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London Fire Brigade: This time we'll send the NEAREST fire truck


Another great waste of time/money?


The nice shiny new Fire Control Center they just built near me, With it's giant UPS, generator system and hardened against terrorist attacks. Is now completely worthless?

Nice job o.O

We had to do work there once, not 3 months after it opened because a cable had burst into flames in the wall..... The Fire Control Center set itself on FIRE! Great work o.O

Sweaties decode ultimate mystery of chips


I for one....

Welcome our selectively bred potato overlords.

German electropulse energy drill bitchslaps lasers


Giant "laser"

"Sharks with frikkin giant Electromagnetic Pulse Drils on thier heads"....

Just doesn't have the same ring does it.

I for one welcome our new EMP drill wielding German overlords...

Hold on. maybe not.