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Will cloud giants really drive colos off a financial cliff?

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Selling Shovels in the New Gold Rush

What these finance guys don't see is that the likes of Equinix and Digital Realty are hosting some of the big cloud vendors so they are riding on the coat tails of this growth and providing the key connectivity between distributed sites and customers.

Campaign groups warn GCHQ can re-identify UK's phones from COVID-19 contact-tracing app data

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Nothing to hide here

There's not a lot GCHQ don't know about you anyway, so pointless worrying about that problem.

People with an aversion to being snooped on have a very high and inflated opinion of themselves.

Like we really care what they are up to :)

I am personally in the 'Greater Good' camp on this one ... like most people.

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If you ain't got nothing to hide

When it comes to GCHQ there is not a lot they don't know about you anyway - it's a pointless point you are trying to make El-Reg.

I am personally in the Greater Good camp on this one.

Gartner confirms what we all know: AWS and Microsoft are the cloud leaders, by a fair way

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Gartner what do they know ?

They only confirm what people pay them to confirm

Oracle: Storage trouble in store

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@ 7000 ZFS and NetApp

Some people have short memories.

Did NetApp ever settle the patent infringement with StorageTek over the STK Shared Virtual Array (Iceberg) ? The first product by a long chalk to implement a virtual storage array based on "no update in place". A time when NetApps employees were in nappies.

Oh I forgot, Sun, I mean Oracle, now own that intellectual property ....

Sun-Oracle x86 server combo tops the SAP charts

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Oh Really

The last IDC figures I saw for the last quarter showed Sun SPARC out shipped Power by 4 x

I'll say that again more slowly . . . . FOUR TIMES the units sold.

PS Ed. I don't think SAP is certified yet for Oracle 11g, they always wait for R2