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Redpilled Microsoft does away with flashing icons on taskbar as Windows 11 hits Beta

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Re: I rather like it

Speaks the guy who isn't sick to death of trying to give tech support to a father who can't even find each letter of his password on a keyboard in under 10 seconds.

Windows 11: What we like and don't like about Microsoft's operating system so far

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I can see my role as Dad tech support expanding.

Why do they do this? Hide everything or move it around, so I have to spend 3 months teaching my dad how to do things on his laptop again? Because they're wan***s. Not interested in anyone else's pleasure but their own.

Australia, India, Japan, and USA create joint critical tech working group

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Australia taking climate change seriously?

From the Prime Minister who took a chunk of coal to parliament....

New inside out hover-magnet fusion reactor debuts at MIT

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@Completely safe eh?

'Will I get a nice tan all year round?'

Mozilla squirts out Thunderbird 3

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Not so good....

Some stupid questions....

Why don't replies or new messages open in a tab? Still popping open a new window...

Why doesn't the Address book open in a tab?

I would have though they were an obvious option for tabs... Big doh!

Also, if I double click a name in my address book, all the fields in the contact window (again, not opening in a tab) are blank, it's not picking up any of the values already in there.

Not the best release by a long way....


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