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HP preps Tukwila servers for April 27

Wheres Matt?

Re: Dear Fanbois..

Matt oh Matt....

You need to learn where your position in life actually is. As the most unbelievably biased person I've ever seen post (worse if I swallow your denial of any link with HP Sales or Marketing) I think it's right for anyone to bait you and see if you follow.

Your rude & a troll (as I am to you), some of the language in the post above shows you punching outwards and yet your surprised when people needle you? I'm accused of being obsessive by the guy who sounds like he'd ejaculate if HP invited him to pontificate at a trade show about how wonderfull the HP ecosystem is?

Consider yourself more like a fish cruelly hooked, just needing to be poked now and then to make you wriggle and provide some entertainment. Your reeled in regular as clockwork and you do seem to entertain quite well

Always amusing seeing how long the replies get as an indicator of your wilingness to bite.

So Matt, thanks for the entertainment, keep it up!

15k words sometime soon please...

Wheres Matt?

Where is he?


Conspicous in it's abscence, yep, thats the lack of Itanium support. RHEL + Microsh!te dropped Itanium so it must be considered a real specialists market, perhaps this announcement is nothing more than the kick of a dying beast?

Matt, as our local HP rep how long till HP engineering put their VMS / HPUX customers through another code port and another load of ISV's just don't bother to recompile? How small is the ISV App list on HPUX these days comparted to Linux, AIX or Solaris?

My money says VMS will code port to x64 within a year and thats assuming HP doesn't have engineering on it already. Dropping HPUX for Linux is easy but people fixate on VMS so it probably has more life.

Microsoft pulls plug on Intel's Itanic

Wheres Matt?

Where's Matt?

SP&L huh? Oh joy, feeling quite satified after reading this email....

Spin us a story for old times sake Matty boy, a 1000 word essay should do the trick! See if you can get in an anti-Sun twist (sunshiners, blah, forthing, blah, firesale...) & let us relive the good'ol days.

Hey ho, my turn, P&L, hee hee hee..... :-)

Oracle to invest in Sparc iron, clusters

Wheres Matt?

I've got to, sorry...

Come on Matt you ass!!

Tell us again about the firesale for hardware.... Please, please provide a gibbering rant reaching several thousand words for your reply as well!! We're coming out of recession and this at the same time, it's like summer!

humble pie, humble pie, humble pie! How does it taste? :-)

SP&L? Hee hee hee... :-)

Red Hat pulls plug on Itanium with RHEL 6

Wheres Matt?

Oh Matt...

Tsk tsk Matty!! 4409 words as a reply, your rants reveal when your rattled but hey ho, you look bored quite often. Being a HP ad man must be fairly boring I guess, not much innovation to write about.

However it's more worrying that you look as though the senility is starting to take hold here, you appear to have forgotten Sparc. Lets help seperate reality from Matty world here :

In Matty world all that exists is HP versus the world and HP are the leader, Sparc is dead and long live Mr Hurd! (sound of crisp salutation and heels stamping!)

In the other world, ie: the real world it appears to be sold by Sun and Fujitsu with a promise of more to come from Mr Ellison. Sales hesitation will occur in the market place due to merger fears but you and I both know whats comes once approved. The axe falls, dead wood is chopped, sold or simply burned and the stronger products step forward with much more cash behind them. You won't like admitting it but it doesn't look like Sun will be losing more market share in 2010 once Oracle owned.

Let's stop the Sun talk Matt and chat about the little point of Linux being firmly embedded on x64, Solaris x64 being accepted since the Open Solaris re-awekening and yet HP-UX and VMS are on a promise not to be ported across to new architecture, again??

How many ISV's will totally drop HPUX / VMS support at that point do you think?

How many customers will drop HP OS's at that point and just go x64 on anyone's tin?

Hmm, more fish I suggest Matt, heard the pottasium content helps the brain cells along. Anyways, gotta dash, expecting some vehement rhetoric any moment soon.....

Wheres Matt?

Here Matty Matty Matty!

Tell us again about it Mr B, how great is Itanum, how much market share will it have as time passes? Which other CPU architecture will it kill? And quite how fast did your Superdome run RHEL?

More to the point, how great are HP?

SP&L huh? Hee hee....

Sun-Oracle x86 server combo tops the SAP charts

Wheres Matt?

Re: Irrelevant

Gaius could be referring to Oracle patch sets rather than Solaris patches but if that's true (I'm not a DBA so feck knows) it won't be true any more.

When Larry is saying Solaris is Oracle's preffered operating system again they could hardly throw out Solaris x86 patches later than Soalris Sparc or Linux and still expect to be taken seriously.

Bet the developers in Oracle are welcoming having dtrace back again!