastercard (worked in BOV and HSBC), it would also depend - as you say - on the retailers accepting cards, and accepting Mastercard as well as VISA

Don't bother with Apple's 9 Sept hype-day: Someone's GONE AND BLABBED IT ALL

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Re: one-handed mode

You're holding it wrong.....

You'll find Yoda at the back of every IT conference

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occasionally it's akin to a swamp with beasties in it

BT scoops up Wales PSN contracts, elbows out Logicalis

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Re: geographic entity

Leek-leaf ?

Simian selfie stupidity: Macaque snap sparks Wikipedia copyright row

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Paris Hilton

"Wikimedia says the monkey's money shot is free for all and sundry to use."

Monkey porn now ? and no I don't want pictures...

NASA tests crazytech flying saucer thruster, could reach Mars in days

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Re: 'Impossible' drive

improbably, yes

Sysadmin Day 2014: Quick, there's still time to get the beers in

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BOFH Appreciation day

Any Friday it appears on El-Reg.

Beer for SysAdmins

That stirring LOHAN motto: Anyone know a native Latin speaker?

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Re: Someone with a firm grasp of Latin grammar

Would be the same as asking Mr Fry - as he was Jeeves to Laurie's Wooster

ISPs 'blindsided' by UK.gov's 'emergency' data retention and investigation powers law

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Re: Another hitchhikers quote might have been more appropiate...


LOHAN seeks stirring motto for spaceplane mission patch

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To the upper atmosphere and back ?

et reversus est ad aethera

El Reg nips down IKEA's 'I've Got A Screw Loose Street'

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Re: Eglish mono-speakers ruining the world for the rest of us

I'm convinced the one referenced in "Werewolves of London" ( Lee Ho Fooks ) should have been done that way,

The final score: Gramophones 1 – Glassholes 0

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Do we need

printed outerwear or a "button" badge indicating we do not give our consent to image taking, so that it can be captured and we can use it to take down the images ?

That 'wiped' Android phone you bought is stuffed with NAKED SELFIES – possibly

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.....or it didn't happen

I'll get my coat

Reg reader fires up Pi-powered anti-cat garden sprinkler system

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have a beer

Supermodel Lily Cole: 'I got a little bit upset by that Register article'

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Re: Never...

Sorry, she may have some smarts - but from the image on the article not that much of a pretty face.

Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and ultimately subjective.

Japanese finally produce a ROBOT which isn't DEAD INSIDE

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If you load it with a medical app would it be a Dr Pepper ?

Get ready for Europe's robo-butlers: Billions of €€€s pledged to electro-slave dream

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Are Sun involved ?

Microsoft throws Kinect under a bus, slashes Xbox One to $399

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But the space required for Kinect to be usable for action games (at least on the V1) precluded it from being used in the XBOXs natural environment - a small room with a usually small display.

Granted the XBone is touted as an entertainment centre - not all installation areas will have the requisite space to play games in.